10 travel safety tips: COVID 19

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Did the lockdown take a toll on your mental health? Have the lurking fears of coronavirus affecting your personal and work-life balance?

Well, the world is gearing up for the new normal with masks, gloves, and sanitizers! Let’s take a break from the confinement of four walls and the boredom persisting in everyday life.

What’s the solution?—TRAVEL!

There is no cure to eradicate depression other than traveling where you interact with new people, learn a new culture, and unveil a different introspective about life! But is it safe to travel?

Well, here we are with a checklist of safety tips and tricks for travel amidst the global pandemic. Let’s go!

  • Check for the essentials

If you plan to go on a hiking trip to the Amazonian beauty Peru, besides carrying your hiking gears, shoes, and clothes, it is a must to carry a pair of masks, face shields, gloves, sanitizers, and tissues.

10 travel safety tips: COVID 19
  • Do due diligence

Travel safety is no longer limited to having a planned itinerary or doing groundwork on your travel destination. With the fear of COVID19, it is imperative to know about the current pandemic status of the place, the hygiene maintained in the accommodation, restaurants, etc.

  • Preparing for travel

Some countries like Dubai have imposed coronavirus travel restrictions with dual rapid testing at the departure and arrival airport. Similarly, other countries have levied mandatory 14 days quarantine in the wake of the pandemic. So, before you start a trip, learn about the travel restriction, and plan the trip accordingly.

Solo Travel in Dubai
  • Travel by Air

If you take a flight route, make sure to undergo the screening procedures to have a safe trip. While selecting a flight, make sure you book the window seat as studies reveal that aisle seat is worst for those suffering respiratory ailment. Also, try to maintain wearing the mask inside the plane. As for the boarding pass and passport, make sure to sanitize it after receiving it from the counter. Keep your handbag to a minimum.

  • Travel by Road

Are you planning to voyage on a road trip from Istanbul to Cappadocia? Then you have a better chance of maintaining safe travel than flights. This is because here you aren’t enclosed a limited space with maximum passengers. Avoid contact with co-passengers and stock up your car with a good amount of food, so you need not halt at frequent intervals.

Solo travel by road
  • At the hotel

Having a clean and hygienic accommodation is a must to ward off the fear of pandemic. Check about the safety measures and sanitizing protocol used by the hotel. After arriving, make sure to disinfect the high surface areas to avoid contamination.

  • Place of worship

If your trip involves visiting a place of worship, research on the best time to avoid overcrowding. Make sure to main social distancing and preferably visit well-ventilated areas.

  • Going to a gym

Are you a fitness enthusiast who likes to work out on-the-go? But you visit the complementary gym service of your hotel, check for the sanitization protocol and avoid crowded timings. It’s best if you carry retractable stretch bands, which easily fit in your bag and are one of the best fitness equipment.

  • Going for a relaxing spa session

If you plan to take a trip to Thailand and enjoy an exotic spa session with relaxing massage therapies, check for the laundry policy and the hygiene protocol that the massage therapist is following.

  • After coming home

Now that you have a delightful trip, your task to maintain hygiene doesn’t end as you enter your living room. Unpack your items, cleanse every belonging, wash your clothes, and shoes to ward off the fear of COVID 19.

So these are some of the coronavirus travel advice which will help you during your journey!

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