Kick the famous football and strap on your samba shoes, because Brazil is beckoning to you for one of the most adventurous and exciting trips of your life. Brazil is not only a tropical paradise of lush green rainforest and exotic animals and birds but is an idyllic vacation destination too of fascinating beach holidays, adrenaline-pumping jungle tours, stopping to admire the world-class collection of art at the museums, and gearing up for the most vibrant and electrifying rhythms of the Grand Rio Festival.

Must Do Adventure

  • Prepare for the most fantastic experience of the lifetime at the biggest and most vibrant carnival of the world in Rio de Janeiro: The Rio Festival. Get decked in all your colorful feathers, frills, masks, silks, face paints, and finery to dance and have crazy fun at the Rio Festival on the Brazil Tour.

    Indulge in the Grandeur of the Rio Festival
  • Visit the Samba City and get enrolled in one of the best samba schools to take part in the dances of the Rio Carnival on the Brazil Tour. Visit the warehouses and purchase the grand Samba Dance costumes. Watch the Forcas da Natureza and dine at the buffet dinner too.

    Groove with your partner to the sultry Samba beats
  • Get a chance to explore the 365 islands, two thousand golden beaches, and crystalline bays that glitter in the Sun at Angra dos Reis. Take a speedboat trip around the islands and go snorkeling in the silky blue waters. Visit Botinas Island and dine at the best restaurants at Praia Vitorino.

    Explore the paradisaical beauty of the islands of Angra dos Reis

Bucket List Experience

Rio de Janeiro | Bucket List Group Travel

Rio de Janeiro

The enthralling Brazil Tour begins in Rio de Janeiro. Relax at the shores of Copacabana and take a trip to the idyllic neighborhood of Lapa and Santa Teresa to mingle with the friendly locals. Don’t miss out on the iconic Christ The Redeemer, one of the seven wonders of the world, and satiate your wanderlust in the rainforest of Tijuca National Park. Take part in the Rio Carnival parade, attend the masked ball, do the samba all night, and joint the colorful crowds at the Rio Festival party.

Iguazu Falls | Bucket List Group Travel

Iguazu Falls

A quick day trip to the Iguazu Falls on the Brazil Tour will leave you mesmerized with the view of colossal waterfalls. Get your adrenaline racing with an exciting jet boat safari through devilish rapids and thunderous cascades. Take a bike ride through the rainforest and watch the sunset at Itaipu Lake. Visit the famous Chinese Temple and learn more about ancient Muslim culture at the Iguassu Mosque. Explore the Catwalk of picturesque views inside the Falls and end the day with fine dining at the Brazilian Barbeque.

Sand Dune Lagoons | Bucket List Group Travel

Sand Dune Lagoons

If you think that magic and mysteries do not exist, then you can think again. The dunes at Lencois Maranhenses National Park collect the rainwater for six months from January to June, and in July, the sand dunes turn into beautiful pools of bright and warm water. Take a jeep ride along the bumpy terrain of the desert and bathe in the pop-up pools amid dunes. Spend the day with the locals, sleep in hammocks, and have the unique experience of your life. 

Olinda | Bucket List Group Travel


Experience the carnival of Recife celebrations, which is just as splendid as Rio. Join in the parade of towering puppets and brightly hued revelers. Fall in love with the charm of the old towns and marvel at the colonial churches, shrines, and giant cathedrals that soar into the sky. Shop for colorful souvenirs and visit the local museums. Visit the Mamulengo Museum to look at the quirky collection of giant puppets, and check out the local markets and drive to Recife to check out the skyscrapers and glamorous shopping malls.

Salvador | Bucket List Group Travel


Spend a day in Salvador on the Brazil Tour to soak in the vibrant blend of cultures, nature, and more. Drive to Pelourinho to check out the pastel-colored buildings, live music, bistros, cafes, bars, and restaurants that serve excellent Brazilian food. Make time for the Olodum Rehearsal and then head over to Arambepe Beach, the quaint coastal town, home to hippies, great music, and baby sea turtles too. Travel back in time with a ferry ride to Boipeba to explore the peaceful rainforest, reefs, sand dunes, and salt marshes.

Amazon Rainforest | Bucket List Group Travel

Amazon Rainforest

From reading about the rainforest in the tenth-grade geography books to the view of the fantastic Amazon rainforest springing up right before the eyes, the Brazil Tour will make your life feel worth it. Brave the snaking waterways of the Amazon River for the most majestic views of the Amazon Rainforest. Explore the diverse habitats of the rainforest that include terra firme, flooded forests, oxbow lakes, and palm swamps. Marvel at the fabulous variety of wildlife that consists of exotic birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, amphibians, and more.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Tourists prefer visiting Brazil in the last week of February to take part in the dazzling splendor of the Rio Carnival

Travel Guide


Brazil is in the east of South America. Bordered by Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, and more countries, Brazil stretches across 7500 km along the Atlantic Ocean.

Capital City

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil.

Main Airport

Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport in Rio de Janeiro is the main airport in Brazil.

Language Spoken

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. However, Spanish and English will help you get along on the trip as well.


The currency of Brazil is Brazilian Real.


The citizens of several countries except for Andorra, Bahamas, Guatemala, and more need to carry the business visa or tourist visa for entering Brazil.


The standard values vary between 110 and 220 volts and 50 Hertz. The usual power points have dual sockets for flat and round prongs.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Brazil tour.

Emergency Calls

The emergency phone call numbers are 190 for reporting crimes to the police, and 197 for giving information.

FAQs about Brazil

What is the internet access like in Brazil?

You can get access to free Wi-Fi in most of the hotels, restaurants, hostels, and cafes in Brazil. 

Can I use my mobile/cellphone while in Brazil?

The standard networks are American TDMA and CDMA. You can also use your mobile phone in Brazil.

What are the toilets like in Brazil?

There are plenty of western toilets that are highly clean and well-maintained. Carry soap and toilet paper with you wherever you. 

Can I drink the water in Brazil?

You can safely drink tap water in Brazil. Filtered or bottled water is available too in hotels and restaurants.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Brazil?

The extensive bank network of Brazil accepts all debit and credit cards like Visa, Cirrus, MasterCard, and Maestro.

What is ATM access like in Brazil?

Carry sufficient cash while on the Brazil tour. However, ATM centers are widely available and accept all major debit and credit cards.

What to wear in Brazil?

Dress to your will in fancy dresses, skirts, tops, beach-wear, tunics, denims, and more in Brazil.

Is Brazil safe for women to travel solo?

Brazil is not at all safe for women to travel solo, although Rio de Janeiro is quite safe for women.