Costa Rica

Costa Rica bloomed during the 1980s when ecotourism started, and the country realized how they could utilize it. Travelers began to take notice of the unique flora and fauna while locals were quick of wit to perserve what came as a blessing to them. As tourism continued to bloom and bestow the much needed boost in economy, Costa Ricans still remembered to care for their own. These actions keep Costa Rica all-natural and eco-friendly, from their street corner treat vendor to the small time restaurants. What’s even more surprising is at least twenty-seven percent of the country is protected as a national park, wildlife refuge, or reserve. The Costa Rican government indeed protects, as well as cares for its wards without sacrifices, but instead live in harmony with nature.

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Must Do Adventure

  • Explore cloud forests, the rarest of ecosystems on the Costa Rica Tour, where heavy clouds envelop the woods, and the greenery sleeps underneath a blanket of fresh dew. Go bird watching and hiking through the cloud forest. Check out the Frog Pond and admire the beauty of the Butterfly Garden at Monteverde Cloud Forest.

    Explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Venture out to most famous volcanoes that boast of scenic landscapes and hotbeds of biodiversity during the Costa Rica Tour. Take a trip to Arenal Volcano and go on an adventurous tour of the Poas Volcano. Check out the mud pools and hot springs of Rincon de la Vieja volcano and hike at Turrialba Volcano.

    Marvel at the fascinating view of the volcanoes
  • The essence of Costa Rica Tour lies in refreshing dips in the famous hot springs of Costa Rica. Admire the beauty of rainforest greenery at Perdido Springs or go for an intimate and romantic bathing session at Titoku Hot Springs in the Arenal Volcano area. Soak in the luxurious warmth of mineral pools too at Costa Rica.

    Bathe in the Hot Springs

Bucket List Experience

san jose | Bucket List Group Travel

San Jose

Take a trip to the capital city on the Costa Rica Tour. Marvel at the architectural wonder of European style at The National Theater of Costa Rica, and browse through the exhibits of Pre-Columbian gold at Museo del Oro Precolombino. Enjoy a fun picnic at the picturesque Parque Metropolitano La Sabana, and stroll by the grand mansion, Casa Amarilla. Visit the charming museum for kids, Museo de Los Ninos, and stop to admire the stained glass windows of Catedral Metropolitana.

monteverde | Bucket List Group Travel


Explore the rich biodiversity and rare ecosystem of Monteverde Cloud Reserve, where lush greenery and billowy clouds blend to form the most picturesque landscape ever. Admire the 1400 varieties of orchids at The Monteverde Orchid House and wander through the trees at Selvatura treetop suspension bridge. Go for a horseback riding tour along the trails outside the protected reserve to marvel at the wildlife and drink in the beauty of the San Luis Waterfall.

manuel antonio | Bucket List Group Travel

Manuel Antonio

Visit Manuel Antonio National Park during the Costa Rica Tour to explore the beautiful beaches, dense rainforest, and idyllic forest trails. Go for swimming, surfing, and snorkeling at Manuel Antonio Beach and Espadilla Sur Beach. Hike along the sandy Manuel Antonio trails that lead to the Park and spend some time shopping and sampling street food at the pretty town Quepos. Cruise the extensive waterway of Damas Island Estuary and make some time for cultural adventures at Santa Juana Mountain Village.

Tortuguero | Bucket List Group Travel


Venture out to Tortuguero on the Costa Rica Tour. Enjoy brief canoeing, boating, and kayaking session through the extensive network of canals and follow through with a hiking trip in Tortuguero National Park. Get friendly with the turtles at Sea Turtle Conservancy and explore the quaint Tortuguero Village to check out the cute sea turtles during the nesting season. Let the 300 species of exotic birds stir the ornithologist in you and don’t miss out on sportfishing at Tortuguero.  

Cahuita | Bucket List Group Travel


Discover the beauty of sprawling coral reefs, beaches, national parks, and more at Cahuita, on the Costa Rica Tour. Visit Cahuita National Park and go snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming at the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Take a relaxing dip in the blue water of Playa Blanca and enjoy surfing and swimming at Playa Negra. Dig into the delicious Afro-Caribbean cuisine at Sobre Las Olas restaurant and check out the vibrant butterflies at Mariposario de Cahuita.

Guanacaste | Bucket List Group Travel


From relaxing at the idyllic beach towns to going on wildlife sightseeing tours, the Costa Rica Tour is going to be fantastic. Walk through the picturesque trails at Parque Nacional Santa Rosa and hike to the Llanos Del Cortez Waterfall. Explore the wildlife at Barra Honda National Park and discover a treasure trove of hidden gems at the quaint and peaceful towns, Liberia, Tamarindo, Playas del Coco, and Ostional Wildlife Refuge. Visit Diamante Eco Adventure Park for an overdose of excitement before bidding farewell to Costa Rica.

When to Visit

Peak Season

The months between mid-December and April are preferable for the Costa Rica Tour, as the weather is dry enough to explore the vast rainforest. 

Travel Guide


Costa Rica lies in Central America, bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua, and the Caribbean Sea in the north and Panama in the south.

Capital City

San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica.

Main Airport

Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose is the most important airport in Costa Rica.

Language Spoken

The common language in Costa Rica is Spanish. So, learn a few Spanish words to get around during the Costa Rica Tour.


The currency of Costa Rica is Costa Rican Colon.


Contact with the Thai Embassy to ensure whether you need a tourist visa or not to stay in Thailand for 15 to 30 days.


The standard values vary between 110 volts and 60 Hertz, and the sockets are adapted for flat prong plugs.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Costa Rica tour.

Emergency Calls

Dial 911 for any emergency.

FAQs about Costa Rica

What is internet access like in Costa Rica?

Wi-Fi access is readily available all over Costa Rica, including airports, stations, and parks.

Can I use my mobile phone in Costa Rica?

Buy a Kolbi SIM at San Jose airport to make phone calls at Costa Rica.

How are the toilets like in Costa Rica?

There are indoor flush toilets and urinals all over Costa Rica.

Can I drink tap water in Costa Rica?

Tap water is safe for drinking in Costa Rica. Bottled water and filtered hotel are also available.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica widely accepts credit and debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

What is the convenience of ATM access like in Costa Rica?

You can quickly get access to your funds at several ATM centers in Costa Rica.

What to wear in Costa Rica?

Pack in your fancy clothes, jeans, hiking boots, sunhats, raincoats, rash protective shirts, and more for the Costa Rica Tour.

Is Costa Rica safe for women to travel solo?

Costa Rica is quite safe for women to travel solo.