Colombia brims over with the contrasting beauties of nature. Hike to the summit of the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Andes and explore the dense and lush green Amazonian jungles on the Colombian Tour. Chill out with cocktails and sunbathing at the golden Caribbean coasts by the glinting emerald waters and take a tour of the sun-soaked sandy deserts too. Fall in love with the bustling towns of Colombia and relish the world-famous Colombia hospitality also.

Must Do Adventure

  • The street arts that adorn Bogota are now Netizen’s favorite place for taking snaps. The artists of Bogota enjoy untrammeled creative freedom. Walking around the streets of Bogota and pausing to enjoy the colorful Graffiti is refreshing. Bogota embraced its artists and allowed them to express their thoughts. This must be in your Colombia Tour bucket list.

    Impressive street art of Bogota, the Instagrammer's Paradise
  • The quaint streets of Cartagena on a sunny day will always inspire a traveler to get a bike and roam around. It is a secret and mysterious charm of Cartagena that makes it famous for biking trips. Enjoy cycling up to Bocagrande, then ride down through La Boquilla, it will be a memory to cherish later.

    Enjoy Biking in serene Cartagena
  • Are you a fan of gothic ambiance full of ancient graves, tombs, and statues? Then why not try horseback ride in San Augustin. It will be a whole new experience during Colombia Tour. Imagine galloping through the mud-spattered roads to see some antique statues spread on the hilly area of San Augustin.

    Horseback riding in San Augustin- Galloping down the Memory Lane

Bucket List Experience

Cartagena | Bucket List Group Travel


This port city of Colombia is known for many things. The town of Cartagena was established during the 16th century and maintains its aging grace with pride. The vibrant colonial buildings, cobblestone avenues, and vast squares make this city one of its kinds. For its royal grace, Cartagena is also known as the queen of the Caribbean. This town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The cascades of Bougainvillea from the dreamy balconies and shadows of old churches are famed for soothing the senses. 

Bogota | Bucket List Group Travel


Bogota is the heart of Colombia. The harmony of colonial and cosmopolitan aspects makes Bogota different from other Colombian cities. La Candelaria, the paved notable downtown is the center of Bogota and keep attracting travelers. The carefully preserved buildings with a lot of museums, hotels, restaurants, and bars, infused with old structures, create a cinematic vibe. Colombian Tour can never be completed without visiting the famous Cerro de Monserrate and Plaza de Bolívar of Bogota.

Medellin | Bucket List Group Travel


The stretches of high rises against the backdrop of gigantic hills, that’s Medellin. Nestled between the mountains but without losing its urban soul, Medellin is famed as the city of Spring for its lovely weather. Travelers visit Medellin to feel the groove of its discos and to enjoy some paragliding thrill.  

Cali | Bucket List Group Travel


The rich ethnic diversity of Cali has blessed this city with music and of course Salsa. The Rumba Capital of Colombia and the Salsa Capital of the World, Cali is also known for destinations like the Barrio Granada, the Zoológico de Cali, and the enormous Cristo Rey, a sculpture identical to Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro’s.

Santa Marta | Bucket List Group Travel

Santa Marta

The celebrated Lost City is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. The assortment of fauna and flora of the Lost City Trail, the chance to intermingle with the native communities have made the excursion to the Lost City one of the finest treks in Columbia Tour. Apart from that, the crystal-like water and white sands of Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona can allow witnessing the most beautiful sunrise.

San Augustin | Bucket List Group Travel

San Agustin

The lovely small town of San Agustin, situated in southern Colombia, is a popular travel destination. Travelers do not miss to keep this town in their Columbia Tour itinerary because of its world-famous coffee. The enticing Andean landscape and UNESCO approved archaeological sites is like the bonus for visiting this exquisite little town.

When to Visit

Peak Season

December to March is the best season with sunny and dry days. Another good time for planning Columbia Tour is from July to September.

Travel Guide


Colombia is in the North part of South America and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, and the Pacific.

Capital City

Bogota is the capital of Colombia.

Main Airport

The main airport of Colombia is Bogotá Airport El Dorado. But there are 12 more airports that operate internationally. They are Cali, Pereira, Cartagena, Leticia, Medellin, Santa Marta, san Andres, Cucuta, Armenia, Bucaramanga, Riohacha, and Barranquilla.

Language Spoken

The official language of Colombia is Spanish. A few regional languages are also spoken.


The currency of Colombia is the Columbian peso.


Travelers can apply for 90 days Visa for Colombia Tour.


In Colombia, the average voltage is 110 V and the frequency is 60 Hz.


The PHAC and WHO suggest the following vaccinations for Colombia: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies, yellow fever, meningitis, measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), polio, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), shingles, pneumonia, chickenpox, and influenza.

Emergency Calls

The national emergency number of Colombia is 123, and the tourist police number is (1) 3374413.

FAQs about Colombia

What is internet access like in Columbia?

Wireless broadband is available in Colombia. 

How are the toilets like in Colombia?

The standard toilets are there in Colombia but travelers should avoid flushing down toilet papers, during their Colombia Tour.

Can I use my mobile while in Colombia?

Any mobile that supports cell phone supports GSM 1900 and GSM 850 bands, will work in Colombia.

Can I drink the water in Colombia?

You can drink the water in the key Colombian cities. Bottled water is also available. 

Are credit cards accepted widely in Colombia?

Credit cards are accepted in major hotels, shops, and restaurants in Bogota and Cartagena. International tourists should carry an ID to authenticate a credit card transaction. 

What is the convenience of ATM access in Colombia?

There are a lot of ATM is all the major cities and travelers can exchange currency in a few ATM.

What to wear in Colombia?

Bogota is quite freezing and Medellin is the city of eternal spring, so travelers need to apply the mix and match formula. Hiking shoes are a must. And to enjoy the Caribbean sores, pack that swim wears. 

Is Colombia safe for women to travel solo?

Colombia Tour is safe for solo women travelers.