Switzerland is surely worth every penny though we can argue that it is indeed quite expensive. Perks start with it being easy to go around the place, thanks to an impressively run transit system that leaves nothing out and goes from boats to trains and cable cars. Travelling between cities is just as easy with accessible buses and if you want to go the extra mile get a Swiss Travel Pass that covers unlimited travel “throughout the rail, bus and boat Swiss Travel System network.” which makes it easy for new, and even seasoned travellers to get around.

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Must Do Adventure

  • Step into the Bernina Express to journey from Switzerland to Italy in four hours. The express passes through tunnels, bridges, and Alpine landscapes during the journey. Take in the staggering views of the stunning variation of scenes from Alpine scenery to the Mediterranean ambiance in Poschiavo Valley right before Tirano.

    Ride the Bernina Express across the Swiss Alps
  • Hop on to an idyllic pleasure boat to enjoy the marvelous beauty of the surroundings across Lake Geneva. The ferry departs from Lausanne, Geneve, Montreux, Nyon, Evian, and other small towns of Geneva. Catch glimpses of the best Alpine scenery between Montreux and Lausanne with the Alps in the backdrop and the picturesque Lavaux vineyards.

    Boat ride on Lake Geneva
  • Matterhorn Mountain at Zermatt boasts of over 375 routes and trails of hiking and skiing, around and between Zermatt of Switzerland and Cervina of Italy. The sightseers and hikers climb to Riffelsee Lake to luxuriate the quiet reflection of the Matterhorn mountain in the serene Alpine waters. The best hikes include Aussichtswegg Trail, Schwarzsee to Hornli Hut, and more.

    Skiing and hiking at Matterhorn Mountain

Bucket List Experience

Bern | Bucket List Group Travel


Walk along the arcade sidewalks of The Old Town and visit the famous Kunstmuseum to take a look at more than 51000 exhibits of art. Take a tour of The Einstein Museum and the Historical Museum of Bern and visit Einstein Haus too. Luxuriate the panoramic beauty of nature at Rosengarten and admire the architecture of Berner Munster also. Check out the breathtaking intricacy of the Clock Tower of 800 years old, which features a clock and a set of figurines, The Knight, The Fool, The Rooster, and more who pop out of the clock to perform an act every hour.

Lucerne | Bucket List Group Travel


The trip to Lucerne begins with an adventurous climb to the summit of Mt Pilatus to catch a glimpse of the magnificent view of the Alps and alpine valleys. Take photos of the picturesque view of the wooden Chapel Bridge, Kapelbrucke, and take an idyllic boat tour in Lake Lucerne too. Take a stroll in the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town Lucerne and spend a minute of silence in mourning for the deaths of soldiers at the famous Lion Monument.

Geneva | Bucket List Group Travel


Hop onto a paddle streamer to explore the beauties of Geneva while paddling across Lake Geneva and marvel at the plume of water of 145m of Jet d’Eau at the Jetee des Eaux-Vives. Admire the Gothic elements and brilliant stained glass windows of the Romanesque church, Temple De Saint-Pierre, and check out the marvelous flower clock at Jardin Anglaise. Take a tour of the gardens, greenhouses, and conservatory of trees and plants at Jardin Botanique and soak in the charm of Place du Bourg-de-Four too.

Interlaken | Bucket List Group Travel


Take in the mesmerizing beauty of the Interlaken and the lakes from Harder Kulm and stop at Harder Alpine Wildlife Park to check out the ibexes and marmots. Get adventurous with hang gliders or take a stroll in horse-drawn carriages in the beautiful Hohematte Park and feast your eyes on the breathtaking Alpine landscapes during the ride to Schynige Platte, the summit of which offers impressive views of the Alps, Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger peaks. Take an idyllic boat cruise in Lake Thun and visit Interlaken Monastery and Castle too.


Matterhorn Mountain at Zermatt

The magnificent view of the Matterhorn Mountain in Zermatt is symbolic of the picturesque beauty of Switzerland. The Mountain is the best ski resort in Switzerland. The glaciers that surround the Mountain offer excellent opportunities for skiing. You can also try Heli skiing, skiing along the Nordic trails, high-altitude skiing, and night skiing too. Check out the natural ice-skating rinks, curling rinks, and snowshoe trails at Matterhorn and ride the train along the Gornergrat Railway for impressive views of the Mountain.


Cogwheel train at Mt.Pilatus

Take the most thrilling train ride of your life along the steep cogwheel railway at Mt. Pilatus. It scales the route along the dizzying slopes of the Mountain from Alpnachstad to Pilatus Kulm and passes through picturesque alpine meadows and jagged rocks of the mountainous region. The whole idea of the Switzerland Tour is to take a ride in the aerial cable car to the summit of Mt.Pilatus. Follow through with adventurous hiking in the alpine rock. Descend in the cogwheel train and luxuriate the divine beauty of the Swiss Alps.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Go on the Switzerland Tour during the Spring season between April and June and between September and October when the weather is perfect, and the destinations are not too crowded.

Travel Guide


Switzerland is a land-locked and mountainous country in Central and Western Europe, bordered by Liechtenstein and Austria in the east, France in the west, Germany in the north, and Italy in the south.

Capital City

The capital of Switzerland is Bern.

Main Airport

Zurich Airport in Zurich is the most important international airport in Switzerland.

Language Spoken

French, German, Romansh, and Italian are the main languages of Switzerland.


The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc.


The citizens of the US get a visa waiver grant for the Switzerland Tour. The citizens of other countries require tourist or business visas.


The standard values vary between 230 volts and 50 Hertz, and the sockets are adapted for plugs with two prongs.


The WHO and PHAC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Switzerland tour.

Emergency Calls

Dial toll-free number 112for any emergency during the Switzerland Tour.

FAQs about Switzerland

How is internet access like in Switzerland?

Internet access is widely available in certain public places and hotels and restaurants in Switzerland. There are free hotspots of Wi-Fi in several places in Switzerland.

Can I use my mobile phone in Switzerland?

Mobile phones in other countries usually work in Switzerland. Purchase a local sim card to make phone calls on the Switzerland Tour.

How are the toilets like in Switzerland?

The public toilets are clean, western-style, and equipped with trash cans and toilet paper rolls. There are separate toilets for men and women, and restrooms on the train as well.

Can I drink tap water in Switzerland?

The tap water of Switzerland is rich in minerals, pure, and perfectly safe for drinking.

Are credit cards accepted in Switzerland?

Switzerland widely accepts most credit cards and debit cards of significant companies and notably Visa, Maestro, Cirrus, and MasterCard.

What is the convenience of ATM access like in Switzerland?

You will easily find ATM centers all over Switzerland. The ATMs accept pin codes of 4, 5, and 6 digits.

What to wear in Switzerland?

Dress in comfy, casual, smart, and cute dresses on the Switzerland Tour. Pack in the warmest layers, bulky long-sleeved sweaters, and more.

Is Switzerland safe for women to travel solo?

Switzerland is incredibly safe for women. Apart from petty crimes like snatching and pickpocketing, violent crimes do not occur.