July 9, 2020
Pristine Beaches of Greece

An ultimate travel guide to Greece

Γεια σας! Hello! Welcome to Greece – the south-eastern country in Europe. Does the name Poseidon, Artemis, Zeus, or Aphrodite ring a bell? Do you remember the fight between Princess Diana and Ares, her half-brother in the American Super-hero film Wonder Woman? Yes, yes, yes! We are talking about the famous Greek mythological characters that have enticed...
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Witness the snow-dusted peaks of Mount Cook

New Zealand: Things to do in North and South Island

Kia Ora New Zealand! From pristine beaches to snow-capped glaciers, wine tasting to walking down Shire’s mystical land, New Zealand is the home of adventures. So pack your bags, buckle up, and set on a voyage to where you will experience adventure at every step! Did you know that this Middle Earth actually broadcasted its...
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