Zanzibar Island

No place in the world can evoke more prominent images of white powdery sand beaches by turquoise blue waters and swaying palm trees in mind than the famous Zanzibar Islands of East Africa. Zanzibar Islands is the ideal destination for an idyllic vacation. From haggling at the colorful markets of Stone Town and sunbathing at the Kendwa and Nungwi Beaches to grooving like crazy at the sexy Moon Parties, Zanzibar is the most dreamy tourist destination ever.

Must Do Adventure

  • Enjoy the delicacies of authentic Zanzibar cuisine with a great view of pristine ocean stretched in front of you in The Rock Restaurant. This globally acclaimed restaurant will make you a part of a delicately painted landscape of Mother Nature, where you will feel one Her. The Rock restaurant has become one of the iconic places of Zanzibar. Here you will get to spend some moments to cherish for the rest of your life.

    The Rock Restaurant
  • The Palace Museum of Zanzibar is the living witness of the history of the Sultans and their legendary stories. Primarily known as the Beit al-Sahel, this fabulous piece of antiquity will give you an insight into the royal life of this part of the world. Opt for a historical tour to explore and feel the nostalgic past of Zanzibar.

    The Palace Museum
  • The Carved doorways of Stone Town are the living example of the cultural harmony between Arab, Swahili and Indian Tradition. These impeccably carved masterpieces whisper the rich heritage, lifestyle, and ethos of ancient Zanzibar. Try a guided Stone Town city tour and listen to the mesmerizing past of the town.

    Carved doorways of Stone Town

Bucket List Experience

Stone-Town | Bucket List Group Travel

Stone Town

Stroll lazily in the narrow boulevards of Stone Town, where every brick can tell you a story from the days of glorious past. A guided tour will help you to get the glimpses of old colonial days. The Palace Museum, the Cathedral Church, the House of Wonders, and Freddie Mercury’s House- these places must be in your bucket list. Mingle with the locals of this busy town and be soaked in Zanzibar culture. Your Zanzibar trip can never be completed without visiting this world heritage site.

Nungwi-Beach | Bucket List Group Travel

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi beach another Zanzibarean Wonder which is steeped in natural wonders. The serene Nungwi beach will soothe your soul and tell you the unheard story of the Nungwi village. Dive in the crystal azure water, see the marine life during snorkelling and get soaked in an unearthly experience. Then feel the white sand under your feet and smile in awe. That what you are going to get in Nungwi beach

Spice-Plantations | Bucket List Group Travel

Prison Island

Changuu Island or Prison Island, no matter what you call it. It will blow your mind with its enthralling vista. The long history, slices of British Colonial past, and the adorable giant tortoise will make your day. Touch the ancient 194 years old tortoise and see the wonder of nature. There are almost more than 200 tortoises on this island.

Prison-Island | Bucket List Group Travel

Jozani Forest

Zanzibar is a place where nature, wildlife, history, and culture have created a beautiful symphony to allure the travelers. Zanzibar Jozani Forest is one of such sites. This is the only place where you can watch the spirited Red Colobus Monkey. If you are lucky enough, then they will pose for a perfect click. Do not miss those Mahogany Trees, Mangrove tour, and Dolphin Tour during your Jozani Chwaka Bay trip.

Jozani-Forest | Bucket List Group Travel

Mnemba Island

If you are crazy about snorkelling and other marine adventures, then Mnemba Island will give you enough supply of dopamine. This quixotic paradise is covered with palm trees and soft white sand, encircled by coral reefs and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. The luxurious resorts and the much-needed solitude will make you fall in love with this lovely piece of land.

Mnemba-Island | Bucket List Group Travel

Spice Plantations

If you are looking for an off bit experience, ten visit the spice farms of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is known for its spices, and these spice farms will give you a chance to peep into the lives of the locals. Watch a Zanzibar lady harmoniously singing a local song while sowing the seeds of sesame. Learn about the healing properties of the spices and enjoy the blessing of Mother Nature differently.

When to Visit

Peak Season

The best time to plan a trip to Zanzibar is from June to October during the pleasant months of spring. Another recommended time to visit this island is from December to February to enjoy the coastal life.

Travel Guide


The Zanzibar Islands is a part of Tanzania and an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

Capital City

The capital of Zanzibar is Zanzibar City

Main Airport

Abeid Amani Karume International Airport in Unguja Island is the most significant international airport to reach Zanzibar.

Language Spoken

The most widely spoken language of the Zanzibar Islands is Swahili. Arabic is the second important language.


The currency of the Zanzibar Islands is the Tanzanian shilling


A Tanzanian Visa is all a traveler needs to visit Zanzibar islands. Travelers can apply for Tanzanian Visa upon arrival. You need a valid passport and all the needed documents for that.


The standard voltage in Zanzibar is around 220-240v. Plugs sockets may need both three-pronged British plugs and two-pronged European plugs. Carrying a universal travel adaptor is the best thing you can do.


The recommended and compulsory vaccinations to enter Tanzania is for immunity against Yellow Fever. A vaccination certificate is a necessary document a tourist needs to carry.

Emergency Calls

Dial toll-free number 112 for the police, ambulance, and fire emergency during the Zanzibar Islands Stay.

FAQs about Zanzibar Island

What is internet access like in Zanzibar?

A few hotels provide free Wi-Fi in Zanzibar. Tigo and Vodacom SIM will allow you to enjoy a high internet speed during your Zanzibar trip.

Can I use my mobile phone in Zanzibar?

Purchase a SIM card of Vodacom from its outlet during your Zanzibar trip. You can access the 3G facility easily.

How are the toilets like in Zanzibar?

There are squat-style toilets with the flush mechanism in budget hotels and guest houses. Western-style full-flush toilets and urinals are there in Zanzibar city. Carrying toilet papers are recommended.

Can I drink tap water in Zanzibar Island?

Avoid drinking water from the tap and stay hygienic during your holiday in Zanzibar. Drinking only bottled water is a wise decision and sound investment. Street side shops sell sealed bottled water.

Are credit cards accepted in Zanzibar Island?

Most of the hotels and a few restaurants usually accept credit cards with a transaction fee of 6%.

What is the convenience of ATM access in Zanzibar Island?

ATM centers are readily available all over Zanzibar City. The ATMs has a set limit of 400.00 shillings (> 200 USD)

What to pack for Zanzibar Island?

Pack in your Clothing that covers knees and shoulders, Flip flops, Hat, Lightweight fabrics, Medication, Mosquito repellent, Sneakers, Snorkelling mask, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Swim shoes, Universal adapter, and Waterproof bag.

Is Zanzibar Island safe for women to travel solo?

Zanzibar Island is a perfectly safe destination for women to travel solo.