Sri Lanka

Indulge in the spellbinding adventures in Sri Lanka, the small and quaint island nation that brims over with hundreds of exciting opportunities of hiking, trekking, surfing, and more. Quench your thirst for history and stir your spiritual senses at Sri Lanka, the land of incredible historical sites, lush greenery, soul-awakening pilgrimage sites, exotic wildlife, and perfect surfing spots. Marvel at the steep stairwells of Sigiriya Rock Fort and hike to the summit of Adam's peak too.

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Must Do Adventure

  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a government-run captive breeding ground for wild elephants, especially those that reside near the Pinnawala village. Called as PEO, this nursery holds a distinct character when it comes to ex-situ animal care. Just 13 km from Kegalle, the park gets surrounded by some shops of exclusive leather goods and souvenirs. Currently being a shelter of about 90 elephants, arguably, this is a stunning place the animal enthusiasts should consider in their Sri Lanka tour. Not only some extra bucks can make your day with the elephants, but you can feel how the sanctuary is devoted to fighting against elephant extinction also.

    Enjoy some moments with elephants in Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  • There is a myth going around the world that there doesn’t exist a better sunrise than what Adam’s peak offers us. With trails to some alleged spiritual conceptions, this marvelous pilgrimage holds 5000 stairs that people should cover to witness the ultimate flavor of a sunrise. Adam’s peak standing at almost 2243 m, is often considered the eighth world wonder by the natives. Explore the underappreciated bolt under the blue in your visit to Sri Lanka.

    Watch the sunrise at Adam’s peak
  • Located on the south coasts of Sri Lanka, Yala combines five blocks into a natural reserve. While this park was a hunting ground for the elite British, paradoxically, it boasts a collection of 44 species of mammals and 215 kinds of birds today. Whether you are a bird lover or an animal fanatic, this park offers you the maximum even your guide can’t find in whole Sri Lanka. With multiple elephants, deer, leopards, crested hawk, and eagles, the landscape here bursts into nature’s full potential. The beautiful patches of lakes and grassland are the added price that makes the jungle a delightful spot to visit.

    Make your diary in Yala National Park

Bucket List Experience

Ella | Bucket List Group Travel


Located at about 200 Kms from the provinces of Colombo, Ella is a small mountain town composed of green hills and mesmerizing waterfalls. From climbing the heights of slippery Ella rocks to splashing eyes under Diyaluma Falls, the winding landscapes of Ella have it all. While spectacular scenes at Nine Arch Bridge quench a traveler’s curiosity, the trend of learning recipes of Ella’s delicious native cuisine is the objective no one should forget to have a care of in his Sri Lanka tour.

Nuwara-Eliya | Bucket List Group Travel

Nuwara Eliya

Back when Sri Lanka was called Ceylon under the British rules, Nuwara Eliya was the working capital. Still, the place has some English vibes in the culture, and for that sake, tourists from English background find it the best spot in Sri Lanka. It is a small town that holds the power of unique landscapes and revenue of epic tea gardening. So, whether you are fond of having tea day and night or love photography Nuwara Eliya is the place that is calling you. There are lots of beautiful places to consider in a Sri Lanka tour, and Eliya hosts the most of them. Starting from Pedro Tea Estate, The Gregory Lake to Victoria Park and route of Eliya Kandy, explore the traces of little England.

Polonnaruwa | Bucket List Group Travel


It doesn’t matter whether you can spell the name of the place or not; people who love digging the history for a greater knowledge will always love Polonnaruwa. While boasting numerous temples and religious monuments, it is recognized as a UNESCO declared World Heritage. The ruins of this ancient city host the ROYAL PALACE, The Audience Hall, The Sacred Quadrangle, where the walls are designed with illustrious descriptions of Elephants ( Elephants again?).

Colombo | Bucket List Group Travel


Si Lanka might host a collection of picturesque places for tourists, but Colombo is not often considered amongst them. Though Colombo had been the working capital for several years, natives have a myth that there is nothing to visit. But when explored, Colombo blossoms into its offerings, starting from delicious street foods to valleys of greens. While the Gale Face green offers the beauty of sea-shore, the taste of rice and curry will remain in your buds as long as you consider revisiting the place. Forgetting to witness the colors of the butterfly could be a real slip.

Jaffna | Bucket List Group Travel


Jaffna is a hugely important province of the mixed religious tradition of Hindu and Tamils. Being the functional Capital of northern Sri Lanka, the city holds an appealing prospect for the foreigners and treats them with sober hands. The whole area is seemingly more populated with palmyras and coconut palms than the humans. When it comes to festivals, this city colors itself with the annual Nallur festival. Explore the most venerated place for worship at the boundary of the town – Nallur Kandiswamy Kovil.

Sigiriya-Rock | Bucket List Group Travel


While Ulpotha is not actually a spot for wildlife spotting, it conducts a Buddhist agricultural community that promotes the importance of maintaining health with yoga and ayurvedic treatments. Gamble your luck with their methods; the only result is a relaxation from the daily life constrains. Get discharged with pure organic medications from the paradise of Ayurveda.

When to Visit

Peak Season

From December to the end of March is the best time to travel to south coasts and hills of Sri Lanka. As it has tropical monsoon favored weather, it is the best period to record the best wildlife collection in your diary.

Travel Guide


Sri Lanka is an island at the tail of India in the Indian Ocean.

Capital City

While the administrative Capital of Sri Lanka has been Colombo, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the latest inclusion as a shared working capital.

Main Airport

Colombo International Airport is the most functional airport in Sri Lanka.

Language Spoken

The most conversational language of Sri Lanka is Sinhala, while Tamil is also a well-esteemed language. English is a link language here.


The currency authorized in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 186.11 LKR.


Every visitor must obtain a visa for at least six months with an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter Sri Lanka and moreover to exchange currency.


Sri Lanka holds a bold electricity command from Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), and in most places, the supply is uninterrupted.


The NaTHNaC, WHO, and CDC recommend vaccinations for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, MMR, Tdap, chickenpox, pneumonia, shingles, and influenza.

Emergency Calls

Dial 119 for any police emergency help.

FAQs about Sri Lanka

What is internet access like in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka’s internet connection rendering fast development, almost 99% of the areas are under wireless broadband surveillance.

Can I use my mobile while in Sri Lanka?

While you can use any devices during the Sri Lanka tour, you should obtain a SIM card from any of Mobitel, Airtel Sri Lanka, or Etisalat to enjoy the best network.

How are the toilets like in Sri Lanka?

Both flush and squat toilets are available in Sri Lanka.

Can I drink the water in Sri Lanka?

The small shops keep bottled mineral water, and the hotel also provides safe drinkable waters. 

Are credit cards accepted widely in Sri Lanka?

Visa and MasterCard are acceptable in Sri Lanka.

What is the convenience of ATM access in Sri Lanka?

ATMs are common in Sri Lanka, and most of them work with Visa (Plus), MasterCard (Cirrus and Maestro) and even AmEx.

What to wear in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a coastal area, so you need typical beach attire. But it depends upon when you visit. The land is full of natural and marine activity, so carry suitable shoes and swimwear as well. Do not forget the sunglass, hat, and sunscreen as these are required most when you enjoy the sun-soaked beaches.

Is Sri Lanka safe for the females to travel solo?

Yes, Sri Lanka is safe for women travelers, even if they are traveling solo.