Latin America

The southern itinerary is filled with most exciting destinations that let you climb until camping spot or walk through the rainforest and some hidden gems of wildlife. Latin America holds all sorts of outdoor adventures including trekking to Machu Picchu & Amazon forest. This part of the earth has some amazing colonial towns and national parks to refresh your mind & soul. Make your tour more special with a bucket list to experience hand-crafted goodies, hustling market, lavish beaches of Colombia and astonishing wildlife escapades.

Highlights Of Latin America

Cenotes And Ruins Mexico | Bucket List Group Travel

Mexico is the place of greenery and waterfalls all around the magical itinerary of numerous Ruins and Cenotes to have heaven like tour. Centos are the parts of landscapes where mother nature has created a ceiling hole in the cave by becoming the only water source in jungles, a long-ago before the civilization. Ruins are another beauty of archaeological sites.  A list of best Ruins in Mexico includes Tulum, Calakmul, Chichen Itza, Palenque and a lot more.

Rainbow Mtn Peru | Bucket List Group Travel

Mountains of colors, Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, and the colored mountain is all the name of one spectacular mountain in Peru. It has all the beauty of lighter tones to the darker ash brown color and spreading out on the vast area of the Andes mountain range. Bucket List Group Travel has always locals on board to lead the travel and they suggest planning a tour to the rainbow mountain during April – June & September – November. It is the time when you can catch the most fascinating colors at its best.

Old Havana, Cuba bucket list

The Southwest coast of Cuba has become the most astonishing stop for all sorts of ships with the route to and from other larger ports around. This part of the world is best known for holding heritage, historical buildings, ancient architecture, and the most authentic urban lifestyle. It is famous for the main five plazas surrounded including Plaza Vieja, Plaza del Cristo, Plaza de Armas, Plaza de San Francisco & Plaza de la Catedral.

The Galapagos, Ecuador bucket list

Galapagos islands are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and must-see part of Ecuador. All islands are surprisingly saved from any human danger of being extinct and are perfectly preserving it’s most inspirational and enchanted history with enrapturing wildlife. The chain of around 19 islands is serving us since the 1800s with soul-refreshing land patches and wind of flowing water making alleviating sounds till the dawn.

Rio Carnival brazil bucket list

The celebration of Rio Carnival in Brazil is tracked back to the 1600s and still attracts more of millions of people around the world. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese: Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro) is a festival held every year before Lent and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day on the streets. The first Carnival festival in Rio occurred in 1723

The typical Rio carnival parade is filled with revelers, floats, and adornments from numerous samba schools which are located in Rio (more than 200 approximately, divided into five leagues/divisions). 

Machu Picchu, Peru bucket list
Climbing to Machu Picchu, Peru

The beauty of Peru is hidden in its rocky Andes Mountains and the stupefying valley of Urubamba River. Machu Picchu provides one of the best walks to the Ruins experiences because of having most of the stones in advance architectural states. The most of paths are steeped and sloppy but worth all the hard work. It takes not more than 90minutes to climb up till the enthralling view of Picchu Historical Sanctuary. 

amazonia big lotus leaves bucket list group travel

A splash of water nourishing the world’s largest rainforest has a different dazzling sight while flowing around the flashy greens. The Amazon rainforest, covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other South American countries, is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, famed for its biodiversity. It’s crisscrossed by thousands of rivers, including the powerful Amazon. River towns, with 19th-century architecture from rubber-boom days, include Brazil’s Manaus and Belém and Peru’s Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado.

lost-world-columbia Bucket List Group Travel
The Lost city, Colombia

The hidden beauty of Colombia is symbolized by Ciudad Perdida; encased in bulging Jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. It is the best place to hunt the adventure for those fond of trekking. This city was built around more than a thousand years ago and still holds its architectural value and shapes in place to give the best glimpse of our ancestors.

Salt Flats Bolivia | Bucket List Group Travel
Salt Flats, Bolivia

While planning a trip to South America; Salt Flats are a must to visit the place. It is known as the world’s largest-ever found salt flats along with a fabulous town around known as Salar de Uyuni. It makes a perfect blend of seeing the breath-taking view of the white sheet of salt until the end of the ambit of the human eye.  The complete area of flats is well divided in around 30 islands and Bucket List Group Tours knows the best of them.

Iguaçu Falls, Argentina Brazil
Iguaçu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

The water of blues, sharp greenery and sound of water falling through thick rocks is the place on the border of Brazil and Argentina. If you like the walk on water experience while moving towards cascading water flushes, then Argentina is the side to visit. But the Brazilian side of Iguaçu is no less than wonder on earth; a glass lift magnifies for you each view of waterfalls and picture-perfect spots and special views can be booked by helicopters to grasp the speculation.

Torres del Paine Chile bucket list
Torres Del Paine, Chile

A national park with clear bright blue sky, fresh chilling icebergs, and eye-catching greens are habitants of Torres del Paine. Chile has already a significant rank in glaciers, lakes, and breathtaking views for mountain lovers. The park is standing with all dignity of holding each taste of mother nature including waters, forests, steeps of mountain rocks and grounds of play areas. It is named after the 3 high peaks of rocks. The climactic beauty is a MUST to have in bucket list – Travel with us to Torres del Paine through the best affordable routes.

easter island chile bucket list group travel
Easter Island, Chile

You might have seen mesmerizing photos of monumental statues (oversized heads and the human figure with noticeably big noses) somewhere on Instagram or Facebook; that is definitely from Easter island and those statues are known as Moai. Rapa Nui had the people who carved these giant figures without providing any history or creating soulful sculptures. A large number of statues are still in their original form during the different stages of carving and have perfectly preserved the ancient side of Rapa Nui.

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