When one considers outdoor adventure, hiking and trekking are the first things that come to mind. The environment adds to the essence of your hiking adventure, as we facilitate. At the hiking trip, you have a chance at meeting new people, photographic scenic views and getting a glimpse of rare flora and fauna, all with likeminded people who share the same passions.
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Kilimanjaro | Bucket List Group Travel

Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain peak across Africa, apart from being an exquisite hiking trail. The trek is mesmerizing and unforgettable, and calls for you to tread through lush green rainforests and alpine deserts. A guide’s aide keeps you safe and sound through the journey, which you’d be delighted to share with your loved ones.

inca-trail | Bucket List Group Travel

Inca trail is probably the most famous hike in the world. It takes one through narrow, ancient paths along Peruvian countryside. The sights are worth the effort, and the end of the journey reveals an ancient mystic city. Trekking in South America through the sacred valley, right through to Macchu Picchu is a sublime experience.

mont blanc | Bucket List Group Travel

Snow covered peaks and pristine valleys make Tour Du Mont Blanc a sight to cherish for a lifetime. Discover the grandeur of trekking along the French-Italian border at the grand Alps. Easier travel routes meet the preference of climbers with beginner level skills. One encounters an amazing segregation of ecosystems along the way.

everest-base-camp | Bucket List Group Travel

The Everest base camp hike takes you right to the base of the stunning Mt. Everest in the heart of the Himalayan range. Views from Kala Pattar are breathtaking. Kathmandu valley is now a UNESCO World heritage site, and some attractions along the way include Nepal’s oldest nunnery and Tengboche monastery.

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PERU – Amazon Machu Picchu with Skylodge

5, 9 or 10 Days

TOUR DU MONT BLANC – Switzerland France Italy

9 Days
death-valley bucket list group at painted hills

USA – 5 Days Death Valley and Joshua Tree

5 Days

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Difficulty Grades


Prior experience and refined trekking skills are not sought after for the easy level. But one must be healthy and capable of trekking long distances. The treks and hikes are characteristically simpler in comparison. They don’t last for as long and do not take one at higher altitudes either. The category is the most generic amongst the lot.


With moderate treks, one must be prepared to mount altitudes that are a little higher. They’re going to involve walking for an even more number of hours each day. Sharper inclines will be around, so the climbers must have high fitness levels. They should be the people who take regular exercise.


For extreme level treks, high degrees of mental and physical stamina are a must. One is required to traverse through uninhabited areas wherein supplies would be nearly impossible to access. One may correspondingly have to carry slightly heavier backpacks. Experienced trekkers can take these climbs, but others should refrain from the same.


Americas offer a few of the finest treks from across the world, and cover grand Peruvian mountains to snow covered peaks in Canada and the US.


Majestic treks across Europe call for refined skills on behalf of trekkers, who brave the ice and snow for the sights, sounds and the destination.


Treks in Africa are an ultimate experience and bring one face to face with finest ecosystems, alpine deserts and rainforests. The entire ambience is unforgettable.


Treks across Asia are best recognized for their matchless variety and it is easy to find alternatives of the difficulty levels as desired by trekkers.

Your Guide to Summit

Kilimanjaro-tour | Bucket List Group Travel

Kilimanjaro Guidebook

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and has exquisite treks available for trekkers with all proficiency levels. Figure out the one which best meets your preferences.

Inca-trail-tour | Bucket List Group Travel

Inca Trail Guidebook

The Inca Trail in the Andes renders views of the mountains but must essentially be done right. Our guide shows you the way to do it right.

Mont-Blanc-Tour | Bucket List Group Travel

Mont Blanc Guidebook

Mont Blanc is the heart of Europe but getting the route, maps and details right keep one sure and help one with every step along the way.

EBC-guide | Bucket List Group Travel

EBC Guidebook

The trek to Everest base camp is a spiritual experience that has higher difficulty levels of trekking involved. Getting the route right helps one along.

Get Ready For Your Next Hiking Adventure

Here are some suggestions that must work:

Long walks:

Commit to some long walks, for 3-6 hours each day. Wear the boots that you’re planning to take for your hike. Carry a backpack as well. This helps you keep your hiking experience comfortable, wherein you’d be carrying your gear for longer durations.

Strength training:

You could go for weight training, which includes pushups, squats, dips, lunges, etc. This makes muscles stronger and enables a steadier climb up a mountain. So it becomes all the more important for hikes of this nature. Boot camp sessions alternately make a fine choice for such training.

Aerobic exercise:

Go running, distance cycling or be a part of aerobic classes that are frequently offered at gyms. A few of the alternatives on offer would be a pump, spin, Zumba and circuit classes. They boost fitness levels and build stamina.


For carrying during the daytime, your daypack must be comfortable. You should alternately have another piece of luggage as well. It must ideally not be too large. The remainder of gear will be carried by porters or Sherpa. This is going to be subject to the walking trip that you choose. It is also important to bring a pair of hiking shoes that are sturdy and fit well. This is a defining factor that can make your trip memorable. In the dearth of proper footwear, there can be difficulties. Wear your shoes before your hike and break them in to minimize the odds of blisters at the hike. It is then important to closely go through the packing list as mentioned for your itinerary. A few of the ultimate essentials include a wide-brimmed hat, layers of clothing, gear for wet weather, band-aids for blisters, head torch, a water bottle, and sunscreen.

Altitude sickness:

High altitudes are going to be a part of a few of our hikes. When travelers hike above altitudes of 2,800 meters (9,200 feet), they sometimes tend to experience adverse health effects on the account of altitude. This is regardless of one’s age and fitness levels, or one’s gender. Even Sir Edmund Hillary was posed with these problems!
It is nearly impossible to figure out how your body is going to react to the rigors involved with altitude trekking. Monitoring your condition at all times hence becomes important. In case you are experiencing any of the related symptoms, you must discuss your condition with your guide instantly. In case there are any pre-existing health conditions that you put up with, which may be accentuated by high altitudes, speak to your doctor before being a part of the hiking trip.
Then, it is important to not worry. A vast majority of our travelers are able to overcome the effects of high altitude reasonably fast. The trek stays safe and rewarding for them.

Tours Around the Globe


What kind of accommodation should I expect on hiking tours?

We organize only the hiking tours wherein your accommodation is pre-booked. Your luggage is transferred in the midst of the stoppage points. You do carry the daypack with you, which would have water, any snacks or gadgets that you plan to avail and some layers that keep you warm and dry. It allows you to make the best of the hiking experience, keeping it hassle-free.
The stay could be at campsites, hotels, hostels or refuges. It is subject to the hiking tour that you take up.

Is all hiking tour is guided?

Yes. We offer an entire range of hiking itineraries for small groups, all across the globe. All the multi-day tours are lead by a certified local guide. All that you need to do is pick up your daypack and get set for the exciting hike that lies ahead. Short day hikes can be self-guided which is lead by our host.

What kind of fitness level is required?

The hikes characteristically vary in difficulty levels. A few are relatively easier while a few are more challenging. But ultimately, you must be possessed with high fitness levels to make the most of your hiking experience. It is irrespective of the difficulty levels involved with the hikes or the distance you choose to hike. One of the finest ways of achieving the same is by being a part of a physical training program, around six weeks before the hike.