From the brilliant artistic cities of Turku and Helsinki to the lush green boreal forests and the beautiful archipelago, Finland is untouched by the rowdiness of the human population, and one of the beautiful destinations of Europe. The historical and cultural tapestry of Finland enhances the untainted beauty natural surroundings of Finland. Take a plunge into the world of sparkling lakes, serene rivers, vast areas of wilderness and steep fells, that remain blanketed underneath a glossy sheet of snow during winter.
  • Igloos have been a thing to marvel at since reading about them in your geography books. Well, now it seems that travelers can even sleep in one when they are enjoying the Finland Tour! Most of the glass igloos are situated in the Lapland region of Finland because of the maximum chances of observing the Northern Lights. Sleeping in a glass igloo under the comforts of the Arctic sky can itself be extremely fulfilling. Enjoy the ice fishing in the frozen lakes adjacent to the igloos.

    Sleep in a glass igloo
  • For a country of abundant forests like Finland, most of its habitable places have been constructed out of wood since a few centuries back. One can go roam in the wooden neighborhoods of Helsinki like Vallila and Kumpula and get a taste of the antique atmosphere and marvel at the wooden apartment houses built with Nordic Classicism in mind. You can also get lost in the old town of Porvoo and take a walk in history with its captivating wooden houses sitting quietly on cobblestone streets.

    Stroll around an old wooden town
  • Visit the enchanting town called Rovaniemi during the Finland Tour, which is famously called the Gateway of the Arctic. The summer unleashes you to the experience of the Midnight Sun and a chance to go on your dog sled safari. The winters are magnificent with the hallowed Northern Lights illuminating the sky and you can enjoy its beauty while wending your way across the scenic Nordic ski trails.

    Ski underneath the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun

Bucket List Experience

Helsinki | Bucket List Group Travel


Being the capital city of Finland and built around a major port, Helsinki has been the watchful sentinel who has witnessed the evolution and intermixing of cultures. Bask your senses by taking a walk through the popular Market Square surrounding the harbor or visit the sprawling Esplanadi where the entire city gathers in the evening. You can also choose to observe the evolving traditions of Finland by visiting the Four Famous Churches of Helsinki which portray its transition from a Swedish territory to a Russian outpost and finally to an independent nation. A short ferry ride from Helsinki will land you at the famous UNESCO world heritage site of the Suomenlinna Fortress.

Rovaniemi | Bucket List Group Travel


Sitting in the northern part of Finland, the city is the home of Santa Claus, and so there’s a chance to meet the Santa during Finland Tour. The city of Rovaniemi offers some of the wildest tourist attractions like canoeing, fishing, swimming, and even hiking and cycling, across its sprawling natural spaces. The Midnight Sun in the summer or Arktikum Science Museum to learn about the local culture, geology and meteorology can be worth experiencing. Visiting a Sami reindeer farm or embarking on a picturesque skiing expedition under the tantalizing Northern Lights during winter also seems a breathtaking possibility!

Tampere | Bucket List Group Travel


Built around the late 18th century, Tampere was originally founded as an industrial settlement and is the third-largest town of the country. The sheer magnificence of the town being situated between the two scenic lakes of Nasijarvi and the Pyhajarvi and connected by a stretch of rapids called the Tammerkoski is bound to take your breath away. You can also indulge in the active cultural life by attending the traditional Tampere Jazz Happening or visit other festivals at the open-air theaters for which the town is famous. 

Turku | Bucket List Group Travel


Set foot on the lands of the Vikings, by visiting Turku which is one of the oldest towns of the country with more than eight centuries of history. Fashioned as a traditional medieval town, Turku will inspire awe in you with its breathtaking Swedish Viking architecture and the old Gothic architectures of the Orthodox Church and the Medieval Cathedral. You can even observe the touch of modern architecture and Art Nouveau can be observed at the Sibelius Museum amid the tokens of medieval history. 

Lapland | Bucket List Group Travel


Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region, a sparsely populated area bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. It’s known for its vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena including the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Capital Rovaniemi is the gateway to the region. The homeland of the indigenous Sami people, which extends into neighboring countries, centers on the far north.

Oulu | Bucket List Group Travel


The 16th-century castle built on the island of Linnansaari on the Oulujoki River saw the village of Oulu growing up, being gradually clustered around it. Visiting the extreme north of Oulu will lead you to the famous Botanic Garden and its east; you will locate the famous Tietomaa Science Center. Setting foot on the beautiful island of Ainola can be a tremendously enriching experience with a trip to the Provincial Museum and a park. You can also enthrall your senses by visiting the Hupisaari Island and paying a visit to the summer theater. 

When to Visit

Peak Season

Though the most popular time for Finland Tour stretches between June to August during the summer months, a chance of observing the magical Northern Lights happens between September to April. 

Travel Guide


Finland is seated within the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland, and its location within the 60 degrees and 70 degrees latitude makes it one of the northernmost countries of the world and the eighth-largest country of Europe.

Capital City

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland.

Main Airport

Seinajoki airport located in Pojanluoma in Finland is the biggest and the most important airport.

Language Spoken

The major languages spoken in all of Finland include Finnish and Swedish.


The official currency of Finland is the Euro while the country uses the Finnish Markka as its legal tender.


The visit to Finland is valid under the issuance of any standard Schengen state visa.


In Finland, the standard usable voltage is 230 Volt at a frequency of 50 Hz. you can also use any electric appliance operating within the voltage of 220 Volt to 240 Volt.


The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations before your Finland tour namely, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningitis, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), pneumonia, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), chickenpox, rabies, polio, shingles, and influenza.

Emergency Calls

Dial 112 for any kind of emergency.

FAQs about Finland

What is internet access like in Finland?

Wi-fi and broadband internet access is free throughout Finland and can be browsed at reasonable to high speeds.

Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in Finland?

You can use a mobile phone number from any EU country and use your data without paying any extra cost. 

What are the toilets like in Finland?

You will find standard toilets and urinals in Finland. Public toilets are accessible with the presence of soap and toilet paper. 

Can I drink the water in Finland?

The tap water in Finland is extremely pure and rich in taste and often purer than bottled water. 

Are credit cards widely accepted in Finland?

Finland accepts all credit cards of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diner’s Club.

What is ATM access like in Finland?

ATM access is managed by OTTO which is the country’s biggest interbank network.

What to wear in Finland?

Consider wearing thermal base layers and warm mid-layers like tops and vests, with a heavy-duty winter coat or Parka if you are planning Finland Tour during the winters. Don’t forget to pack in your warm hats, shoes, and gloves as well. 

Is Finland safe for women to travel solo?

Finland is friendly and safe for solo female travelers.