Touring the world is always special but during festivities, one comes across the positive vibes and goodness that one cannot escape. Find tours to the most exquisite of locales from all across the planet. Catch the dance fever at Rio de Janeiro and vast landscapes of fluffy pink cherry trees in Japan, La Tomatina in Spain promises to be a messy affair. You can also welcome the New Year in style while watching the wondrous Northern Lights with a visit to Iceland.
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Rio-carnival | Bucket List Group Travel

Rio Carnival tour in Brazil is indisputably an experience of a lifetime. A whole lot of dancing is involved – you’d come to adore Samba. Parties through the night and bright, colorful costumes add to the delight. The festival must take the top spot for each bucket list, so don’t miss your chance!

mardi-gras | Bucket List Group Travel

Mardi Gras in down south, the United States is a festival of color and joy. If you need to party, Southwest Louisiana is your destination! Be a part of the carnival ambience at the largest of festivals on the planet. With a tour to towns in the neighborhood, one experiences the rich traditions of Mardi Gras. The destination towards the end of the itinerary is New Orleans, with a mind-blowing party ready for you on Fat Tuesday. 

oktoberfest | Bucket List Group Travel


Come September – October and the party circuit comes alive in Munich. Be a part of the Oktoberfest for the year and raise a stein. The world’s biggest party is underway in Munich – come be a part of the experience with your all new travel companions. Figure out the wonders that the legendary festival withholds.

Yi-Peng | Bucket List Group Travel

Yi Peng is another one of Thailand’s light festivals celebrated on the same day as Loy Krathong in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is among the best of spots to catch the celebrations. One comes across swarms full of lanterns in the skies – all decorated with prayers and good luck wishes. They’re released in the skies. Celebrations for Yi Peng typically initiate 2 days prior to Loy Krathong.

Diwali | Bucket List Group Travel

Diwali is a festival of lights, and a traditional Hindu festival that is celebrated with much glee and joy across India. The festivities are inherently spiritual and colorful. Travelling to India with a tour leader and group during the Diwali season lets travelers experience the aura of Diwali.

songkran | Bucket List Group Travel

For visitors to Thailand, Songkran Festival tour makes it to the top of bucket list. Songkran is the Thai water festival that also marks the coming of Thai New Year. The wet and wild cultural experience must be seen to be believed.

cherry-blossom | Bucket List Group Travel

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom festival is the greatest of springtime celebrations across the United States. Tourists flock in large numbers to D.C each year during the festivities, which lasts from March to April. Fluffy pink cherry trees cover the festive landscape, a sight to behold. Cherry trees originate from Japan, and the festival is a celebration of the friendship which prevails amongst the Japanese and the Americans.

balloon-festival | Bucket List Group Travel

Balloon Fiesta

A road trip to New Mexico, the United States is likely to turn out to be a holiday of dreams. A tourist comes across adventure at every nook and corner. The art scene over here is vibrant and the Spanish colonial architecture is a sight to behold. Open-air Santa Fe Opera mesmerizes the soul. Catch the action from high above with a hot balloon ride. Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city is built atop a desert and is a Spanish colony dating back to 1706.


La Tomatina

Being a part of la Tomatina tour will turn out to be a messy affair, but that a mere section of the festivities. Immerse yourself in the festive environment at Buñol’s annual tomato throwing event. You’d have group buddies and tour leader for company.

holi tour | Bucket List Group Travel

Holi has a spiritual significance and celebrates the eternal love of Radha and Lord Krishna. It is the spectacular festival of colors from India that marks the arrival of spring. The entire nation is immersed in gleeful festivities during the celebrations, which involve folk dance and music. Holi has a number of legends associated with it and the atmosphere during the festivities has an air of social merriment.

san-fermin | Bucket List Group Travel

San Fermin

You can now join the spectators for the abominable Running of the Bulls event, all set to take place in San Fermin (Pamplona), with your tour guide and tour members. Locals see this beyond being merely a race. It’s a festival traditional in nature and full of folklore.

Loy-Krathong | Bucket List Group Travel

Loy Krathong is on 31st October for 2020 – the Thailand Lantern festival falls on full moon day in November. Across Thailand, lotus shaped basked are released into rivers, decorated with candles and flowers to a magical effect.

The best of places to be a part of the festivities are Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Sukhothai. This makes your itinerary for the visit even more fun!

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Festive Tour Around Christmas & New Year

christmas-market | Bucket List Group Travel

Christmas Markets

A colder weather shouldn’t be a discouragement – winters are the finest of times to be in Europe! In case your childhood memories involve the coming of Santa Claus, you should make a visit to the magnificent Christmas markets around Europe, join the England & Ireland tour. You owe it to yourself!

Iceland-bonfire | Bucket List Group Travel

Iceland Bonfire

If the Northern Lights are on your bucket list, you can catch the Northern Lights on the New Year’s Eve on a trip to Iceland. Bonfire take places around the country and spectacular fireworks show is a must to see on your next visit.

puerto-rico | Bucket List Group Travel

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is set right over the warm Caribbean waters and is the finest of spots to celebrate the New Year with our road trip. A short distance away from mainland USA, Puerto Rico has mountains, waterfall and El Yunque tropical rainforest for delightful views of the landscape and an outdoor adventure like none other.

cuba tour | Bucket List Group Travel


Don’t miss the chance to welcome the New Year in Cuba, a country that combines several archipelagos and is located in northern Caribbean. Cuba is well recognized for its traditions, magic, history, nature and culture, and is placed right at the spot where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. 

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How early I need to book the festival tour?

It is recommendable to book your tour well in advance. As the dates for festivals approach closer, flight tickets become more expensive and sell out quickly. By booking in advance, you are just about sure to get a better deal for flight tickets.
Travelers fly in from all places in the world in time for festivals. So get all set for a busy adventure.

What to wear at the La Tomatina festival?

Being casually dressed for the La Tomatina festival is the norm. Be prepared to spoil your dress, all in the game. You may choose to wear a white tank top, half-sleeved and shorts.

When is the Holi festival?

Holi falls on Tuesday for the year, on 10th March 2020. The dates vary each year and are based upon the lunar calendar.

Can I launch my own lanterns during the Yi Peng Festival?

Yes. One launches his own lanterns in the sky for the Yi Ping festival. The legend goes that if one’s lantern stays lit while one can no longer see it, it brings good luck.

How busy can Rio Carnival get?

Rio Carnival gets real busy. So stay with your group and guide, be aware of your surroundings and avoid remote areas.