Peru is definitely one of the countries most visited in South America, and there's no surprise there! Travelers quite some time, at least months backpacking around Peru and discovering its wonders. People flock Peru to get a taste of mysterious history as they hike the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu. Vacationers simply eat through the delectable food scene of Lima, each bite heaven on earth. Come explore the jungles and its sceneries, see the Amazon, head to Lake Titicaca, or to the beaches in the north. Learn and go about with Peru's indigenous culture and local scene, experience every moment with glee!

Must Do Adventure

  • Toughen yourself up to dig into a platter of cute and cuddly guinea pigs roasted and seasoned with spices and served hot! The Peruvians love roast guinea pigs, and the furry rodents are delicious, too, as they all say. Try cuy chactado and cuy al palo on the Peru Tour.

    Peruvian cuisine-guinea pig
  • Encounter the fascinating beasts, creepy crawlers, and other forms of wildlife at the lush green and dense Peruvian Amazon Forest, the home of the notorious and dangerous anaconda snake. Begin the excursion of the forest by a canopy walk among the treetops and visit Lake Sandoval too.

    Amazon Forest
  • Go insane with excitement as you step into the glass pod to sleep while the pod remains suspended between mountains at about 1200 ft above sea level. Sleeping in the skylodge in the Sacred Valley of the Inca Empire in Peru is an unforgettable experience. Spend the night tucked safely in the bed surround by mountain landscapes and a sea of stars.

    Sleep in the skylodge

Bucket List Experience

Cusco | Bucket List Group Travel


Cusco is a heritage site of UNESCO, and home to the famous Inca Ruins. Visit the church of Saint Domingo and Inca site at Coricancha and stop to admire the ancient Inca Walls that border the narrow streets and lanes of Cusco. Take a tour of the fascinating fortified complex of Sacsayhuaman and visit the Jesuit church La Compania too. Explore the church and cathedral of Plaza De Armas and admire the grand Renaissance-style architecture of Cusco Cathedral. Examine the exhibits of Museo Inka and admire the collections of Museo Casa Concha too.

Lima | Bucket List Group Travel


Explore the catacombs at Convento de San Francisco in Lima and marvel at the commercial buildings of steel and glass at the neighborhood of Miraflores. Examine the exhibits of the Inca Empire at Museo De la Nacion and visit Museo Nacional De Arqueologia, Antropologia, e Historia too. Check out the artifacts at the pyramid-shaped Huaca Pucllana Temple and take part in the processions of the El Senor De Los Milagros Festival at Las Nazarenas. Have fun amid the largest fountain in the world, Fuente Magica, during the laser light show of water jets.

Nazca-Lines | Bucket List Group Travel

Nazca Lines

Visit the Nazca Lines in Peru, which is a series of enigmatic archaeological etchings in Nazca. Take an airborne tour of Nazca for unparalleled views of the geoglyphs from up above in light aircraft. There are a series of platforms too that offer bird’s eye views of the Nazca Lines. Learn more about the survival stories of the Nazca civilization by exploring the Cantelloc Aqueduct and say hello to creepy skulls and mummies at Cemeterio Chauchilla. Visit the fascinating ruins of the Cahuachi Pyramids too.

Lake-Titicaca | Bucket List Group Travel

Lake Titicaca

Get drenched in rich culture, history, and indescribable beauty in the region of Lake Titicaca. The sapphire blue waters and the snow-capped peaks of the Andes in the backdrop fuse to form the most jaw-dropping landscapes ever. The hauntingly beautiful Lake Titicaca is the birthplace of the Inca Empire and home to a host of small and picturesque islands. Take a walk on the trampoline of Tortora reed at Lake Titicaca and soak in the surreal ambiance of the Sun Island. Visit Puno Weekend Markets too during the trip to Lake Titicaca.

Rainbow-Mountain | Bucket List Group Travel

Rainbow Mountain

Swathed in the vibrant colors of the rainbow, the Rainbow Mountain looks unreal and mesmerizing in the golden light of the Sun. The Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca of the Cusco region of Peru offers excellent hiking opportunities for advanced hikers. It feels miraculous to hike up the mountain, which looks as though it has its has been painted vibrant reds and blues. Apart from hiking, tourists can also take part in the annual Star Snow Festival, admire the rich variation of geology, and check out the limestone forests.

Mt Machu Picchu | Bucket List Group Travel

Mt Machu Picchu

This seminal destination, Mt. Machu Picchu, is what compels people to travel all the way to Peru. If you are seeking to make your trip to Mt Machu Picchu more memorable, then board the Inca Rain from Ollantaytambo at Cusco and zooms through the majestic landscapes of the Sacred Valley of Peru. Mt. Machu Picchu is a natural wonderland of more than 200 species of birds and the home of over 300 different species of orchids. Hike along the adventurous trekking trails and stop at the Inca Sanctuary too.

When to Visit

Peak Season

Go on the Peru Tour during the dry season between May and September when the weather is perfect for trekking and hiking.

Travel Guide


Peru is in the central and western parts of South America and borders Colombia and Ecuador in the north, Bolivia, and Brazil in the east, and Chile in the south.

Capital City

The capital of Peru is Lima.

Main Airport

Jorge Chavez International Airport in Auckland is the most significant international airport in Peru.

Language Spoken

The Peruvians speak Spanish and Aymara. Learn a few Spanish words and phrases to get around in Peru.


The currency of Peru is Sol.


The citizens of the US and some countries of Western Europe do not need a tourist visa for the Peru Tour.


The standard values vary between 220 volts and 60 Hertz, and the sockets are adapted for plugs with two flat pins.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, measles, polio, rubella, mumps, Tdap, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, and chickenpox before signing up for the Peru tour.

Emergency Calls

Dial toll-free number 119 for any emergency during the Peru Tour.

FAQs about Peru

How is internet access like in Peru?

Internet access is widely available at all public places and hotels and restaurants in Peru. The speed is good, but the connection is unstable at times.

Can I use my mobile phone in Peru?

You can use a GSM mobile phone to make phone calls on the Peru Tour.

How are the toilets like in Peru?

The public toilets in Peru are rare. The ones that are there charge a fee for use.

Can I drink tap water in Peru?

The tap water of Peru is not safe for drinking. Boil tap water before consumption.

Are credit cards accepted in Peru?

Peru widely accepts Visa debit and credit cards.

What is the convenience of ATM access like in Peru?

You will easily find ATM centers all over Peru. The ATM machines accept Visa cards, but some accept MasterCard/Cirrus also.

What to wear in Peru?

Pack in a good pair of hiking boots, walking shoes, athletic pants, shirts, tops, jeans, and dresses too for the Peru Tour.

Is Peru safe for women to travel solo?

Peru is not too safe for women, as some of the places are ridden with crimes.