Plan your trip to Cuba, and sure enough the experiences and memories you will take are characterized by its people. The Cubans are hospitable, joyful, and worry-free, which doesn't fail to show their intelligence and surely, are no strangers to parties and celebrations. Holding celebrations are the Cubans' bread and butter, the things they do best, which is why you shouldn't miss the carnivals, charangas, the parrandas, the countryside parties and the patron saint’s days, and maybe a bit of a pina colada at the side for no party is complete without refreshments!

Upcoming Tours

Must Do Adventure

  • Take the most enchanting road trip of your life on the Cuba Tour by driving through the streets of Havana. Drink in the views of the crumbling facades, hand-carved windows, and doors, cafes and bistros tucked away in corners, ancient churches with ornate spires, delicate balconies hanging over the sidewalk, and the beautiful old-world atmosphere.

    Drive through the streets of Havana
  • Indulge your wild spirit with the vibrant salsa scene of Cuba and dance solo or with the locals. Join the lively salsa schools and learn the most sultry salsa moves from skilled teachers who will make the Cuba Tour memorable for a lifetime. Jive and shimmy to the sexy Caribbean rhythms, and have a grand time.

    Groove with your partner at the marvelous salsa lessons
  • The Cuba Tour is never complete without a trip to the lush green garden of Cuba that is the Vinales Valley. Visit the famous Tobacco House and check out the brightly colored houses that line the quaint alleyways. Take part in canopy tours, hiking up the mogotes, and sample the delectable Cuban cuisine.

    Become one with nature at Vinales Valley

Bucket List Experience

Havana | Bucket List Group Travel


Soak in the old-world atmosphere of Havana on the first day of the Cuba Tour. Satiate your wanderlust by wandering through the curving streets of Centro Havana and dine at A Paladar, to sample the quintessential Cuban cuisine. Take a long walk to La Rampa and stop to admire the deep blue sea at Malecon. Travel back in time with a long drive in style in the vintage cars, visit the Colon Cemetery of ornate tombstones, and get enrolled in a salsa school too.

Cienfuegos | Bucket List Group Travel


Indulge in an evening of fun, drinks, food, and dancing at the famous Cabaret Tropisur and drop in at Dona Nora for an excellent dining experience in privacy. Take a moment to admire the breathtaking architectural eclecticism of Palacio de Valle. Become one with nature at the El Nicho Waterfalls and check out the exotic pink and white flamingos at Guanaroca Lagoon. Take an aimless stroll at Parque Jose Marti and explore the colossal Jagua Castle. Visit the neoclassical Teatro Terry and fall in love with Malecon. 

Trinidad | Bucket List Group Travel


Enjoy the Cuba Tour with a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, the land of palm-fringed golden beaches, luxurious resorts, dense rainforest, misty tropical jungles, towering mountain ranges, and more. Go kiteboarding and jet skiing at Pigeon Point Beach and then explore the charming mansions, plazas, and buildings at the Port of Spain. Check out the bulwarks and cannons at Fort King George and take a look at the exhibitions at Tobago Museum. Take a peaceful paddle at the Nylon Pool and then proceed to admire the magnificent views at Maracas Bay.  

Vinales | Bucket List Group Travel


Treat your soul with the panoramic beauty of rounded hills and greenery at the verdant Vinales Valley on the Cuba Tour. Begin the day with a horseback tour of the picturesque Valley and visit the vast tobacco plantations on horseback. Smoke the most famous cigar in the world and then visit the enormous Mural de la Prehistoria, the biggest fresco painting ever. Explore the dark Indios Cave and take a trip to the Cayo Jutias Beach and relax with sunbathing and refreshments after the long day on horseback.

Santa CLara | Bucket List Group Travel

Santa Clara

Spend the day amid picturesque parks, good food, and great entertainment at Santa Clara on the Cuba Tour. Take part in the public pool games, athletic events, wine festivals, and more at Central Park. Sample Korean food at Unofficial Korean Town and then visit the Santa Clara University for college theater performances. Drop in at the Great America Amusement Park that features 40 exciting rides, including the tallest roller coaster in the world. Finally, shop to your heart’s content at the vibrant Westfield Valley Fair.

Varedero | Bucket List Group Travel


Turn on the entertainment quotient of the Cuba Tour with crystal-encrusted caves dolphin encounters, and lush green parks at Varadero. Luxuriate the golden sands and glossy blue waters at the Varadero Beach, and explore the dense and complex Saturno Cave. Soak in the peaceful atmosphere of flowery gardens and bubbling fountains at Parque Josene and have fun bathing with the playful dolphins at Delfinario. Fuel the adventure junkie in you by snorkeling at the Cayo Piedra Underwater Park that boasts of sunken military vessels, underwater reefs, and exotic fishes. 

When to Visit

Peak Season

Tourists prefer visiting Cuba between December and January to take part in the new year festivals. The peak season is winter and early summer when the skies are sunny and bright blue. 

Travel Guide


The several islands that constitute Cuba are in North America between the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Capital City

Havana, the capital of Cuba, is the most important port and topmost commercial center of the country.

Main Airport

Jose Marti International Airport in southwestern Havana is the main airport in Cuba.

Language Spoken

The official language is Spanish, and so it will be useful if you learn a few essential words and phrases.


The currency of Cuba is peso. You can safely withdraw money from ATMs and banks, as well.


The citizens of several countries like Bangladesh, India, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nepal, and more need to carry the A1 visa for entering Cuba.


The standard values are 110 volts and 50 Hertz, but most of the hotels have 220 volts sockets as well.


The WHO and PHAC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before entering Cuba.

Emergency Calls

The emergency phone call numbers are 911 for any emergency, 106 for the police, and 105 for the fire brigade.

FAQs about Cuba

What is internet access like in Cuba?

There is 3g internet access in Cuba. You can get free Wi-Fi in several public places, but access to the internet in rural areas is deficient. 

Can I use my mobile/cellphone while in Cuba?

Get a local sim and pay the fee at Etecsa telepunto to use your TDMA or GSM mobile phone in Cuba.

What are the toilets like in Cuba?

There are plenty of western toilets. Carry soap and toilet paper with you wherever you. 

Can I drink the water in Cuba?

Don’t drink tap water directly from the tap in Cuba. Drink bottled water from hotels and restaurants.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Cuba?

Cuba runs on a cash-based economy. However, major credit cards are accepted at hotels.

What is ATM access like in Cuba?

Carry sufficient cash while on the Cuba tour. However, ATM centers accept Visa debit and credit cards.

What to wear in Cuba?

Dress to your will in dresses, skirts, beach-wear, denims, and more at Cubaxc.

Is Cuba safe for women to travel solo?

It is perfectly safe for women to travel solo at the Cuba tour and is especially fun in Havana.