10 Things to do in Australia

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Australia is known for its immense warmth, cold beer, and likable people. The magnificent culture and serene beaches shining throughout the year are significant attractions. Also, abundant wildlife and colorful streets are not just welcoming; they are an eye treat to all the foodies and travel enthusiasts.

So, you’ve heard a whole bunch of stories from your friends about Australia. But, did you know that the East Coast of Australia has a coastline of 2600 Kms between Cairns and Sydney? There are wonders all over the shore, capturing your attention. Every spot has a luscious view to zoom your eyeballs. 

10 Things to do in Australia

By now, you must have juggled through numerous resources to check out things to do in AustraliaHere we have prepared a checklist of Top things to do in Australia to help you juice out the best experiences. 

● Travel by luxury train across the continent

● Taste exotic flavors of Australia in Tasmania

● Watch Sydney Harbor’s New year Eve fireworks

● Kimberley Cruise

● Uluru night sky dinner 

● Explore the world of white sharks in Port Lincoln 

● Rest and celebrate the scenic beauty with your stay in luxurious Australian hotels 

● Drive across Great Ocean Road

● Experience wonder at its peak at the Pinnacles

● Jump across islands on your yacht trip 

Travel by luxury train across the continent

Do you like to munch little moments in your travel? 

I like to read a book, enjoy my meal, and listen to my long playlist. Train travel gives you time to enjoy every bit of your journey peacefully. 

Australia has a range of options for trains. You can opt for any of the luxurious trains based on locations, price range, and your taste.  

The luxurious train service runs for approximately 2979 kilometers of tropics—the Indian pacific runs for about four days and three nights. It runs between Perth and Sydney, offering a chance to view Kalgoorlie and its deep gold mines. The grand castle on wheels named after Afghan camel drivers, The Ghan, is another exclusive ride. It runs between Darwin to Adelaide in a bidirectional manner covering fascinating Whistle top tours. Traveling by this train will allow you to cherish the beauty of Alice Springs.

things to do in Australia.

Taste exotic flavors of Australia in Tasmania 

For some of us, food is the highlight of every occasion. Imagine traveling to Mexico and missing Tacos? 

Or traveling India and eating pizza?

A missed out exquisite dish of a place or wrong choice in menu is a loss!

Australia has its food divided into multiple channels. Nourish your taste buds with doughnuts and bagels in the Farm Gate Market. After finishing breakfast, you can hop across numerous stores and gourmet towns to taste the local cuisine. 

A few of our personal favorites are Bangor wine and oyster shed in Port Author, Belgian Chocolates at House of Anvers. Aussies are addicted to the barbeque snags.

If you are in a mood of adventure, then experiment with meaty sausages. The grilled sausages are mostly beef or pork, but there are other animal meats sausages also available in case you want to test. Wrap bread around the sausage top with onions and delicious sauce, and it’s ready to tickle your taste buds.  

Taste exotic flavors of Australia in Tasmania

Watch Sydney Harbor’s New Year fireworks show. 

Have you ever imagined how it would be to gaze a clear sky pouring with colors on the New Year eve? 

There is no better place in the world than Sydney harbor to welcome the New Year. 

Sydney is one of the coolest places to hang out with friends and family. While in Sydney, try out mouthwatering food, coolest bars, and captivating art. 

The best locales in the city to check out on priority are listed below.

1. Darling Harbor

2. Bondi Beach

3. Blue Mountains

4.Circular Quay (Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge)


6. Northern Beaches

7. Paramatta

8. Botany Bay

9. Royal Botanical Garden

10. Taronga Zoo

What to do on the day of New Year Eve? 

Plant yourself in Sydney harbor in any of the parks, or ferry a boat or go on a cruise. You can also book yourself a room in waterside hotels. There are vantage points to suit every budget. If you are on the trip with your family, then Taronga zoo Sydney and Darling Harbour are places offering intimate family celebrations. 

best places to visit in Sydney

Kimberly Cruise 

Do you want some “me-time”?

Kimberly has everything you need to rejuvenate your senses. Here, you can nibble over your thoughts, introspect, meditate, and enjoy luxurious spa, meals. 

Kimberly stands for a nature-luxury blend. There is luscious natural beauty pouring all over the place. You can cruise to explore the rocky terrain, lush waterfalls, ochre-colored gorges, and complex river systems. The magnetic part attracting visitors from all over the world is seclusion and peace of Kimberly. 

Kimberly Cruise

ULURU night sky dinner 

Uluru offers an intimate dining experience. Dunes and the most beautiful sunset on the beats of the didgeridoo will surely lighten up your mood. 

This place has a terrific ambiance and multiple outlets. Whether you are traveling solo, with friends or family, Uluru will not disappoint you!

Some outlets to harness the Australian flavors in Uluru

1. Pioneer BBQ & Bar

2. Tali Wiru

3. Arngulli Gill & Restaurant

4. Kulata Academy Café

5. Geckos Café

 The place provides a vibrant and cozy atmosphere by limiting the number of guests to only 20 per hotel. The Ayers Rock resort welcomes guests with extra enthusiasm and zeal to give a memorable dining experience under stars’ umbrella. 

ULURU night sky dinner

Explore the World of White Sharks at Port Lincoln 

Have you ever imagined underwater with giant white sharks? Isn’t this a notable event to tell your friends? 

It can be one of the most significant life events in your adventure diary. Adventure Bay Charters and Calypso Star Charters offer one-day white shark tours. There are two ways to greet giant white sharks in Australia. 

The first one is taking a flight from Adelaide to Neptune Island and watching white sharks in a cage. It’s a convenient option for unskilled scuba divers. The air supply in the cage makes this a comfortable choice. You do not require any prior expertise to go underwater. 

If you are a pro with an X-factor, you can also swim openly in Nilangoo reef, Western Australia. The suggested timing for an open ocean swim with white sharks is between March and August. 

Explore the World of White Sharks at Port Lincoln

Rest and celebrate the scenic beauty with your stay in luxurious Australian hotels 

Australia has luxurious lodges and hotels to give travelers a memorable, comfortable stay. Bammuru plains, Kakadu national park, Northern Territory is one of the prime destinations to experience wildlife, scenic beauty, and proximity to nature. 

If you enjoy sleepy mornings, great parties, and gala events, then luxurious lodges in the Northern part of Australia is the perfect destination. 

The suites manifest romance, comfort, and relaxation. It’s a perfect place to catch a view of dingos, wild pigs, water buffalo, crocodiles, and wallabies. 

The food is cooked by expert chefs with endemic ingredients to provide authentic Aussie food experience. 

things to do in Australia

Drive across Great ocean road 

The Great ocean road has kangaroos, luscious forests, and white sharks watch spots, exotic food outlets, and beautiful beaches. Hire a rental car in Melbourne and travel across the Great Ocean Road. There are multiple spots to view and explore.

 Watch famous surf spots Torquay, Bells Beach, and fascinating 12 Apostles. Also, take minutes to walk across the Otway national park. Great Ocean Road travel can take three hours, but to explore everything intimately, we recommend investing at least two days. 

Drive across Great ocean road

Experience Wonder at its peak at the Pinnacles 

Pinnacle is a desert located on the Turquoise coast of Western Australia. There are secluded white beaches, wildflowers, and exquisite natural spark. Stay in the nearby fishing village of Cervantes can help you grab some unique wildlife interactions. The place has a charm attracting travelers hungry for a colorful experience.  

Experience Wonder at its peak at the Pinnacles

Jump across islands on your yacht trip 

The coastal town of Airlie Beach has a yacht or vessel booking center. Here, you can hire a boat at an affordable price and start hopping across 76 islands. You do not require any prior expertise.

 However, to ensure safety, you need to report the station at least two times a day. Stock your vessel with provisions and sail with your friends into a beautiful sunset. 

Jump across islands on your yacht trip

When is the best time to travel to Australia?

Australia is beautiful in every season, but we suggest you to choose February to initiate your trip. Starting in February can get you budget offers on bookings and passes.

 June-September is the winter month in Australia, and it’s the perfect time to see Brisbane. If you start a journey from Sydney then, March will be the most preferred time. After spending a few days in Sydney, you can move to Cairns in April/May. 

Cairns is known to be the hotspot of adventure and fun. The climate is humid, and the place is vibrant over the year from travelers all over the world. Night events, party hubs, and hostels like Gilligan’s make this place party capital of Australia. 

10 Things to do in Australia

Bye, Australia!

These were the top 10 things to do in Australia. Capture memories, make new friends, eat a lot, explore the landscape and wildlife, and make your Australia tour a cherishing experience.

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