Colorado: Things to do for solo travelers

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Good Morning Colorado!

Hey, are you planning to visit Colorado?

We are talking of the Colorado, the capital of Denver, and not the Money Heist Character! Gotcha!

Did you know it’s perilous to visit Colorado? Because one week of stay in this modern city and you are bound to fall in love! You might actually get convinced to prolong your stay!

Colorado: Things to do for solo travelers

Colorado—the Mile High City is the confluence of modernization and outdoor adventures! From rooftop bars, brewpubs, organic restaurants to museums and galleries, Colorado is all set to entertain the outdoorsy types and the trendsetters.

Home of the Cheeseburgers, a passionate city for the solo travelers, and adventurous land for the enthusiasts, Colorado is a one-stop destination. While you are still in Colorado, don’t forget to click a selfie with the Big Blue Bear in Downtown!

Colorado outdoor adventures

A Solo Traveler’s Diary to Colorado

Colorado is an ideal destination for family trips or romantic gateways, but we recommend taking a solo vacation to Colorado. Why? Here are a few reasons.

A walk down the city

Colorado has ease of accessibility and has the largest connecting airport; hence you can fly here from all across the globe. Amidst the hustle-bustle of the streets, you can take a tranquil walk in the Lower Downtown area or take a bicycle and explore some of the intrinsic spots which may not be listed in your bucket list!

Things to do in Colorado

A paradise for the foodies

Enjoy Snooze for breakfast, Have an ice cream at the Little Man, Munch down a sumptuous lunch at the Source and Dine at Root Down! From mouth-melting brunch to an exotic supper and dinner in Tapas-dining style, Colorado has some of the most delicious cuisines— horseradish gnocchi, sweet potato pancakes, lamb sliders with harissa aioli, Huevos Rancheros, Mimosa, seafood cioppino, and egg benedict. Stroll the boutique stores of Larimer Square and the Victorian building and select your culinary preference. Gourmet chocolates, wood-fired pizza, charcuterie—you name it, Colorado has it all!

Colorado: Things to do for solo travlers

The Vibrant Neighborhood

Want a real exploration of Colorado? Take a trip to the River North Art District, a thriving location with craft breweries, mesmerizing street art, restaurants, and galleries. If you are, shopaholic Cherry Creek is the location. Art lovers take a walk down Santa Fe to the Art District, having more than 30 galleries and relive the history of Hispanic origin. Apart from a stretch of pubs, cafes, bistros, Uptown offer a splash of greenery The Thriving Beer Culture

The Mile High City is also famous for its collection of beer! As a solo traveler, what can be more enticing than sipping pale ales from your beer mug and sliding into the enigma of the vibrant city! Take a trip to the Coors Brewery—the largest single brewery in the world. Did you know Colorado ranks third in nationwide per capita of craft breweries? No wonder why you should embark on a solo trip and take a Beer Tour in Colorado.

For music lovers

How can you miss the Red Rocks Amphitheatre while you are in Colorado? Sweep in Colorado’s open skyline while listening to some melodious tunes! If you are lucky, you may even get to see music concerts by legendary iconic singers!

Home to sports

Colorado is a crazy sports lover’s paradise—no wonder it is three times a Super Bowl-winning champion! The city houses stadiums for football, hockey, and basketball, so you can take your popcorn tub and enjoy exotic sports!

But if you are the more outdoor adventure types who dream of an exotic vacation with scenic beauty, hiking, biking, and skiing, then below are some places to visit in Colorado, Colorado!

Things to do in Colorado for Solo Traveller

In the bucketlist Colorado trip for singles; check out the following exotic destinations that will leave a long-lasting trail in your mind!

Hike on the highest paved pass in North America     

Embark on a solo drive on the Independence pass—a classic Colorado driveway and the highest paved pass in North America. Can you feel an adrenaline rush through your veins as you drive on Highway 82 with mesmerizing scenic running past your moving car? Halt! Is that a shade of gold in the mountains? Indeed the fall color in Colorado in Aspen is a spectacular view you cannot afford to miss! Want a bit of adventure on the Independence Pass? Hike to the Grottos or the Lost Man Trail, Camp in Aspen, Unveil the beauty of Continental Divide and take a 360-degree view of your surrounding!

Hike on the highest paved pass in North America

Twin lake—the spectacular beauty

Do you want to witness nature at its best? Then there cannot be a second thought about taking a trip to the Twin Lake—the picturesque destination in Colorado! Have you ever watched a sunrise with its gleaming reflection of the lakes? Twin Lake will surely fulfill your dream. It has two spectacular glacier lakes that reflect some of the highest peaks in Colorado. Watch for wildlife on the marshy shores; take a trip to the historic village, or kayak and canoe on the lakes, while the glaciers and mountains surround you! You can even take a mountain bike ride to the Continental Divide and Colorado Trail.

Twin lake—the spectacular beauty

Unveil the 3 hidden gems at Independence Lake Trail

Do you want to find the 3 hidden gems on your route from Colorado to Aspen? En route to the Independence Pass, you will come across three jaw-dropping destinations—The Grotto Ice Cave, The Cascades Waterfall, and the Devil’s Punchbowl! Did you reach the Grotto Trail? Now take 30-40 steps to cross the Roaring Fork River, and crawl in the Ice Cave! Did you hear some rumbling sound nearby? That’s because, at 50 feet distance, there is the Cold Cascade. Take a walk for a few miles, and you can engage in an exotic cliff diving session on the freezing cold mountain water at the Devil’s Punchbowl!

Unveil the 3 hidden gems at Independence Lake Trail

Ski-in Ajax

From mouth-melting cuisine, historical landmarks to vibrant nightlife to the fall colors—Aspen is a paradise for nature lovers. But what entices more about Aspen is Sking on the Aspen Snowmass! For outdoor enthusiasts, Aspen is a delight with the power of four—Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk Mountains, and Snowmass mountains. While you are still amazed by Aspen’s scenic beauty, take a ride on the Silver Queen Gondola and explore the spectacular beauty of the neighboring summits, historic hamlet or dine in one of the Alpine Restaurants with a scenic view of glaciers!

Ski-in Ajax

The bewildering Maroon Bells

Did you know the Maroon Bells is the most iconic photographic destination in Colorado? But pictures don’t do justice to the magnificent beauty of the peaks! Exemplifying a symphony of colors with changing season, Maroon Bells have a distinctive wine-colored bell-shaped mountain peaks. From hiking, camping, to witnessing the tranquility of the Maroon Lakes, hiking to the Crater Lake, and driving through the 300-year-old jagged mountain passes—the beauty is awe-inspiring for any traveler.

The bewildering Maroon Bells

Bathing in Glenwood Hot Springs

Are you wondering about the things to do alone in Colorado Spring? How about taking a warm bath in the Glenwood Springs or relaxing at the vapor caves? Or you can take a Segway tour or explore the Gold Medal Fishing Water. If you are a daredevil, soar high above the Rockies and enjoying a spectacular Aerial view of Glenwood Springs. So in your Colorado Springs Solo Travel list, add paragliding, skydiving, and zip lining across the Colorado River.

Bathing in Glenwood Hot Springs

The mountainous trails of Hanging Lake Trail

Are you up for a little adventurous trek in Colorado? Then a hike to the Hanging Lake Trail will definitely entice you! Hanging Lake is a nature’s wonder located in Glenwood Canyon on the White River National Forest. It is a strenuous path of diverse terrain, steep and rigorous mountainous tracks. But it’s worth every hassle when you witness the awe-inspiring scenic beauty and waterfalls.

The mountainous trails of Hanging Lake Trail

What is the Best Time to Visit Colorado?

Do you want a perfect photographic image with a clear sky backdrop?

Colorado has 300 days of Sunshine; hence plan your trip in any season!

But we recommend you to visit mid-September to mid-October if you wish to see the transforming colors of Aspen trees from green to golden and orange.

However, the peak season here is from March to May, but winters can be fascinating if the mountains are calling. The enchanting glaciers in Aspen are worth the visit!

Adios Colorado!Till we meet on another exotic trip planned by bucketlist!

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