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Arun Suasdey Cambodia!

From the Khmer Republic to the Present State of Cambodia—did you know that the country has changed its names 4 times in every 12.5 years? Did you know it’s the only country with a building etched on its national flag? 

What’s the one thing that flashes in your minds as you hear the name Cambodia? Yes, it’s the famous Angkor Wat, the most prominent religious building and an architectural marvel worth visiting.

But do you know how big the ruins of Angkor Wat are? It’s way beyond your imagination! Spawning over 500 acres of land, this historic relic draws tourists from across the globe!

So are you ready to unveil this Asian beauty? We have a checklist of the best places to visit in Cambodia and Vietnam. Let’s go!

Siem Reap

Did you know a decade ago Siem Reap was the place to hunt and eat a bear? Fascinating, isn’t it? 

The gateway to the Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is one of the exotic places in Cambodia. But if you think Siem Reap is only about temples, Cambodia is going to surprise you!

Take a Tuk-Tuk and explore the old market, pay a visit to the floating villages, and if you are a history buff, there is the war museum and land mind museum to entice you.

Adventurers can take a trip to the Phnom Kulen National Park and Zipline to Angkor Wat!

Best Places to travel from Cambodia to Thailand

Angkor Wat

Your trip to Cambodia is incomplete if you don’t have Angkor Wat in your bucketlist!

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Cambodia, it reminisces of the vibrant art and heritage of the country.

Want the best look of this majestic destination? Visit during sunrise as the golden rays fall on the dome.

Before you leave pay a visit to the jewel of Cambodia, the famous Angkor National Museum—depicting the narrative details of the Angkor Empire!

Angkor Wat to travel for solo traveler


Are you excited to take a ride on the Norry?

Do you want to know the history of the Killing caves in Phnom Sampeou?

How about taking a relaxing Cambodian massage with tropical treatment?

Art lovers Battambang is your hub! And don’t forget to savor some of the authentic Cambodian cuisines!

Do you think the place has nothing more? Wait till you head 23 km south and unveil the beauty of PrasatBanan—an 11th-century temple.  

A Budget Traveller's Guide to Battambang, Cambodia


Want some relaxation in Thailand?—Krabi is the place to unwind!

Did you know Krabi Coastline has 200 islands?

Go for boat rides, swim, and snorkel, or enjoy the sun-kissed tanned skin at the pristine beaches in Krabi!

Explore the beauty of ThungTeao Forest Natural Park, soak yourself in the warmth of the Klong Thom Hot springs, and visit the iconic destination of Khao Khanab Nam Mountains. Also, unearth the geological wonders of the fossil shellfish cemetery at Susan Hoi!

Travel Alone in Krabi

credit: https://thailandvacation.co.il/

Four Island

Are you up for a cruise ride?

Then take a Four Island Tour—exploring the four destinations of Poda Island, Tup Island, Phranang Cave, and Chicken Island.

Halt on your way to swim and sunbath, enjoy the exotic Thai dance performance and munch down the exotic Thai cuisines.

Solo Travel in the Faou Islands

Phi Phi Island

Have you watched the movie ‘The Beach’? If yes, then a visit to Phi Phi Island should be amongst your top places to visit in Cambodia.

Do you want a little adventure?

Take speedboat ride for about 45minutes from Krabi and reach this marvelous destination, a true tropical paradise with stunning beaches!

Solo Travel in Thailand: Phi Phi Island


Bangkok—a city that never sleeps!

So if you are party goer and willing to explore the authentic nightlife of Thailand, a visit to Bangkok is a must.

From Grand Palace, Wat Pho to a trip to Chatuchak Market, shopping at Siam Paragon, or getting a Thai Massage—the Venice of the East is one of the best places to visit in Cambodia.

While you are in Bangkok, don’t miss the exquisite Chinese at Chinatown and climb up the Vertigo and Moon bar to explore the skyline of this beautiful city!

Solo Travelling Bangkok

Adios Cambodia!

These were some of the top places to visit in Cambodia. See you next on another exciting voyage by Bucketlist!

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