Experience the Amazing Festivals from Round the World

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Festivals are one of the best ways to understand the culture and tradition of a destination. The festivals liven up the destination’s atmosphere and allow you to experience some beautiful memories that you can cherish for the lifetime. Festivals are when people relax, party, have fun, eat delicious meals, and celebrate them in the conventional style. Numerous festivals are happening every month around the globe, and you will find several people arriving at the destinations to witness the aura of the celebrations. Picking up the next destination for festival tours can be overwhelming, especially when there are numerous options on the plate. But do not worry, here is a list of some of the best festivals around the world.

1.     Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 

Experience the Amazing Festivals from Round the World

The ‘Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival’ is organized every January in Harbin, located in China. This festival attracts more than 20 million visitors from around the world, and it is one of the most popular and most extensive ice and snow festivals you can find in the world. Reputed ice sculpting artists worldwide compete with each other by showcasing their talent in this month-long festival. Every year there is a new theme, and you will be mesmerized with the creativity and the art done on over 200,000 cubic meters of snow and ice.

2.     Rio Carnival 

Experience the Amazing Festivals from Round the World

The Rio Carnival is organized in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, every year in February just before Lent. It is the biggest carnival you will in the world that attracts more than 2 million people every day. This festival is all about music, dancing, revelers, floats, etc. The Rio Carnival Parade, where people from numerous samba institutes participate by wearing beautiful costumes and the atmosphere on the streets is something to experience at least once in your life. Call your travel operator and inquire about festival tours organized by them to make the most out of vacation.

3.     Holi 

Experience the Amazing Festivals from Round the World

The festival of colors Holi is celebrated all around India. Holi is a festival that venerates the lushness of the land and good produce. Besides this, Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated in March, a day after the full moon, to commemorate the good over evil. This festival is also about throwing ‘Gulal – a colorful powder’ and water on each other. If you want to experience this festival’s best, it is advisable to visit Mathura as this festival is celebrated conventionally. Don’t forget to indulge in ‘Bhang’, a popular milk-based drink which is made with the help of cannabis. Many tour operators conduct small group festival tours to help you with a hassle-free booking experience, especially during the peak season.

4.     Cannes Film Festival 

Cannes Film Festival, organized in France, is one of the exceedingly popular film festivals worldwide. Cannes film festival is attended by Who’s Who of the film industry, and it’s a combination of glitz and glam, red carpet movie premieres, networking, and arduous days of screenings. If you want to witness all of your favorite stars, then visiting this festival should be the first thing in your bucket list.


As these festivals are quite famous and people worldwide visit them to experience the vibrant atmosphere. Aver the annoyances of booking your festival tours, Get in touch with us now.

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