Puerto Rico

Surfing on a sunny beach, kayaking through the bioluminescent bays at night, and exploring vast greenery, that is what Puerto Rico feels like. Puerto Rico is something more than a typical Caribbean destination. One can feel alive, rejuvenated, and thrilled at the same time during a Puerto Rico trip. The perfect combination of beaches and rain forest makes Puerto Rico, a place for nature lovers.

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PUERTO RICO – Natural Wonders & Adventure

6 Days

Must Do Adventure

  • The Puerto Rican Surfing Town, Rincon is the perfect destination for witnessing the Sun and its magnetic way of calling it a day. Be there to watch the most amazing sunset of your Puerto Rico Tour after getting tan during a whole day of surfing. The fun does not end there. Rincon will let you watch carefree and gigantic whales as well.

    Enjoy The Magnificent Whales and Do Some Surfing at Rincón
  • Fan of adventures, especially the aerial thrills! Toroverde can boast for being the largest adventure park in the Caribbean and a gem of Puerto Rico. Savor the breathtaking panoramic view from the heights of Orocovis. Missing the Zipline at Toroverde will be like eating the cake without cream.

    Feel The Adrenaline Rush at Toroverde Zip Line
  • The Rarest experience you can have during your Puerto Rico tour is to dip your toes in the waves at the bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico. Now, do not stop there. Get a kayak and sail through Fajardo Bio Bay at night. In this part of the World, Mother Nature is waiting to surprise every traveler.

    Experience the Dreamy Bioluminescent bays while Kayaking

Bucket List Experience

Old-San-Juan | Bucket List Group Travel

Old San Juan

Explore the historical district Old San Juan, famed for being the oldest locality of Puerto Rico and living witness of the colonial era. This must-visit historic place has occupied a place in the National Register of Historic Places. So to get a nostalgic vibe during Puerto Rico Tour, visiting Old San Juan must be in your itinerary.

Culebra-Island | Bucket List Group Travel

Culebra Island

Spend a day of the Puerto Rico Tour at Culebra Island. It is just 17 km away from the main Puerto Rican land. This island has a very colorful and vivid historical importance. Museo Histórico de Culebra is a must-visit place for history fans. The Flamenco beach of Culebra can test anyone’s color knowledge by displaying different unknown shades of blue. The contrasting pastoral hills with this vast azure sea line can be an unforgettable treat to the eyes.

El Yunque National Forest | Bucket List Group Travel

El Yunque National Forest

Formerly famous as the Caribbean National Forest, El Yunque National Forest is a tropical rain forest with a lot of flora and fauna to appreciate. This forest is a blessing of nature where creeks, waterfalls, and creeks are very common sights. This jungle is the unblemished spot to unwind all the senses during the Puerto Rico Tour.

Vieques | Bucket List Group Travel


Culebra is now officially part of Vieques and they are interconnected. Both of these Caribbean islands can be explored in one day. Bahia Bioluminescent boating, snorkeling in Sun Bay Beach makes Vieques a paradise for beach lovers. Apart from that El Fortin De Conde Mirasol Museum is also worth visiting.

Camuy | Bucket List Group Travel


The Puerto Rico tour is synonymous with nature’s abundance. Another archetype of a distinct ecosystem of Puerto Rico is Rio Camuy Cave Park, Camuy. This whole cave knot consists of 220 subterranean caves. Cueva Clara is the most massive chamber in Rio Camuy Cave Park.

Cabo-Rojo | Bucket List Group Travel

Cabo Rojo

Puerto Rico tour means exploring almost every aspect of marine diversity. Cabo Rojo is known for the diverse ecosystem that includes coral reefs and mangroves. Apart from that, the limestone cliffs with a crescent shape coast of Playa Sucia make Cabo Rojo one of its kinds.

When to Visit

Peak Season

October to May is the rainiest time of Puerto Rico, so it will be wise to avoid this season. It is also a hurricane-prone area, so pay close attention to all the updates before planning starting Puerto Rico tour.

Travel Guide


The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is one of the unincorporated territories of the USA and located in the Caribbean Sea.

Capital City

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico.

Main Airport

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is the main entrance airport of Puerto Rico.

Language Spoken

The most colloquial language of Puerto Rico is Spanish. Other than that, English is one of the two official languages of this whole continent.


The currency of Puerto Rico is the U.S. Dollar.


USA citizens do not require an additional Visa since Puerto Rico is US territory. Other tourists have to get Visa.


Puerto Rico operates between 120 volts and 60 Hertz. Carry travel adaptor with plug A and B.


The WHO and CDC recommend vaccinations for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, MMR, Tdap, chickenpox, pneumonia, shingles, and influenza..

Emergency Calls

Dial 911 for any emergency.

FAQs about Puerto Rico

What is internet access like in Puerto Rico?

Almost 99% of the areas are under wireless broadband coverage. 

Can I use my mobile while in Puerto Rico?

Use Verizon and AT&T during the Puerto Rico tour. 

How are the toilets like in Puerto Rico?

Flush Toilets are available in Puerto Rico but carrying toilet papers can be a good idea. 

Can I drink the water in Puerto Rico?

The small shops keep bottled water and the hotel also provides safe drinkable waters.  

Are credit cards accepted widely in Puerto Rico?

Visa and MasterCard are acceptable in Puerto Rico

What is the convenience of ATM access in Puerto Rico?

ATMs are located in local, regional and national retailers across Puerto Rico

What to wear in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a tropical area so you need light wear dresses. The land is full of natural and marine activity, so carry suitable shoes and swimwear as well. Do not forget the sunglass, hat, and sunscreen. 

Is Puerto Rico safe for women to travel solo?

Yes, Puerto Rico is safe for women travelers even if they are traveling solo.