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Fascinating destinations in Spain and Portugal


Travel is a combo of beautiful sites, exquisite meals, and wow factor on every next turn of the trip. When I traveled to Spain, I broke my records of ecstasy and wonder.  The delicious food, history, culture, and people gave me a feeling as I belonged there. It’s one of the most recommended holiday destinations by me for anyone looking for a cheerful yet rooted travel experience.

Check out the best places and things to do in Spain and Portugal.


Preferred Time to go: This is a perfect place to go in summers. The beaches and fresh air make it heavenly in the scorching summer heat. 

Things to do in Spain and Portugal

To explore Lisbon potentially, you will need at least 2-3 days. There are two significant attractions which steal the show.  The first one is the Cascais, for beach view and Sintra, where you get to see marvelous Quinta da Regaleira castle. Both getaway destinations are 30 minutes of Lisbon. Clicking pictures and hanging around corners for tasty food in Lisbon will be a cherished experience for your lifetime.


Preferred Time to go: It’s an all-year alluring spot. But, it’s better to avoid July- August as these are extra warm days in Madrid. On the other hand, if you want a bit lonely scouting around the lanes, you should go in July-August. Most of the locals go out for vacations, which makes the place pretty vacant.

Best Places to visit in Spain

Do you like fancy meals? Madrid is food heaven!

Nearly all the eating outlets serve you like a king. Enjoy exotic dishes, visit beautiful museums, and wander. To make it more intriguing, you can visit the Patones de Arriba. It’s one of the oldest towns in the area. Are you a Game of Thrones fan?

Then, drive for 60 minutes and reach into the real-world location of Game of Thrones. Segovia and Toledo will surely make you feel into the game.


Preferred Time to go: All year round except July and August.

Preferred Time to go

Andalusia is the cultural capital of Spain or Europe. If you are someone looking for authentic europian culture and food, then Andalusia is the perfect spot. All you need to do is hire a rental car and drive to some of the cheap restaurants or eating outlets and eat. You can begin at Seville’s head to Cordoba and end your trip to Granada. Here, you can dive into the beauty of Alhambra palace. Also, the place has a history, so if you want to listen to local guides when they explain others!


Preferred Time to go: The coastline looks perfect during summers. So the beginnings of the summers will the most favorable Time to visit.

Preferred Time to go

Barcelona is the fun capital. There should be no reason to leave this place out of our bucket list. It has charm, food, history, architecture, and great people. A few of my personal favorites are Passadis del Pep restaurants and towns.

Canary Island

Preferred Time to go: Summers need beaches. If you love beaches, then it should be the hottest destination on your list.

Best beaches to visits in Spain

Canary Island is packed in summers. Tourists and locals spend huge bucks on multiple events and water sports on the beach. Surfing, hiking, and water bike riding are some of the water sports. It’s the tallest peak in Spain. Also, if you like to booze in the summer evening on the beach, then It’s the perfect place. A glass of wine with a loved one can make this place worth remembering.

The Basque Country

Preferred Time to go: Basque can be visited anytime round the year. The summers are mildly humid, while winters and autumn have more moisture in the air.


Are you obsessed with food and wine? Basque is known for the highest number of exquisite cuisines. I was amazed to know that San Sebastian has high counts of Michelin stars. You will get the best wines and flavors. Also, there are several spots like San Juan de Gaztelugatxe that can look familiar as hottest shooted spots in the world.

Atlantic Coast- Asturias

Preferred Time to go: Summers is the Best Time to visit the Atlantic coast.

Best Time to visit the Atlantic coas

This place has mountains and beaches. Winters and autumn are humid, but summers give a chance to relish mountains and beaches. The scenic beauty makes it the heart of Spain. If you want to explore the culture, history, and ethnic dishes, then this one is worth a visit.

Pack your bags now!

“An investment in travel is an investment in you.”

Matthew Karsten

Invest in yourself and gift yourself a trip to Spain to dive into the scenic beauty of beaches and mountains. There is no reason waiting for the right time to explore the world.

“Why think twice, when you a single life to live!”

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