Start your journey in the breathtaking Mayan ruins of Palenque and Chichen Itza, to the wide sandy beaches and sapphire waters of the Yucatan Peninsular, Mexico is a treasure trove of culture, history, and mystery . Make your way through the snow ridden mountains and piping hot volcanoes to lush highlands, abundant forests and lakes, and relax on idyllic beaches of Playa del Carmen.

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Must Do Adventure

  • Take part in the most thrilling swimming session of your life on the Mexico Tour at Isla Holbox. The Whale Sharks arrive at the northern waters of Cancun during summer for breeding in the plankton-rich ecosystem. Maintain a distance of 10 meters from the Whale Sharks and do not touch the gigantic and majestic fishes.

    Swim with the fierce but friendly Whale Sharks
  • Get an overdose of spook on the Mexican version of Halloween Day that is celebrated on 2nd November every year. Get decked in painted skulls and witchy makeup and walk down the vivid mural-painted streets that lead to the cemetery, which too is decked in flowers and candles to remember the lost souls.

    Celebrate the Day of the Dead
  • Explore the spectacular Cave Of Crystals in connection with the Naica Mine on the Mexico Tour. Check out the chambers of the Cave that plays home to the largest of selenite crystals that are almost 11m in length. Strap on the exploration gear and venture into the fascinating Cave of shining crystals on the trip to Mexico.

    Check out the Crystals of Naica

Bucket List Experience

Cozumel | Bucket List Group Travel


Luxuriate the ultimate Caribbean bliss at Cozumel on the first day of the Mexico Tour. Begin the day with a burrito and go shopping at the colorful shopping port of San Miguel. Enjoy a fascinating diving or snorkeling session at Palancar, Cielo, and Columbia Reefs and get a gorgeous tan at Playa San Juan. Go scuba diving with tropical fishes at Laguna Chankanaab and visit the romantic ruins of Mayan Civilization, San Gervasio. Explore the artifacts of the Museum of Island of Cozumel and have fun at Punta Sur Eco Beach Park.  


Begin the second day of the Mexico Tour with a peaceful boat ride to the picturesque Isla Mujeres at Cancun. Savon the flavor of Mayan and Mexican cultures at Xcaret, the eco-archaeological Park, and take thrilling rides in amphibious vehicles and zip lines at the eco-adventure park, Xplor. Take a trip to the biggest and most admirable sites of Mayan Civilization that is the massive Chichen Itza, and then go swimming in the cenotes and grottos to explore tropical marine life at Xel-Ha, the biggest aquarium in the world. 


Admire the glossy blue coastline of the Caribbean at Tulum on the third day of the Mexico Tour. Enjoy a spot of scuba diving at Gran Cenote and check out the turtles that arrive ashore for the breeding season. Visit the fascinating site of the ruins of Mayan Civilization and relish the beauty of white sands and turquoise waters at Paradise Beach. Watch out for pumas, jaguars, ocelots, monkeys, and more at Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and ziplining at Parque Ecologico Labnaha.  

Chichen Itza

Visit the famous Mayan City Chichen Itza on the fourth day of the Mexico Tour. Begin the day with a trip to the Serpentine God’s Temple Kukulkan and explore the exquisite carvings of the giant columns of the Temple Of The Warriors. Discover planetary positions from unique angles from El Caracol, and check out the pictures on the walls of the Main Ball Court. Get goosebumps at the grotesque carvings at the Temple Of Skulls and learn about the murky stories of human sacrifice at the Sacred Cenote.

Puerto Vallarta Hidden Beach

Explore the tropical wildlife and fascinating caves at the national marine park of The Marieta Islands of Puerto Vallarta. Go on a serene walking tour through the lush valleys at Vallarta Botanical Gardens and check out the fabulous street art and performances along Banderas Bay at Malecon, and enjoy shopping for local handicraft at Isla Rio Cuale. Sample delicious Mexican food at Tony’s Hideaway and catch a glimpse of the sunset at The Hidden Beach, where the Pacific water rushes in carving a fairyland ambiance.


Fall in love with the natural swimming holes and caves on the last day of the Mexico Tour. Go for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and reveling in the subterranean pools or Cenotes in the different cities of Mexico. The glossy blue waters of the Cenotes in Tulum are so deliciously refreshing and appealing that you will not be able to help but take a dip in the therapeutic waters. If you are trying to make a choice, then go for Dos Ojos Cenote for snorkeling and El Pit for diving.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Go on the Mexico Tour between December and April, when the weather is dry, sunny, warm, and perfect for swimming in the grand cenotes. 

Travel Guide


Mexico is in Middle America, bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Capital City

The capital of Mexico is Mexico City.

Main Airport

Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City is the most important airport in Mexico.

Language Spoken

Spanish is the most popular language in Mexico. So, learn a few words in Spanish to get around in Mexico Tour.


The currency of Mexico is Mexican Peso.


The nationals of 67 countries do not require Visa for the Mexico Tour. Citizens of other countries need a tourist visa or business visa to enter Mexico.


The standard values vary between 127 volts and 60 Hertz, and the sockets are adapted for types A and B plugs.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Mexico tour.

Emergency Calls

Dial 911 for any emergency that you face during the Mexico Tour.

FAQs about Mexico

What is internet access like in Mexico?

It is not easy to access Wi-Fi in Mexico, and it is not available at the airports either. However, you will get internet access in hotels.

Can I use my mobile phone in Mexico?

Purchase a SIM card of Movistar and Telcel on the Mexico Tour to make phone calls in Mexico.

How are the toilets like in Mexico?

There are western-style flush toilets and urinals all over Mexico. Carry toilet paper and soap for use on the trips. Dump the toilet paper in the waste bin instead of in the toilet.

Can I drink tap water in Mexico?

Do not drink tap water directly in Mexico. Drink filtered water available at hotels and restaurants.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Mexico?

Mexico widely accepts credit and debit cards of significant companies, notably Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. The transaction fee is a little too high.

What is the convenience of ATM access like in Mexico?

ATM centers are available all over Mexico. The consumer can access his funds through ATM at the charge of a transaction fee.

What to wear in Mexico?

Pack in your fancy clothes, swimwear, tank tops, jeans, hiking boots, sunhats, raincoats, all types of sunscreen, and more for the Mexico Tour.

Is Mexico safe for women to travel solo?

Mexico is a perfectly safe destination for women to travel solo.