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The Pristine Beauty of Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a golden opportunity for all the single souls to explore the beauty of Costa Rica with adventurous canopy zip line tours and climbing on treetops. Situated in the rainforest of Central America, Costa Rica is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is home to beautiful beaches, dense forest, volcanoes, biodiversity and much more. The place beholds nature at its core with several ancient trails of history, one being the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum in San Jose.

Arenal volcano view in Costa Rica

 A Travel Guide to Unveil Nature

Go on guided multi-adventure road trip with like-minded souls from all across the globe. People here don’t start as strangers because from the time an individual plans on embarking on a particular journey, BLGT creates a WhatsApp group with all the members, which aids in the preliminary interaction between the unknown group members. But the moment an individual steps out of the comfort zone he/she explores the unanimous opportunities for unveiling the unknown while fear becomes a new normal.

So to conquer the fear of mind and socialize with newbies, the trip to Costa Rica will start upon arriving at San Jose where a three and half hours journey to Arenal Volcano will mesmerize the travelers with the beauty of the dormant mountain and the lush green forests.

hanging bridge in Monteverde Cloud Forest Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano situated in the Arenal Volcano Natural Park forms the skyline of Costa Rica with perfect symmetry. Adventurous solo travelers besides nurturing the beauty of nature can take active participation in hiking, rafting, canopy tours, and waterfall rappelling. Walking in between the rainforest, the quintessential journey of Arenal Volcano begins wherein travelers can explore the rare wildlife species, and exotic flora and fauna. After a tasty mouth melting lunch comprising of authentic Costa Rica dishes, another exciting part of the tour will engage travelers; exploring the hidden gem, i.e., the La Fortuna waterfall.

After a tiresome day, one can indulge in taking a luxury bath at the hot springs amidst pools, swim-up bars, and delicious restaurants. It is blissful for adventure and nature lovers, who desire to stay close to nature and thus you will reside at the Monteverde Cloud Forest, which has a unique natural habitat than any other ecosystem. The actual adventure of Costa Rica starts with flying through 15 different zip line cables, which gives a complete view of the natural beauty of the cloud forest. You will be amazed about a Tarzan Swing ride above the lush green rainforest overlooking the various wildlife species that dwell here.

A stretch of white sand beaches, mountainous rainforest, and mesmerizing coral reef further await in this journey, which takes a turn towards the Manuel Antonio National Park—a hub for tropical wildlife animals and plants. The stunning view of this place gets revealed in the evening with the Cataraman tour overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here, travelers can dive into the blue water and have a joyous time with the dolphins and other marine creatures.

Bucket List Group posing at Arenal volcano hike

Spend Some ‘Me Time’ in Costa Rica

In a world where everyone is running a rat race, it is imperative to take a break and explore the countless opportunities which life gives.

The members here embark on a journey with the unknown and develop the incredible habit of socializing and boosting the inner confidence. Checkout the upcoming trip to Costa Rica, along with fun group and an experienced travel leader. The memories that you would behold after exploring Costa Rica in 5 days are countless.

Packing guide for solo travelers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country with astounding natural beauty that comprises of misty cloud forests, arid beaches, steamy jungles of Southern Pacific, and endless wildlife beauty.

  • Leaving behind the daily office wear, solo travelers attending the trip to Costa Rica can pack some casual dresses including, tops, shorts, and sandals. Besides, wrap some warm cardigans, as the city’s morning and evenings are cooler than the daytime
  • While visiting the cloud forest carry long sleeve shirts, full pants, and lightweight jackets. But while taking a relaxing day at the beach don’t forget to bring the beachwear with swim caps and moisturizes along with sunscreen lotion
  • Carrying a raincoat is a safer option while taking a tour to Costa Rica
  • Sturdy sneakers and hiking shoes are a must as endless adventure waits for the travelers
  • Carry insect protection repellent and clothing, because, in the dense rainforest, there are chances of encountering with varied insects
  • The backpack should include sun hat, sunglass, and water shoes along with sarong and beach towels
  • Don’t forget to carry the passport, relevant documents, and a portable medical kit for safety

Group at hanging bridge in Monteverde Costa Rica

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