Home to one of the most popular and long-standing ancient civilizations the world has known, Egypt isn't short on being a treasure trove of history and culture that at some point we all certainly did wonder about. From the capital of Cairo to the Nile Delta, the country holds its pride with the Great Pyramids of Giza and the temples of Abu Simbel (I'm looking at you The Mummy fans!). Notable also is Egypt's Red Sea coast which offers relief from the heat, snorkeling, and a veritable beach trip when the sandy dunes become too much.

Must Do Adventure

  • Venture into the narrow and dark corridors of the Pyramids Of Giza on the Egypt Tour. Admire the skillful masonry of the Grand Gallery and the Tomb Chamber of Pharaoh Khufu at the Pyramids. Visit the Solar Boat Museum, and check out the tombs of the queens and princesses at the Eastern Cemetery.

    Marvel at the fascinating Pyramids Of Giza
  • Drink in the spectacular wonders and view the panoramic landscapes of Egypt while onboard the most iconic Cruise of your life that is the River Nile Cruise. Relish fantastic platters of Egyptian cuisine at the fabulous buffets aboard the Nile Cruise an tour the cities of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan during the Cruise.

    Embark on the Nile River Cruise
  • The high salt concentration of the Red Sea makes it a beautiful tourist destination in Egypt. The saline level makes the water so buoyant that people can float in the water without sinking. Besides, the impressive marine biota and the kaleidoscopic corals make the Red Sea a must-visit.

    Float in the Red Sea

Bucket List Experience

Cairo | Bucket List Group Travel


Take a trip to the Pyramids of Giza on tour to Cairo. Check out the staggering collection of antiquities and artifacts at The Egyptian Museum and marvel at the Islamic style of architecture of the Al-Azhar Mosque. Walk along the twisty laneways of Old Babylon and check out the treasure trove of history and art at The Coptic Museum, Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, and more at Old Cairo. Shop till you drop in the labyrinthine alley of vibrant souks at Khan el-Khalili and admire the Arabic artistry of the Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Aswan | Bucket List Group Travel


Explore the Ruins Of Abu, Aswan Museum, Temple of Khnum, and Aswan Botanical Gardens at Elephantine Island on the Egypt Tour. Gain a deep insight into the history and culture of modern and ancient Nubia at the Nubian Museum. Admire the ancient architectural intricacy of Abu Simbel and take a walk to the Unfinished Obelisk at Northern Quarry in Aswan. Learn to live like a monk at Monastery of St.Simeon and check out the Tombs Of The Nobles. Visit Aga Khan Mausoleum and hunt for souvenirs at the famous Souq Area.

Kom Ombo | Bucket List Group Travel

Kom Ombo

Marvel at the sky-kissing columns of the Temple of Kom Ombo while approaching from the River Nile. Pay homage to the ancient Egyptian Gods at The Pylon, Kom Ombo’s Regal Entrance on the trip to Kom Ombo. Take a stroll through the colonnades of the Temple and stop to admire the dazzling pharaonic ambiance. Examine the inscriptions on the wall at the Forecourt, which is the Courtyard Of Sobek and Haroeris, and check out the embellishments on the walls and columns and the ceiling above the aisles of The Vestibule too.

Luxor | Bucket List Group Travel


Take a tour of the Temple Of Karnak in Luxor and stop to admire the magnificent wall paintings at the Valley Of Kings. Explore the different chambers and vestibules of the glorious Luxor Temple and marvel at the beauty of the Temple of Deir el-Bahri in the golden light of the Sun. Examine the two Royal Mummies among several artifacts at Luxor Museum and check out the charming decorations of the Temple Medinet Habu. Explore the Tombs Of The Nobles and get awestruck by the gigantic statues at Colossi of Memnon.

Hurghada | Bucket List Group Travel


Enjoy a session of snorkeling and sunbathing at Giftun Islands and dine at Hurghada Marina, whose windows overlook the picturesque Red Sea. Go wreck diving at the diving sites like The Thistlegorm at Straits of Gubal and take a trip to Sahl Hasheesh to luxuriate the ambiance at the famous beaches of the Red Sea. Take a sneak peek into the immense world of exotic fishes and corals of the Red Sea by a tour at Sindbad Submarine and enjoy quad biking, camel riding, jeep expedition, dune buggy trip, and relaxation at Bedouin Village at the Eastern Desert.

Cairns | Bucket List Group Travel

Embark on the Nile River Cruise

Drink in the spectacular wonders and view the panoramic landscapes of Egypt while onboard the most iconic Cruise of your life that is the River Nile Cruise. Relish fantastic platters of Egyptian cuisine at the fabulous buffets aboard the Nile Cruise an tour the cities of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan during the Cruise.Savor the most fascinating experience of sailing across the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, aboard the luxurious ship that has even got a swimming pool on board.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Go on the Egypt Tour between September and April, when the weather is cold and comfortable. Visit Egypt during New Year, Christmas and Easter to have a grand time.

Travel Guide


Egypt is in the north-east of Africa, with the River Nile flowing through its heartland.

Capital City

The capital of Egypt is Cairo.

Main Airport

Cairo International Airport in Cairo is the most crucial airport in Egypt.

Language Spoken

Egyptian and English are the most widely spoken languages of Egypt.


The currency of Egypt is Egyptian Pound.


Secure a visa from one of the Egyptian Diplomatic Missions to obtain a visa for entering and staying in Egypt for tourism or business.


The standard values vary between 220 volts and 50 Hertz AC, and the sockets are adapted for types C and F plugs.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, cholera, Japanese encephalitis, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Egypt tour.

Emergency Calls

Dial toll-free numbers 126 for the tourist police, 122 for emergency police, and 123 for an ambulance during the Egypt Tour.

FAQs about Egypt

What is internet access like in Egypt?

Free wi-fi service is available in all the hotels in Egypt, although it is not so fast at times.

Can I use my mobile phone in Egypt?

It would be best if you have a 3g mobile phone with global roaming facility on the Egypt Tour to make phone calls.

How are the toilets like in Egypt?

Most of the toilets in Egypt are of the squatting type, but the important tourist destinations have western-style bathrooms too.

Can I drink tap water in Egypt?

Do not drink tap water directly in Egypt, as it is too much chlorinated. Bottled and filtered water is available in Egypt.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Egypt?

Egypt accepts major credit cards, especially of companies like Visa and MasterCard.

What is the convenience of ATM access like in Egypt?

There is an extensive network of ATM centers all over Egypt, and especially in Cairo. You need a 4-digit PIN to access the ATM.

What to wear in Egypt?

Pack in your tops, jackets, t-shirts, raincoats, veils and shawls, walking boots, dresses, scarves, and a swimsuit for the Egypt Tour.

Is Egypt safe for women to travel solo?

Egypt is quite safe at all for women to travel solo. However, take an escort with you while venturing into the deserts.