Wildlife or safari brings you up close and personal with wild animals. A safari holiday enriches one for life – taken anyplace, an Asian jungle or the African Savannah. Wildlife holidays are sure to delight the spirits like nothing else. Nothing matches the experience of watching polar bears in Alaska or tracking snow leopards in India.
Experiences You Will Never Forget

Get Ticked Your Bucket List Wildlife-Safari

galapagos | Bucket List Group Travel

The Galapagos Islands make up an amazing ecosystem. Wildlife in the forests excites the soul, and diving in vicinity of volcanic islands brings another genre of exquisite wildlife in close range.

Amazon | Bucket List Group Travel

Amazon rainforest, in Peru and Brazil is recognized for its lush greenery. Observing thousands of colorful bird species over here is a treat for birwatchers, photographers and nature lovers.

gorilla trekking | Bucket List Group Travel

Go Gorilla Trekking

If you adore gorillas for their strength and agility, Uganda and Rawanda are places where they’re found easily. A gorilla trek safely brings you closer to gorillas than you had ever thought possible earlier.

Madagascar | Bucket List Group Travel

Lemur of Madagascar

Madagascar is known for its varied wildlife and the unique wildlife experiences it offers for tourists. Lemur is the most popular amongst creatures, but others are equally joyful to see and observe.

Experiences on Safari Tour

balloon ride | Bucket List Group Travel

Balloon Ride

After figuring out a continent’s wilderness on land, the logical step in line is to observe the same from high above. A hot air balloon ride is an exciting proposition by itself, and lets a rider sightsee in his own sweet time. First hand panoramic views of the landscapes and valleys withhold excitement. For seeing animals in the wild, it is among the best of alternatives to go for. 

local culture | Bucket List Group Travel

A safari lets one spot wild animals but one also comes to know of the culture of the place. At a safari trip, one can come to know about Africa’s vivid customs and rituals by observing rural life from close quarters. A visit to the Maasai village must make the itinerary for admiring the heritage of tribal communities, the warriors’ history, traditional dancing and ethnic jewelry.

camping | Bucket List Group Travel

Go Camping

Safaris invariably involve trekking through the rolling hills and vast open plains. The true essence of a safari is to be a part of the ambience which surrounds you. Go camping right under the stars, and launch a tent to get started! You’d share the stories with your grandchildren.

migration | Bucket List Group Travel

The great migration is a yearly ritual in Africa which keeps the onlookers in its awe. When wild beasts, hundreds in numbers enter flowing rivers, the clouds gather dust and the grounds shake. One sees the herds speeding in unison for as far as the observation goes – it’s the glory of nature!

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Wildlife Guidelines

Keep Your Distance

Do not go in close range of the animals, maintain a safe distance. This is not just for your own safety, but for the animal as well. Avoid surprising the animals. Observe them from a distance, undisturbed.

Don't Disturb The Animals

Avoid any attempts to get an animal’s attention, call or touch them, give foodstuffs or befriend them. It may alarm an animal. Animals in the wild are not used to humans. They deserve space and privacy. Be in close proximity of your guide at all times.

Leave Nothing Behind

Best wildlife across the world prevails in fragile ecosystems. Tread lightly over the visit. Don’t leave behind stuff and don’t take anything either.


The most remote and unique of wildlife specimens can be found in Asia. The mysterious Bengal Tigre, found in the Ranthambore National Park or Nepal’s Chitwan National Park is grandeur redefined. In Thailand’s jungles there are elephant sanctuaries that must be seen to be believed. Komodo dragon, found in Indonesia is the world’s largest reptile and a sight to behold.


A traditionalistic safari experience awaits you in Africa. You could spot lions, see wild beast run through rivers at the great migration or figure out magnanimous elephants. A game drive takes you up close and personal with the Big Five. The Kruger national park in South Africa and Serengeti in Tanzania are among top options at your disposal for a wildlife Safari.


Australia brings to the platter a range of options for enjoying wildlife. One has remote wilderness lodges to stay at while the rugged outback is the finest of spots for camping. One can see the kangaroos hop at the kangaroo island while a hike around the Ayer’s rock is a delightful experience. Koalas resemble teddy bears and must be seen at an animal sanctuary.


Jungle Habitat in the Amazon rainforests is a sight to withhold while sloths in Costa Rica’s cloud forests catch one’s fancy. When in the Americas, one can swim next to sea lions at the Galapagos. Safaris in Latin America are exquisite and make Americas among the most biodiverse of continents of the world.

Tours Around the Globe


What exactly is a safari tour?

Safari tours are multi day experiences. Travelers go and observe animals in the wild, at destinations such as Africa, southern parts of Africa, Asia and Latin Americas. A tour may involve visits to multiple parks or even countries over a single tour. A few of the top experiences in store are going to be the Big Five and wildebeest migration. Culture activities will delight the spirits and excursions may involve riding on a horseback, hot air balloon rides and canoeing.

What to wear on a safari?

Go for clothing that keeps you cool and safeguards against the sun as well. A wide brimmed hat will do just fine. During evenings, cover the skin to the maximum possible effect to prevent mosquito bites. It helps prevent malaria. A few warm layers are going to be a must when you retire for the night.

How many days should I plan for a safari?

The more days one plans to spend over the safari, the more joy and entertainment it will deliver. One does come across a range of animals at a safari, but leopards are hard to sight. It is difficult to know when one sees a leopard. With more days at your disposal, odds of spotting the creatures are more.

When is the best time to go on safari?

Going for a safari during the dry season is recommendable. It is best to go in time to see the great migration. But when one goes in the wet season, it helps save money as the number of tourists is fewer.

What should I pack for a wildlife - safari tour?

Luggage allowances over small planes are a point of consideration, and so is the size of your vehicle. A tourist will hop from one national park to the next when on a safari holiday. Going through a safari packing list is nevertheless important. Figure out the essentials, gear, clothing and first aid resources that you must pack.