The Asian country boasts of beautiful Buddhist Temples and a mixed bag of adventure and tranquility. Cuddle the wild deer at Miyajima Island and get drunk on Sake before making a trip to Hamamatsu City. Sample the delicious fried maple leaves while touring Osaka and fall in love with the ancient temples of Tokyo. Spare a moment of mournful silence at Hiroshima Peace Memorial and hike to the Mt. Fuji before chilling out with Sumo Wrestlers at Tokyo.

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Must Do Adventure

  • Have fun at Miyajima Island, known for the floating shrine Itsukushima Jinja whose massive red gates make for one of the most scenic views of Japan. Pet the stray wild deer and get soaked in the bright colors of Autumn at Momijidani Koen. Take a pleasant gondola ride up Mount Misen and visit Daisho-in Temple too.

    Take a tour of Miyajimaguchi
  • Visit Hamamatsu Air Park to check out the exhibits of historic aircraft, helicopters, flight simulators, and more. Marvel at the rock garden, Buddha statues, and more at Ryotan-Ji Temple before checking out the vast array of musical instruments at Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments. Take long walks at Hamamatsu Flower Park and visit Suzuki Plaza too.

    Visit the beautiful city, Hamamatsu
  • The Japan Tour will never be complete without savoring sake at the Ishikawa Brewery in Tokyo. Sake is plain rice wine, which is not as strong as vodka or whiskey. The restaurants in Japan serve the delicious sake in porcelain pots known as tokkuri. Drink chilled sake and mingle with the locals on the Japan Tour.

    Get drunk on the world-famous sake

Bucket List Experience

Osaka | Bucket List Group Travel


Visit Minoo National Park at Osaka on the Japan Tour and munch on fried maple leaves while exploring the charming beauty of the place. Step back in time at the Hozenji Temple of Buddha, and follow the alleyways into Old Osaka of cobbled streets and solitude. Drink the curated craft beer at Osaka Shochikuza Theatre and sample the delicious sukiyaki at Kitamura. Stop to take photos at Dotonbori Bridge and visit the famous Osaka Castle amid orchards of plum trees and cherry blossoms.

Tokyo | Bucket List Group Travel


The trip to Tokyo on the Japan Tour begins with sampling sushi and exploring the neighborhood Asakusa before visiting the ancient temple Sensoji lit with red lanterns. Go shopping for fashionable apparel at the boutiques of Harajuku and pick up a load of anime merchandise from Akihabara. Visit Ryogoku to flirt with the sumo culture and spend the afternoon hopping between museums at Ueno Park. Revel hard at the live houses and clubs of Shibuya and catch a glimpse of the spectacular views from the observation deck of Tokyo Skytree.

Hiroshima | Bucket List Group Travel


Despite the grim legacy of atom bomb attacks, you will discover Hiroshima to be one of the liveliest cities of Japan. Visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial that still bears the signs of the attack, and then take a ferry ride to Miyajima Island to take in the breathtaking views of bright maple leaves. Book tickets to catch the Hiroshima Carp baseball game at Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium and don’t miss out on sampling okonomiyaki at the restaurants of Hiroshima. Take a ride in the streetcar Hiroden and visit the Mazda Museum too. 

Mt Fuji | Bucket List Group Travel

Mount Fuji hike

The dormant volcano Mt.Fuji has not erupted in over three centuries. The visit to Mt Fuji on the Japan Tour begins with a trip to the fifth station. It takes about 5-7 days for an average person to hike to the summit of Mount Fuji from the fifth station, Subaru, via the Yoshida Trail. The time of descension is about three to five hours. Stop for breaks at the clean and small mountain huts before resuming the strenuous and fun climb. Marvel at the picturesque mountain scenery during the hike.

Shizuoka | Bucket List Group Travel

Cherry Blossom

The breathtaking view of pink and white cherry blossoms floating against the blue sky will remain etched in your memory forever. Dance in the sakura showers and experience the glorious Yozakura by the dim light of fancy paper lanterns or moonlight. Check out the fun Blossom Kite Festival and visit Chureiti Pagoda in Fuji, the flowering trees. Visit Shinjuku Gyoen Park in Tokyo to roam in the lush lawns lined with thousands of beautiful cherry blossom trees. Don on a traditional kimono and have fun at the cherry blossom festival.

Sumo Wrestling | Bucket List Group Travel

Sumo wrestling

The Japan Tour will never be complete without attending the world-famous sumo wrestling match. Have fun watching the heavyweight sumo wrestler push and grapple at each other at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo during the tournaments or during practice sessions in the morning, which is known as Asageiko in Japan. Set out on the sumo wrestling tour to get an exclusive opportunity to interact with and capture selfies with the sumo wrestlers. Learn more about the roots of sumo wrestling and inspect the sumo rituals, too, during the tour.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Visit Japan during late spring that is between March and May and late autumn that is between September and November to experience the cherry blossoms and bright colors of nature. 

Travel Guide


Japan is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, in East Asia, between the sea of Okhotsk, the Philippine Sea, and the Sea of Japan.

Capital City

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Main Airport

Narita International Airport in Tokyo is the most crucial airport in Japan.

Language Spoken

Japanese is the most widely spoken, so learn a few essential words and sentences to get around during the Japan Tour.


The currency of Japan is the Japanese yen.


Most nationals who visit Japan get a visa issued upon arrival for a stay in Japan, not exceeding 90 days.


The standard values vary between 100 volts and 60 Hertz. The power plugs in Japan are un-grounded and non-polarized.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Japan tour.

Emergency Calls

Dial 110 for police, 118 for crimes at sea, 119 for the fire brigade and ambulance.

FAQs about Japan

What is internet access like in Japan?

Strong and free Wi-Fi access is available in cities as well as the rural areas of Japan.

Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in Japan?

Grab hold of Softbank Mobile or Docomo 3G chip to use your Smartphone in Japan.

What are the toilets like in Japan?

The traditional Japanese toilet requires squatting, but you will find Western-style toilets too in hotels and restaurants.

Can I drink the water in Japan?

You can safely drink tap water in Japan. Filtered or bottled water is available too in hotels and restaurants.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Japan?

Japan accepts all major debit and credit cards, especially MasterCard and Visa cards.

What is ATM access like in Japan?

The postal ATM centers of Japan accept a variety of foreign credit and debit cards, but not all of them.

What to wear in Japan?

Wear your favorite skirts, dresses, shirts, tops, tunics, and pants. Pack in a few light cardigans too.

Is Japan safe for women to travel solo?

With a very low crime rate, Japan is quite safe for women to travel solo.