The Almighty has blessed Sweden with a rich history and a wide variety of picturesque landscapes. Breathe in the clean air and drink the crystal clear water of the country that boasts of dense forests, majestic lakes, and striking archipelagos along the coasts. Mingle with the friendly Swedes and take a tour of the resplendent palaces, the ancient citadels, and the glittering landscapes of Arctic ice, and take part in a plethora of outdoor adventures.

Must Do Adventure

  • The heart of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, and its cobblestone paved, disoriented lanes have witnessed different phases of history. From triumphant rulers to candlelit tiny cafes, Gamla Stan is the personification of history, nostalgia, and the timelessness of Sweden. A Sweden Tour cannot be complete without a visit to this quieter yet elegant side. The colorful 18th-century buildings, narrow lanes, and the central square are always prepared to amaze the visitors.

    Walk down the memory lanes of Gamla Stan
  • There are a lot of reasons that make Stockholm, the heart of Sweden. But the most important one is the Drottningholm Palace. Situated in Lake Mälaren, is the epitome of the regal past of Sweden and the rich history. Constructed in 1662, Drottningholm is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Drottningholms Slottsteater, adjacent to the palace can tell the story of 18th-century drama culture.

    The Royal Glory of Drottningholm
  • Thought the constant temperature inside the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi is -5 to -7 degrees, there is no need to feel scared. This ice hotel is well equipped to give travelers all the comforts. The crystal-like rooms and bluish ambiance is nothing less than Disney Frozen setting. They also offer a lot of activities that the guest can enjoy. It can be a once in a lifetime experience

    Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi- the Real Life Frozen

Bucket List Experience

Lapland | Bucket List Group Travel


The arctic side of Sweden thrives in Lapland. Those in love with hiking and want peace heaven where the air is pure and food is great should visit Lapland. Lapland should be in the top five destinations to be covered in Sweden Tour. Be it getting a panoramic vista in Kungsleden trail or watching the magical midnight sun, Lapland is indeed full of wonders. 

Stockholm | Bucket List Group Travel


Sweden’s beloved capital and one of the prominent cities, Stockholm is something more than any other Scandinavian settlements. Apart from the colorful Gamla Stan, there are more to add in the Stockholm to-do list. Djugården, Östermalm, and Södermalm are worth a visit during the Sweden tour.

Gothenburg-Archipelago | Bucket List Group Travel

Gothenburg Archipelago

Enjoy a little ferry ride and reach Gothenburg Archipelago. The archipelago consists of 20+ islands with distinct features. A few important and lovely islands among them are Hönö, Vinga, Styrsö, Donsö, and Brännö, etc. The differences between these islands allow experiencing different things within a few hours. Starting from a forest hike to enjoying a laid back evening on the beach, travelers can expect everything in Gothenburg Archipelago. 

Malmo | Bucket List Group Travel


Malmo is not all about Västra Hamnen’s new and revamped glory. The grand Öresund bridge with its vastness, the mixed and unique culture of the town, and the bold red Malmo castle make this city ravishingly beautiful and a tourist magnet. 

Karlskrona | Bucket List Group Travel


If someone is looking for enjoying a bit quieter time then Karlskrona is the place they should choose. One of the sunniest cities in Sweden, Karlskrona is full of wonders. The Kungsholm Fortress, Hogland’s Park, Amiralitetsklockstapeln, and Vämöparken are the important destinations of Karlskrona. 

Linkoping | Bucket List Group Travel


Be it violent wars of the royal era, Linkoping has its own unique identity. Östgöta Plains, Linkoping Cathedral, Tradgardsforeningen, Linkoping castle, and Tinnero Eklandskap make Linkoping traveler’s favorite spots to cover during Sweden Tour. Do not forget to have a boat ride experience while in Linkoping. 

When to Visit

Peak Season

May-September is the best time to visit Sweden and for snow, the ideal time is late November to March. 

Travel Guide


Sweden is in Northern Europe and is in the west of the Baltic Sea.

Capital City

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.

Main Airport

Stockholm has three airports Stockholm Bromma Airport, the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is one of the key airports.

Language Spoken

The official language of Sweden is Swedish.


Swedish Krona is the currency of Sweden.


International tourists need a 90 day Visa for Sweden Tour.


Sweden operates in the standard voltage of 230 V and 50 Hz frequency.


The WHO and CDC recommend the following vaccinations for Sweden: hepatitis B, hepatitis A, rabies, polio, meningitis, chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), and influenza.

Emergency Calls

112 is the emergency number of Sweden.

FAQs about Sweden

What is internet access like in Sweden?

Both fixed and wireless internet connections are available in Sweden. 

Can I use my mobile while in Sweden?

Mobile phones that support GSM 900 and 1800 Mhz will function just fine in Sweden. T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon allow roaming while in Sweden. 

How are the toilets like in Sweden?

Most of the public toilets are self-cleaning. And Swedish people are not a fan of squat toilets. 

Can I drink the water in Sweden?

Sweden’s water is drinkable. And bottled water is also available in Sweden.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Sweden?

Sweden is mostly a cashless country and even a few cafes or restaurants can politely refuse to accept cash. All the leading Credit cards are widely accepted in Sweden. 

What is the convenience of ATM access in Sweden?

Swedish people are comfortable using the card frequently, and that makes Sweden one of the best ATM network cities. International travelers will not face any trouble in finding or accessing an ATM. 

What to wear in Sweden?

Packing the winter wears, woolens, and furry coats are the ideal things to wear during Sweden Tour. Carry comfortable shoes. 

Is Sweden safe for women to travel solo?

Sweden is safe for solo woman travelers.