Head over to Quito where you'll set your eyes on the Best Preserve historical Center in South America. Right over at the Coast you'll fall in love with its sights and views, beaches and the abundance of fauna and nature that they enclose. You can also fuel your daring soul by practicing a variety of adventure sports that Ecuador has to offer, and don't forget to take a bite or two with the cuisine, truly a gastronomic adventure awaits!

Upcoming Tours

Must Do Adventure

  • Relax at the Ecuador Tour by bathing at the hot springs of the charming and peaceful town Banos, at the foot of Tungurahua, the active volcano. Set out on jungle tours from Banos, the gateway to the Amazon, and make a trip to the impressive Paolon de Diablo waterfall.

    Fall in love with the quaint town, Banos
  • Enjoy the most refreshing thermal bathing session at the Pappalacta Hot Springs on the Ecuador Tour. There are eight hot spring pools that vary in temperature and size, but all of them are equally inviting and rejuvenating for the mind and body. Go hiking at the Antisana volcano before taking a dip in the pools.

    Bathe in the Pappalacta Hot Springs
  • Soak in the indigenous culture at Quito Old Town an visit the Quito Cathedrals and Churches on the Ecuador Tour. Take a ride in the cable car, Teleferiqo, for amazing views of volcanoes across the city and do not miss out on walking down the cobbled streets of Quito La Ronda.

    Explore Quito, the beautiful heritage site

Bucket List Experience

Mount Pichincha | Bucket List Group Travel

Mount Pichincha

Take part in sightseeing tours of the Pichincha Province on the Ecuador Tour. Explore the exquisite sculptures of Museo Templo Del Sol Pinto Ortega Maila and marvel at the richly gilded columns and magnificent golden altars of the Jesuit Church. Dive into the Pre-Columbian culture at Casa Del Alabado and get awestruck by the stained glass windows, bronze doors, and sky-kissing towers of Basilica Del Voto Nacional. Ramble through the woods at Parque Metropolitano and admire the architectural wonder of San Francisco Church.

Middle of the world | Bucket List Group Travel

Middle of the world

Explore the Middle of the world on the Ecuador Tour. Situated at San Antonio Parish, the Middle of the World is home to the colossal Monument To The Equator, which indicates the exact line through which the Equator passes. If you are a geography enthusiast, then the yellow line that passes right through the middle of the gigantic monument is sure to enthrall you. Visit the Museo Etnografico Mitad Del Mundo, right after, to delve deeper into the ethnography of the indigenous people who live at the Equator. 

Galapagos Islands | Bucket List Group Travel

Galapagos Islands

Stand amazed at the sight of the enormous Galapagos Tortoise Ecuador Tour at Galapagos Islands. Go swimming with the playful baby seals at Las Loberias and whip out your binoculars for the magnificent frigate birds, albatross, and more. Go diving with the whale sharks, and chill out with swimming and snorkeling at Tortuga Bay. Visit San Cristobal Interpretation Center to learn about evolution and go swimming and snorkeling in the azure waters of Concha de Perla Bay.

Otavalo | Bucket List Group Travel


Bask in the beauty of sunsets and waterfalls at Peguche Waterfall in Otavalo on the Ecuador Tour. Marvel at the fantastic vistas of volcanoes at Otavalo Condor Park and go hiking at the Cuicocha Lake. Get lost in tragic love stories at El Lechero and then dig into cheery fruit pies at “The Pie Shop” in Plaza de Ponchos. Stroll around the Laguna de Mojanda to check out the vividly colored crater lakes and then shop happily at Otavalo Market. 

Cuenca | Bucket List Group Travel


Fill your trip planner with glorious churches, museums, and parks, on the Ecuador Tour at Cuenca. Admire the architectural intricacy of  Iglesia del Sagrario, and then fall into the lap of nature at Cajas National Park. Check out the factory of Panama Hats at Homero Ortega P. and Hijos and proceed to get a bird’s-eye view of Cuenca from Mirador de Turi. Appreciate culture, art, and expression at the Museum of Modern Art and Museum of CIDAP before calling it a day.

Riobamba | Bucket List Group Travel


Let serenity take over on the Equador Tour at Riobamba. Feel like a nature fairy amid the colorful orchards, skyscraping trees, and whispering fountains at Parque Maldonado. Stop to admire the impressive collection of artifacts at Museo de Arte Religioso and then shop to your heart’s content at the markets of Parque La Concepcion. Drink in the beauty of glossy blue lakes at Lagunas de Ozogoche and soak in the therapeutic waters of hot springs at Balneario Los Helenes. 

When to Visit

Peak Season

Go on the Ecuador Tour between mid-June and September and December and January when the weather is dry and the climate is comfortable. 

Travel Guide


Ecuador lies in the north-west coast of South America, with Columbia in the north and Peru in the east.

Capital City

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador.

Main Airport

Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito is the most important airport in Ecuador.

Language Spoken

The common language in Ecuador is Spanish. So, learn a few Spanish words to get around during the Ecuador Tour. You can get along fine with English, as well.


The currency of Ecuador is the US Dollar.


The nationals of only thirteen countries require Visa for the Ecuador Tour.


The standard values vary between 110 volts and 60 Hertz, and the sockets are adapted for flat two-prong plugs.


The WHO and PHAC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Ecuador tour.

Emergency Calls

Dial 101 for police, 911 for emergencies, 102 for the fire brigade, and 131 for the ambulance.

FAQs about Ecuador

What is internet access like in Ecuador?

Wi-Fi access is pretty much available throughout Ecuador.

Can I use my mobile phone in Ecuador?

Buy a Claro, CNT, Movistar SIM card at Quito to make phone calls at Ecuador.

How are the toilets like in Ecuador?

There are western-style flush toilets and urinals all over Ecuador. Carry toilet paper and soap for use on the trips.

Can I drink tap water in Ecuador?

Tap water is unsafe for drinking in Ecuador. Drink boiled water or bottled water only for safety.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Ecuador?

Ecuador widely accepts credit and debit cards of significant companies, notably Visa and MasterCard.

What is the convenience of ATM access like in Ecuador?

ATM centers are available even in the remotest corners of Ecuador. Most ATMs run on PLUS and Cirrus networks.

What to wear in Ecuador?

Pack in your fancy clothes, jeans, hiking boots, sunhats, raincoats, rash protective shirts, all types of sunscreen, and more for the Ecuador Tour.

Is Ecuador safe for women to travel solo?

Ecuador is quite safe for women to travel solo.