A visit to the Galapagos Islands is surely something you should put on your bucket-list with good reason: Thanks to a lack of predators, its possible to get up and friendly with the wildlife such as playful sea lions and gigantic sea tortoises who don't mind the occasional petting from visitors who come over and fawn over them. This archipelago is composed of about 19 islands, and many smaller islets sprinkled 620 miles off Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific Ocean. Also a double World Heritage site (both the surrounding land and sea areas are well preserved and protected, this lovely getaway also served as the inspiration for Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution!

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Must Do Adventure

  • Cruise to the western islands of Galapagos, Fernandina, and Isabela, to check out the cute and puffy penguins sunbathing on the rocks and swimming by the shores. If you want to enjoy a session of snorkeling while watching out for the adorable Galapagos penguins, then go over to Pinnacle Rock to have a good time.

    Get friendly with the Galapagos penguins
  • Marvel at the majestic red and black Frigate Bird on the Galapagos Islands Tour. The bird comes in two species, the great frigate, and the magnificent frigate bird. Catch a glimpse of the fascinating courtship ritual wherein the male frigate bird puffs out his red chest into a globe to attract the female frigate bird.

    Check out the exotic Frigate birds
  • Stop to admire the vibrant green and red, Christmassy Iguanas on the Galapagos Islands Tour. The vivid colors will make you fall in love with the darling reptile. So don on your Christmas sweaters and prepare to greet the friendly and cute Christmas Iguanas.

    Watch out for the fanciest Christmas Iguanas

Bucket List Experience

Espanola | Bucket List Group Travel


Explore the picturesque Espanola Island of Galapagos on the Galapagos Islands Tour. Disembark at Punta Suarez and strap on your hiking gear to hike across the most adventurous trail in Galapagos. Catch glimpses of the iconic wildlife that include Galapagos albatross, Blue-footed boobies, colorful Espanola iguanas, and Nazca boobies. Take a boating tour next to Gardner islet for a lovely snorkeling session at Gardner Bay. Swim with the sea lion pups, colorful fishes, marine iguanas, and Galapagos sharks. 

Floreana | Bucket List Group Travel


Make a trip to Floreana Island, that boasts of picturesque scenery on the Galapagos Islands Tour. A group of cute and playful sea lion pups will greet you the moment you land in island Floreana of Galapagos. However, it is better to stay at a safe distance from the pups as they don’t prefer being petted and patted by strangers. Take photos of the vibrantly colored Christmas Iguanas that are present all over Floreana and get up close with sea tortoises too. 

Santa Cruz | Bucket List Group Travel

Santa Cruz

Enjoy the Galapagos Islands Tour on a relaxing note by chilling out at Tortuga Bay in Santa Cruz alongside the marine iguanas, and spend some time at Playa Mansa if you are with kids. Visit the Darwin Research Center and check out the giant tortoises at El Chato Reserve. Relish the delicious seafood at Los Kiosks and enjoy a swimming session at Garrapatero. Relax and sunbathe at the Las Bachas beach and take on another round of swimming, diving, and snorkeling at Las Grietas.

San Cristobal | Bucket List Group Travel

San Cristobal

Gain a deep insight into geology and evolution of species on the Galapagos Islands Tour at San Cristobal Interpretation Center in San Cristobal. Make way to the Cerro Tijeretas or the famous Frigate Hill that plays habitat to the beautiful Frigate birds. Snorkel in the silky blue waters of San Cristobal and do a spot of underwater photography of colorful fishes, sea urchins, starfish, and more. Spend the evening by basking in the glorious sunset at Playa Carola and relax at the beach before heading back to the hotel.

Isabela | Bucket List Group Travel


Go swimming and snorkeling in the crystal waters of Concha de Perla Bay at isabela on the Galapagos Islands Tour. Take a boating trip to Las Tintoreras, the series of pretty islets that is a hotbed of marine life. Don’t miss out on the Tortoise Breeding Center and take an exciting dinghy trip to the Elizabeth Bay to say hello to the Galapagos penguins. Take photos of the beautiful pink and white flamingos at Flamingo Lake and go hiking from the foot of Sierra Negra Volcano to Minas de Azufre.

Santa Fe | Bucket List Group Travel

Santa Fe

Have fun on the Galapagos Islands Tour with swimming, diving, and snorkeling at the sheltered cove in Barrington Bay at Santa Fe island. Take a good look at the endemic species, rice rats and land iguanas, and the variety of birds like swallow-tailed gulls, red-billed tropical birds, shearwater petrels, and more at Santa Fe. Check out the sea turtles and sea lions at the marine sites El Encantada, Costa Este, and El Fondeador and enjoy diving sessions too before making your way back home.

When to Visit

Peak Season

The best time to set out on the Galapagos Island Tour includes the months of November, January, and June, when the weather is dry and fresh, and the skies are clear. 

Travel Guide


Galapagos Island lies in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean and belongs to the country of Ecuador.

Capital City

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the capital of Galapagos Island. It is close to San Cristobal.

Main Airport

Seymour Airport and San Cristobal Airport are the two most important airports in Galapagos Island.

Language Spoken

The common language in Galapagos Island is Spanish. But you can speak English too on the Galapagos Island Tour.


The currency of Galapagos Island is the US Dollar.


The nationals of the USA do not require Visa for the Galapagos Island Tour. Tourists of other countries need to produce a valid passport and visa for visiting the Galapagos Islands.


The standard values vary between 120 volts and 60 Hertz, and the sockets are adapted for plugs of types A and B.


There is no vaccination explicitly required for the Galapagos Islands tour. However, you need vaccinations for typhoid, yellow fever, Diptheria, and hep A for entering the Amazon jungle.

Emergency Calls

Call 131 for the ambulance, 911 for emergencies, 102 for fire, and 101 for police.

FAQs about Galapagos Island

What is internet access like in Galapagos Island?

Wi-Fi access is not available at the islands of Galapagos except for San Cristobal, Baltra, Santa Fe, and Isabela.

Can I use my mobile phone in Galapagos Island?

Buy a Galapagos SIM card at Quito airport to make phone calls at Galapagos Islands, although the network is not good at all.

How are the toilets like in Galapagos Island?

Most of the islands of Galapagos do not have bathrooms, so use the bathroom on the cruise boat and at the bus terminals.

Can I drink tap water in Galapagos Island?

Do not consume tap water at Galapagos Island. Bottled water and filtered hotel are safe for drinking and available at hotels.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Galapagos Island?

The hotels and boats at the Galapagos Island accept credit and debit cards, but you have to carry sufficient cash to get around in Galapagos.

What is the convenience of ATM access like in Galapagos Island?

There are only two banks that provide ATM facilities in Santa Cruz and Puerto Ayora islands, and the withdrawal is limited to 300 dollars.

What to wear in Galapagos Island?

Pack in your hiking gear, safari suits, light fleecy cardigans, and more for the Galapagos Islands Tour.

Is Galapagos Island safe for women to travel solo?

Galapagos Island is quite safe for women to travel solo, as long as they don’t accept food from strangers or indulge in shady activities.