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Unveil the Richness of Dubai on a Mesmerizing Solo Journey

Once the journey begins, the voyage never comes to an end, such as the feeling one gets while visiting the mystical land of gold dust in the United Arab Emirates. Well known for its mesmerizing architectural designs with huge skyscrapers tearing the cloud, Dubai is a place for solo travelers. Of course, it gets visited by couples and families, but the adventurous thrill which one enjoys while engaging in the water sports or fun rides is unmatched.  With this view BLGT have arranged for a seven days trip from which will encompass areas of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman.

Bucket List Group quad biking in Dubai

In Dubai, it is said that an individual can never feel the presence of darkness as the city emits its glowing lights from the skyline architecture. Apart from the high rising building and luxurious malls, solo travelers can take an adventurous trip to the land of the golden sand. From dune bashing, camel rides, to an exotic trip on the hot air balloon, visiting Dubai will create a lifetime memory, especially when traveled alone with a bunch of like-minded newbies.

Dubai, with all its glitz and glamour

Group member at gold souk in Dubai

Dubai exhibits quintessential opulence of prosperity and wealth. The nightlife here is worth visiting with the famous dancing fountain show and an elegant dinner at the Dhow Cruise. On arrival, travelers can spend the day in enjoying the human-made beauty. The day starts with visiting Burj Al Arab followed by Jumeirah palm and the legendary Atlantis. The day’s tour will be incomplete without climbing on the world’s tallest building in the evening when the city beautifies itself with the gleaming lights.

The view from atop is splendid. Well known for its luxury, travelers can find the enormous display of gold ornaments at the gold souk and the tantalizing smell of incredible spices at the spice souk. Shopaholics can, however, take a few hours and enjoy at the luxurious Dubai Mall, the 21st largest shopping mall in the world.

Called the Hong of the Gulf but feels like Vegas—Dubai casts a spell.

The next destination is the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi which is more famous for the scenic beauty. Travelers looking to explore some relics of the ancient Arabian culture can enjoy their stay here. One cannot afford to miss the minarets, and glowing white marble of the Sheik Zayed Mosque also called the Grand Mosque. While visiting this mosque, solo travelers especially females should wear full clothes till the ankle and wrist and carry a headscarf, while men should get dressed in full pants. Besides, there is ravishing Corniche beach that beholds the cultural heritage of the city of Abu Dhabi.

Solo adventure seekers can enjoy a day at the Ferrari world that has the world largest and fastest rides. At heart thumping speed, the rides send an adrenaline rush through the body.

Bucket List Group at Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi

Last but not least, solo travelers will also enjoy the serene ambiance while cruising on the Musandam aboard on the elegantly designed Omani Dhows. Adventure seekers can readily dive in the crystal blue water at the Telegraph Island and enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. Towards the end of the trip, travelers can experience the beauty of the desert with amicable sand art, camel rides, starlit barbeque dinner, dune bashing, and quad ride. To explore the beauty of the white sand at night, single travelers can set up camps with bonfires and lay back under the twinkling sky.

Must do things in Dubai:

  • Exploring the major sightseeing locations in Dubai and getting absorbed in its cosmopolitan culture
  • The feel of adrenaline rush while enjoying at the Aqua venture Park
  • Be on the top on the 125th floor in Burj Khalifa and explore the beauty of the city
  • Enjoying the serenity of the desert which has a mix of traditional and contemporary ambiance
  • Skydive on Palm Dubai
  • Taking a boat tour in the old Dubai abra and Dubai Marina and enjoying the beauty of the skyscrapers backdrop.
  • Desert Safari with ATV bike ride

Go for an enjoyable gourmet dinner on the suspended mid-air platform. Enjoy a delicious platter with the beauty of the desert, water, and the marvelous city

Girls in tradition arabic dress posing at the desert in Dubai UAE

The checklist for Dubai

The temperature in Dubai is infamously high, with the scorching sun shining just above the head. So it is best to carry light clothes specially made of cotton or linen. Although Dubai is an Islamic country, owing to its international importance, it is much modern.

  • Dubai is a land of Islam, yet it is best to avoid shorts and tank tops as a sign of respect towards the local culture
  • Don’t forget to carry the denim, jumpsuits, beachwear (beach activity), skirts, dresses, etc.
  • A pack of beauty products including the sunscreen is a must as the temperature is always rising
  • Don’t forget to carry the sunglasses and straw hats along with scarves while going on a desert safari and try wearing dresses made of linen paired with a t-shirt or top
  • Carry a protective case for storing the Dhiram, mobile phone and passport, especially while going on water rides

This is how you will experience the ravishing beauty of UAE through out Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman, which exhibits a diverse cultural and modern-day background.

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