Looking for a good getaway just steps away from Europe? Morocco is just the right place to be! A quick portal to Northern Africa with breathtakingly beautiful coastlines (and sunsets!) on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco will take you to another world. From the coastlines, lively marketplaces, the mountains, and deserts seemingly kissing each other, there's no place to be when it comes to the exotic than Morocco.
  • Nestled in the northern parts of Morocco, Chechaouen is popular among artsy tourists who love the charming bluish walls that fortify the idyllic town. There are four ways to explore during the Morocco tour: Embark on a hike, enjoy a quiet stroll, bathe in the cold mountain streams, and indulge in an evening of shopping and street food.

    Explore the Moorish and Andalusian Architecture of Chefchaouen
  • The colossal Atlas mountain range stretches across about 2500 kilometers in the Maghreb through Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Embark on a host of adventurous activities at the Morocco Tour that include rock climbing, trekking, quad biking, and more along the routes carved out for advanced trekkers and beginners too.

    Hike Up the Rugged Cliffs of the Atlas Mountains
  • Lay out the beautiful and traditional Bedouin tent and go to sleep underneath the starry night sky. Feast your eyes on the milky white light of the stars that twinkle across the vast velvety sky while camping at the Sahara Desert.

    Go Camping in the Sahara Desert

Bucket List Experience

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Marrakech is home to a host of palaces, mosques, and gardens that make it an ideal tourist destination. Meander along the busy and vibrant market streets dotted with cute tourist shops of traditional garments, jewelry, pottery, and native souvenirs. Then head over to Jemaa el-Fnaa through the maze of alleys to soak in the colorful vibes of Marrakesh. Relish the mysterious and delectable shish kebab and mingle with the cheerful locals while you are at it. Visit the famous Moorish minaret of the early 12th century that is visible from miles away and famous all over the world.

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Located at the Atlantic coast of Morocco, Casablanca is the most romantic destination of the Morocco tour. With thousands of tourists pouring in throughout the year, Casablanca is home to several attractions that includes The Old Medina, Hassan Mosque,Quartier Habous, The Corniche, and more. Sample the delectable Moroccan cuisine at the grand restaurants of Casablanca and don’t forget to drop in at Rick’s Cafe, modeled after the iconic Hollywood romance Casablanca.

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Ziz Valley

The Oued River snakes down along the looming Ziz Gorges from Rich and breathes life and beauty to the ZizValley and Tafilalt Oases before meandering into the rosy and golden sand dunes of Merzouga. Satiate your lust for nature and adventure with a trip to the vibrant Ziz Valley that throbs with life and serene nature. Explore the shape-shifting golden dunes of Erg Chebbi and visit the glorious ruins of the compound of Alhambra of Tafilalt. Bathe in the lukewarm and bubbling natural springs of the Ziz Valley at Meski and tour the quaint and peaceful Ksar Tinheras village.

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Tucked away in the lofty Atlas Mountain, the Quarzazate plateau is the gateway to the colossal Sahara Desert and home to the enormous Taourirt Kasbah, one of the most notable palaces of the 19th century. Stir the adventurous spirit in you and hike up the dramatic Ouarzazate Plateau during the Morocco tour. Here are a few things that you cannot miss on your journey to Ouarzazate: Catch a glimpse of the sunrise and sunset, spend an afternoon at Fint Oasis, go quad biking along the dusty roads, visit the film studio, and take a tour of the vast desert.

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Take a trip Fes, the cultural capital of Morocco, and home to vibrant souls, medieval Marinid Architecture, and the famous Fes El Bali walled Medina. Soak in the old-world atmosphere of Morocco, sample the delectable street food, and drop in at the colorful souks of intricate lamps and pottery. Visit the Quaraouiyine Mosque to witness its breathtaking history and stop to admire the beautiful Jnan Sbil Gardens outside the medina wall. Visit the famous Chaouwara Tannery and learn more about military history at Borj Nord at the Morocco tour.

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Visit Volubilis to learn more about the breathtaking history of the Romans through exploration tours across the grand and well-preserved excavations and ruins that date back to 2000 years or more. Located at the foot of the lofty Atlas mountain range, Volubilis is recognized by the UNESCO heritage site for the rich tapestry of Roman history. Situated between Meknes and Fez, Volubilis boasts of stunning tile work of mosaic, remnants of ancient Roman architecture, and splendid arches of marble. It is best to visit Volubilis during the early morning or in the afternoon.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Tourists prefer visiting Morocco between November and April to take part in the notable carnivals and festivals. The peak season is winter and early summer when the temperature is moderate.

Travel Guide


Morocco is in North-western Africa, separated from Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean at the North and West.

Capital City

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is located along the Atlantic Ocean and Bouregreg River.

Main Airport

Mohammed V International Airport is the central airport and the main gateway of Morocco, and so is Menara Airport of Marrakech.

Language Spoken

The official languages of the country include Moroccan Arabic, French, and Berber. However, as a tourist, all that you need to know is English.


Get your local currency converted into Dirham (Dh) before landing in Morocco. You can safely withdraw money from ATMs and banks, as well.


The citizens of Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US do not need a visa to enter Morocco for a visit up to ninety days.


The standard values are 220 volts and 50 Hertz, and the plug point is suitable for two round prongs similar to that of Europe.


There is no compulsory vaccination, but doctors recommend typhoid and Hepatitis A and B vaccinations before entering Morocco.

Emergency Calls

The emergency phone call numbers are 19 for the police station, 15 for an ambulance, and 15 for the fire brigade.

FAQs about Morocco

What is the internet access like in Morocco?

There are eight internet service providers in Morocco. You can get free Wi-Fi in several public places but the access to the internet in rural areas is very low.

Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in Morocco?

There are three GSM mobile networks in Morocco that you can use to access the internet. These networks are Meditel, Inwi, and Maroc Telecom.

What are the toilets like in Morocco?

Most of the public toilets of Morocco require squatting but hotels have western toilets. Carry soap and toilet paper with you wherever you.

Can I drink the water in Morocco?

Don’t drink water directly from the tap in Morocco. Drink purified water from hotels and restaurants.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Morocco?

Major credit cards are accepted all over Morocco.

What is ATM access like in Morocco?

Carry sufficient cash while on tours. However, ATM centers are available all over the city.

What to wear in Morocco?

Pack in the layers and dress sensibly in Morocco.

Is Morocco safe for women to travel solo?

It is perfectly safe for women to travel solo at the Morocco tour as long as she wears decent clothes and does not stir out at night.