Norway is a mixed mag of natural and cultural wonders. The nation is a treasure trove of rich scenery from stunning fjords to majestic mountains and glaciers. Explore the rich beauty of culture and social history, entertainment, and art at the innumerable galleries and museums of Norway. Go hunting for the vibrant Northern Lights in the Land Of The Midnight Sun and have fun with hiking and kayaking at Lofoten Islands.

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Must Do Adventure

  • Witness the most panoramic vistas of Tromso during the cable car ride from Solliveie to the ledge of the mountain, Storsteinen. Ride the gondolas, Polar Bear and Seal, at the height of 421m above sea level, for four minutes, and drink in the views of the surrounding mountains, islands, and fjords.

    Ride the Fjellheisen Cable Car
  • If you are yearning for active excitement and adventure, then take a trip to Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock. Hike uphill for about two hours to the cliff overlooking Lysefjord. Visit Stavanger Cathedral at Pulpit Rock to admire the Romanesque Basilica, Gothic font, and Baroque pulpit.

    Stavanger- the pulpit rock
  • Follow the Atlantic Ocean Road that runs through lush green coastal areas, heaths, weather-beaten bays, moors, islands, and bare crags along Hustadvika, to catch a glimpse of the setting sun and the sky lit with red and orange fire. Drive along the Atlantic Ocean Road that snakes through picturesque surrounding up to 8.3km on the Norway Tour.

    Travel along the Atlantic Ocean Road

Bucket List Experience

Oslo | Bucket List Group Travel


Step into the world of parks, lakes, and protected forests, at Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Visit the stellar Vigeland Sculpture Park to check out the fascinating sculptures of granite, bronze, and wrought iron. Spare a few hours roaming in the stately grounds, chapel, tomb, and chambers of Akershus Fortress and marvel at the fascinating artifacts at Viking Ship Museum. Visit the Munch Museum that features the artworks of Edvard Munch and stop to admire the majestic beauty of the Royal Palace too.

Hike to Troltunga | Bucket List Group Travel

Hike to Troltunga

Troltunga, or Troll’s Tongue, is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Norway. The hiking trail runs through remarkably scenic surroundings and stops at the Troll’s Tongue or Troltunga. The Troltunga is a thin rocky sliver which offers perfect and photographic views of sapphire lakes, and snow-capped mountain peaks. The trail follows a route of 28km, and the summit is 2950ft above sea level. The hike takes about 10-12 hours, and it is preferable to take a guide with you.

Trondheim | Bucket List Group Travel


The mild maritime climate which prevails in Trondheim is perfect for tours, excursions, and skiing too. Admire the medieval architectural style of Nidaros Cathedral and cross the Nidelva River through the scarlet arches of Gamle Bybro to reach the bustling and colorful lanes of Bakklandet neighborhood. Pay homage to the victims of Nazi Rule at Kristiansten Fortress and attend the interactive exhibits, recordings, and videos at Rockheim. Visit the Archbishop’s Palace and Museum and take a tour of the opulent chambers of Stiftsgarden.


Arctic capital- Tromso

Wanderbugs say that Tromso is the Paris of the North, and most rightfully so too, as Tromso is the starting point of most polar expeditions in the Arctic Ocean. Ride the fantastic cable car up the mountain at the Arctic Capital Tromso, to drink in the spectacular views of nature, and visit the famous Polaria Visitor Center to check out the Arctic Aquarium and attend the films and exhibits. Watch out for the delightful seals at the seal pool of the Arctic Aquarium and stop to admire the iconic Arctic Cathedral, one of the most beautiful destinations of Tromso.

The Svalbard Islands- Polar bear

The Svalbard Islands- Polar bear

The Arctic wilderness of the Svalbard Islands will remain etched in your mind forever. Brace yourself to be astonished at the sight of thousands of furry white polar bears in the Barents Sea and Svalbard archipelago. There are 3000 polar bears in Svalbard, who feed on seals and live in snow caves. However, polar bears are not so friendly towards humans (humans wreak global warming, hello!), and thus take an armed guide with your on the expeditions. Do not disturb the polar bear and avoid confrontation at all costs. Stay at a safe distance.

The-Geirangerfjord | Bucket List Group Travel

The Geirangerfjord

Satiate your love for the thrill, adventure, and ecstasy with a trip to the fantastic Geirangerfjord. Go hiking in the mountains, try rafting on the choppy currents, or relax with idyllic sightseeing at the beautiful locations of Geirangerfjord. Check out the viewpoints of marvelous beauty that include the Eagle Bend, the Geiranger Skywalk, and the Flydalsjuvet. Sightseeing at the Geirangerfjord reveals a treasure trove of natural jewels like picturesque abandoned farms, thunderous cascades, and more. Do not miss out on the breathtaking views of the surrounding nature at Alesund, Sunnylvsfjord, and the summit of Dalsnibba.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Go on the Norway Tour during the Spring season between May and June and during the autumn season between September and October, when the weather is pleasant, and the destinations are not so crowded.

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Norway is in the north of Europe in the western and northern parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Skagerrak in the south, the Barents Sea in the north-east, and the North Sea in the north-west.

Capital City

The capital of Norway is Oslo.

Main Airport

Oslo Lufthavn Airport in Cairo is the most crucial airport in Norway.

Language Spoken

Norwegian and English are the most widely spoken languages of Norway.


The currency of Norway is Norwegian Krone.


Due to the Schengen Agreement, the citizens of the US do not require a visa to enter and stay in Norway for up to 90 days. Citizens of other countries require a visa for the tour.


The standard values vary between 220 volts and 50 Hertz AC, and the sockets are adapted for types C and F Europlugs.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, cholera, Japanese encephalitis, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Norway tour.

Emergency Calls

Dial toll-free numbers 110 for fire, 112 for emergency police, and 113 for an ambulance during the Norway Tour.

FAQs about Norway

What is internet access like in Norway?

Fast and reliable internet access is available across the country at almost all public places like hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, etc.

Can I use my mobile phone in Norway?

It would be best if you use a mobile phone with global roaming facility or purchase of local sim card of Telenor Mobil or Network Norway, or Netcom on the Norway Tour to make phone calls.

How are the toilets like in Norway?

Most of the toilets in Norway are of the Western-type and are available widely in public places. You can use the bathroom with a payment of up to about 10kr.

Can I drink tap water in Norway?

Tap water is of good quality in Norway. You can also purchase bottled water at affordable rates from supermarkets, gas stations, kiosks, and delis.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Norway?

Norway accepts major credit cards, especially of companies like Visa and MasterCard.

What is the convenience of ATM access like in Norway?

There is an extensive network of ATM centers all over Norway. You can withdraw cash in advance too.

What to wear in Norway?

Pack in your long-sleeved tops and shirts, pants, boots, hiking gear, and a robust pair of shoes for the Norway Tour.

Is Norway safe for women to travel solo?

Norway is perfectly safe at all for women to travel solo. The rate of crime is almost the lowest in the world in Norway.