Some sort of a holy grail for travelers to visit Bhutan, unless you're from the nearby country such as India, it is indeed a feat if you decide to get into the ever so reclused Bhutan, its seemingly untouched values, rituals, and daily living routines make the experience all the more worth it, and as more people seem to make their way to Bhutan, it can only mean that this small country is now gaining interest and you shouldn't miss out on it.

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BHUTAN 7 Days Adventure Tour

7 Days

BHUTAN NEPAL – Paro Thimphu Kathmandu Pokhara

12 Days

Must Do Adventure

  • You will find charming water-powered prayer wheels at every valley and ravine in Bhutan. The prayer wheel consists of a cylinder inscribed with chants and prayers spinning around a spindle. Touch the spinning prayer wheel for good fortune and cleanse your karma too on the Bhutan Tour.

    Touch the prayer wheel for good luck
  • Take a tour of the renowned stupa, Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, that overlooks the picturesque Punakha Valley. Take a look at the 15ft-tall statue of Vajrakilaya and check out the innumerable shrines and sculptures on the other floors. The top floor houses the grand golden statue of Sakyamuni Buddha.

    Visit the famous stupa- Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten
  • Tashi Chho Dzong is one of the most exciting tourist destinations of Bhutan. The grand fortress of glorious religion is the venue of the biggest festival in the country, Tshechu. Admire the beautiful tiered roofs and the marvelous red and gold combination of colors of the Dzong.

    Trashi Chho Dzong, the fortress of the glorious religion

Bucket List Experience

Festival-in-Thimphu | Bucket List Group Travel

Festival in Thimphu

Take part in the cultural extravaganza of three days at the Thimphu Tshechu Festival of proud heritage and vibrant culture at Thimphu. Dress up in the traditional finery of Bhutan for day and participate in the dance ritual of the lamas. The dance rituals follow a rhythmic pattern for the invocation of the deities of Tantra. Participate in the most famous dance rituals of the Thimphu Festival, which include Dance Of The Lords Of The Cremation Ground, Masked Dances, Dance Of The Terrifying Deities, and Dances Of The 21 Black Hats.

Tiger’s-Nest-Monastery | Bucket List Group Travel

Tiger’s Nest Monastery - Paro

The Bhutan Tour will never be complete without a hiking trip to Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Paro. Admire the mind-blowing architectural wonders of the Taktshang Goemba or the Tiger’s Nest Monastery that seem to defy logic and gravity while clinging to the rocky cliff at almost 3000ft above sea level. The hiking trip through the lush landscapes of pine woods and fluttering flags takes about four hours, and the monastery atop the hill is the most rewarding view of all.

Punakha | Bucket List Group Travel


Punakha, the ancient capital of Bhutan, is a paradise of verdant meadows and soulful experiences. Take a peek into the beautifully decorated prayer halls and rooms of Punakha Dzong and admire the architectural traditions of the country by visiting the Buddhist Temple, Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten. Gain a deep insight into the techniques of growing rice at the quaint Bhutanese hamlet, Ritsha, and take a tour of the soul-stirring Buddhist Monastery, Chimi Lhakhang. Visit Jigme Dorji National Park and bathe at the hot springs of Koma Tsachu.

Jumolhari-Trek | Bucket List Group Travel

Jumolhari Trek

If trekking is your drug, then the Bhutan Tour will leave you feeling giddy and dazed with exciting trekking trails and lush mountainous scenery. Experience the blend of cultural delights and picturesque mountainous landscapes at the famous Jumolhari Trekking of six days of Bhutan. The trekking route begins at Drugyal Dzong ruins and ends at Village Shana. The route follows the Paro River Valley and Jangothang Base Camp. Feast your eyes on the fantastic view of Mt. Jumolhari, Tshrim Khang, and Jichu Drake.

Buddha-Dordenma | Bucket List Group Travel

Buddha Dordenma

Overlooking the capital city Thimphu is the world-famous Buddha Dordenma Statue sitting at a towering height of 170 feet, on top of the colossal meditation hall. Visit the Dordenma Statue atop the hill to take a closer look at the 125000 miniature bronze statues of Lord Buddha gilded in gold and glinting from the chest of the more prominent statue. The Bhutanese believe that the colossal bronze statue of Lord Buddha bestows their land with peace and harmony.

Motithang-Takin-Preserve | Bucket List Group Travel

Motithang Takin Preserve

Located in the Motithang district of Thimphu, the Motithang Takin Reserve is the home of the endangered species and national animal of Bhutan, the Takin (Budorcas taxicolor). Visit the Takin Preserve, which had once been a miniature zoo, in the wee hours of the morning to catch a glimpse and take photographs of the Takins who are usually seen in the early morning. Check out the strange and gentle goat-cow breed and listen to the fascinating legendary tales revolving the Takins.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Visit Bhutan during October and November and in April to enjoy the Bhutan Tour without battling with weather problems.

Travel Guide


Bhutan is a small and landlocked nation in Asia, situated in the eastern Himalayan regions, to the south of China, and bordered by the Indian states Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, and West Bengal.

Capital City

Thimphu, the beautiful city, is the capital of Bhutan.

Main Airport

Paro International Airport at Paro is the primary airport in Bhutan.

Language Spoken

English and Bhutanese languages are widely spoken in Bhutan.


Bhutanese ngultrum is the currency of Bhutan.


Indian citizens do not require a visa but need only a passport and voter card for the Bhutan Tour. Citizens of other countries require a valid passport and a visa.


The standard values are 230 volts and 50 Hertz, and the plug point is suitable for power plugs of types D, F, and G.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before setting out on the Bhutan Tour.

Emergency Calls

The emergency phone call numbers are 112 for an ambulance and 110 for the fire brigade.

FAQs about Bhutan

What is internet access like in Bhutan?

Most of the hotels and restaurants in Bhutan offer free Wi-Fi service, but internet access may not reach private rooms and is only available in the lobby.

Can I use my mobile/cellphone while in Bhutan?

Get hold of an unlocked mobile phone and purchase a Tashi Cell or B-Mobile sim card to use the local cellular networks to make calls.

What are the toilets like in Bhutan?

You will find clean and western-style toilets at almost all the guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, and public places of Bhutan. Toilet paper is available at the restrooms of Bhutan.

Can I drink the water in Bhutan?

Do not drink tap water in Bhutan. Drink bottled mineral water instead on the Bhutan Tour.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Bhutan?

Bhutan widely accepts credit and debit cards, except in the eastern and central parts of the country.

What is ATM access like in Bhutan?

The ATMs of Bhutan make use of magnetic strips and not digital chips, and the withdrawal limit is Nu 15000.

What to wear in Bhutan?

You are going to feel cold on the Bhutan Tour, so pack in the warmest of layers, sweaters, woolens, mittens, and more. Dress up in traditional Bhutanese costumes too. Keep your legs and arms covered during the tour.

Is Bhutan safe for women to travel solo?

It is perfectly safe for women to travel solo at the Bhutan Tour.