A cruise tour goes beyond being a journey from one exotic port to the next. It comes by as an amazing way to explore a few of the corners of the world that are iconic while being far-flung. The journey may range from Alaska to the Galapagos Islands, or from Antarctica and right through to Greece, making it a vacation to cherish forever. A mesmerizing mix of sun, breeze, and sea is assured. Destinations are enchanting and the journey involves views of the water for as far as the sight goes. It is irrespective of the desired destination.
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You got choices for cruises around the globe. Browsing through our dynamic range of packages gives you access to the vacation of your dreams.

North America

A North American cruise will encompass destinations such as Alaska, Canada, and the Hawaiian islands. A visitor gets to explore diverse natural abundance and the options for outdoor exploration are aplenty.

Latin America

Cruising across the magnificent coastline of Latin America, a traveler comes across exquisite coasts of call.  The itinerary would involve Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, Galapagos Islands and the astounding wonders of Machu Picchu, Peru.


Outworldly fjords in Norway are marvelous while Iceland’s Northern lights are divine. One has a chance at sipping sweet wine in Portugal’s Duoro Valley. A European cruise is invariably characterized by timeless beauty. The cuisine is exquisite with truckloads of goodies in store for history fanatics.


Indulge your senses on a cruise to Asia. Singapore has astonishing futuristic gardens and Vietnam’s lip-smacking street food is a must-try. Skyscrapers in Tokyo are awe-inspiring.


Australia promises out-of-the-box attractions and exquisite scenery. The wildlife over here is incredible, making a cruise between Australia and New Zealand magical.


At a Mediterranean cruise, ancient ruins in Greece, Croatia, and Italy are spellbinding while the scenery delights the soul. The exquisite cuisines let one experience a taste of la dolce vita.

Cruise Style You Like To Try

luxury-cruise | Bucket List Group Travel


On a luxury cruise, be sure of finding an unparalleled service. The amenities are exquisite and characterized by matchless attention to detailing. Luxury cruising is like residing at a premium resort, on-board! A few of the luxury cruises involve exotic schedules and take cruisers on a journey to far-flung destinations. A few offer stays in ultra-luxurious suites, wherein personalized butler service adds delight to the stay.

Best for: Exotic itineraries, added perks, and amenities
Our top pick: Asia, Europe
river-cruise | Bucket List Group Travel


Cruises across rivers do have similarities with an ocean cruise, with flat rates for meals and lodging. But the design of river vessels occurs at a smaller scale, in comparison with the huge ships. So the passenger count is often in between 100-200, frills are fewer and the vessels more intimate. With the space crunch, there’d be no casinos in there and no production shows in the running. The destination now takes a greater significance, over your ship. You are all set for sightseeing to your heart’s rejoicing for a week or a fortnight.

Best for: Luxury, sightseeing
Our top pick: Egypt
expedition | Bucket List Group Travel


At an expedition cruise, one comes across adventure and abundant opportunities for exploration across remotely placed destinations including Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, and Kimberley Coast in Australia. Expedition ships, being smaller take you right to the heart of the ports less frequented. Naturalists and scientists all, running the show make it an adventure of a lifetime.

Best for: Adventure, exploration, far-flung destinations
Our top pick: Canada & Alaska
tall-ship | Bucket List Group Travel

Tall Ship

At tall ships, one experiences both, the romance of traditionalistic sailing ships and the amenities offered by a modern cruise vessel. Destinations are often meagerly-frequented ports, abundant with the bounty of nature but inaccessible for larger cruise ships. The relaxation in store is out of this world.

Best for: Less-visited destinations, relaxation
Our top pick: Caribbean


Sailing is the best choice for an adventurer or a true ocean lover. The experience is unique, unlike the kind found over modern cruise ships. You could join the captain at the helm and help raise the sails, or wake up each morning as the sound of water laps against the hull – it is the perfect mix of relaxation with excitement.

Best for: Adventure, relaxation
Our top pick: Greece
yatch | Bucket List Group Travel


Yachting is a seamless blend of the joys offered by a luxury holiday with the essence of adventure travel. At a yacht cruise, you can expect to get highly personalized service, a host of inclusive amenities, and an extravagant accommodation for your stay. The vessels, being smaller cruise one to destinations unfit for larger ships. The most coveted of destinations include Dalmatian Coast, the Arabian Peninsula, and Seychelles.

Best for: Luxury, off the beaten path destinations
Our top pick: Croatia

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Are all cruise ships more or less the same?

No, they’re not. There is a catchy variation in dimensions. One has luxury cruise lines to choose from. If we consider the intimate vessels, there is room for a handful of passengers only. On the other hand, there are magnanimous mega-ships with a plethora of selections for amenities. There’s a cruise ship available for you, irrespective of your taste, liking or budget.

How tipping works on the cruise tours?

We have a tipping guideline available for you, for an overview of the gratuity that you could leave behind. Across different cruise lines, tipping policies vary. A few companies leave it to travelers’ discretion. One may check out the policies associated with tipping while booking.

Is the cruise going to make me seasick?

Modern ships, particularly the larger ones come with in-built stabilizers. Rocking experienced by travelers is hence mitigated. Then the course must also be taken into consideration. Alaska’s inside passage, for instance, is exceptionally calm. In case you are prone to seasickness, go for an itinerary that offers fewer sea days. Preventive medications should help your cause, so you should consult with your physician.

What kind of dining options on-board?

Dining options onboard are vastly segregated. But it also depends on the cruise line you go ahead with. Still, many dining venues are sure to be on board. There’d be a main dining room accompanied by a few buffet stations, and a few restaurants in there as well. It really depends on the size of the ship.

How do I dress up aboard a cruise?

Casual clothing will do just fine. You could go ahead with shorts and comfortable footwear. Lightweight jackets or windcheaters will be comfortable, onboard or at a coast. For dining during the evening, you could wear the stuff you generally wear outdoors for dining, back at home. In case you got a formal dining night in your itinerary, women could bring an evening gown or a cocktail dress. Men could bring a formal suit with a dinner jacket.

Would Wi-Fi access be available?

Yes. Many modern cruise ships enable Wi-Fi access and Wi-Fi zones. Internet stations, however, may charge you extra.

How do I pay for the services aboard?

On most cruise lines, travelers can use a convenient cashless system over the ships. Making a purchase is hence made easier. A traveler gets a cruise card, and everything is charged to his stateroom. The cruise card acts as the personal identification card and the traveler’s room key.

Will I get access to medical facilities onboard?

Yes. The medical facilities nevertheless are oriented towards acute care for minor illnesses or accidents. Emergency care can also be rendered in a requisite manner. In case you use prescription medicines, bring a sufficient supply with you. Before boarding the ship, you could buy medical insurance.

What amenities does a cruise offer?

A traveler is unlikely to get bored. But one must choose a cruise line that meets his preference in the finest of ways. There’d be a lot to see and do onboard. A few entertainment options will be in store. There’d be movie telecasts, expert lectures, and games. Ports of call will delight as well.