How to travel solo for the first time – 14 solo female travel tips

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How to travel solo for the first time – 14 tips for Solo Female Travel

Solo female travel makes 70% of the total solo-travel. Here are some tips on how to travel solo safely and confidently for the first time.

Tip #1 – Be confident

One of the biggest things you’ll learn when traveling alone is that confidence is half the battle.

Confidence shows that you can handle yourself well and that you are not deceived.

For example, on the first day of my first solo trip, I couldn’t find a taxi and I didn’t speak any Thai.

But solo travelers have to figure things out. So I quickly gave the phone to a local and somehow let him know that my taxi could not be found. He told the driver where we were in Thailand and I solved the first problem myself. Even if there is a language barrier.

How to travel solo for the first time | Bucket List Group Travel


Tip #2 – Pre-trip jitter is normal

Solo female travelers will tell you that it’s normal to be nervous before a trip. Whether it’s your first trip or her 15th, it’s something to keep your guard up, but once you get to your destination, the tension eases. Traveling alone has become more common, but I still get nervous about traveling alone. Overcome your fear and get on the plane. That’s the hardest part.

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Tip 3 – Don’t be scared, but don’t be naive

As you travel the world, chances are someone in your life will tell you how dangerous it can be for female travelers.Women who live alone should be more careful. However, there are many unnecessary fears for solo female travelers.

Let go of your paranoia as you will quickly discover that the world is a very wonderful place, especially when traveling alone. Solo female travelers must walk a fine line between wisdom and freedom.

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Tip #4 – Do your research and get advice from locals and fellow travelers

Even if you researched months before embarking on your solo adventure, leave room for local recommendations. One of the most powerful tools of solo travel is the insight of other explorers. Some of the best destinations I’ve ever visited were recommended by locals and other travelers.

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Tip #5 – Make friends along the way

I once read the saying, “You don’t have to be alone unless you want to be alone,” and I thought it was incredibly accurate.

You will be amazed at how easily you can find other solo travelers and solo women. If you’re looking for a traveling companion along the way, it’s pretty easy to find. It was my first solo trip and I made more friends than I did in my four years at the university. Found a small group of female solo travelers to join prior to her 3 day stay in Thailand.

The best way to make friends while traveling alone is to stay in a hostel. By comparison, Airbnbs and hotels may offer more privacy, but it’s more difficult to meet other travelers in this type of accommodation.

my top choice HostelWorld – Booking a hostel dormitory on HostelWorld is always my first port of call.

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Tip 6 – Trust your intuition.

If a woman travels alone, she should rely on her intuition. Your intuition doesn’t lie.

Trust your instincts if the solo travel situation makes you uncomfortable. If you’re traveling alone, I’m sorry, but I advise you to be safe.

How to travel solo for the first time - 14 solo female travel tips

Tip 7 – Eating alone at a restaurant is really nice

Eating out alone at a restaurant is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for solo travelers. But I’ll let you in on a little secret:
It’s great.

It’s a great time to read a book, plan for the next day, or write in your journal. Traveling solo and having dinner is very peaceful.

When I first traveled, I was surprised to find that eating out alone has become one of the women’s favorite trips.

Tip #8 – Get Travel Insurance

No matter where you travel solo, you should invest in good travel insurance. This is one of the solo travel tips I always mention. Even beautiful places like Mexico and Thailand can look ugly when injured or sick.

With so many reputable travel insurance companies, it’s just not worth the risk.


Tip #9 – Be aware of local dress customs

When exploring new cultures, it’s important to respect the community. As a female traveler, do some research on local dress customs for future trips.

For example, in Thailand, you had to cover your shoulders and legs with your temples. When I went to Malaysia, I was told to wear dresses and trousers longer than my knees.

Tip #10 – Joining a group travel could be a good idea to ensure safety and new friends to share experiences with

Group Travel brings together like-minded travelers from across the globe where they experience new cultures, the most breathtaking views, and even learn new things about yoursekf along the way. It makes travel easier and more social for you. You can book with our group too, we have 4.9 rating from our past customers.

How to travel solo for the first time - 14 solo female travel tips


Tip 11 – Keep family and friends at home updated with your location

If you are traveling alone, you should regularly share your location with loved ones and plan updates. It’s easy to get bogged down in everything you’re doing and forget to keep up with your family at home. Besides probably worrying everyone who loves you, it’s not very safe.


Tip 12 – Do something you wouldn’t normally do

Solo travel is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t normally do. For my first solo trip, I did a strenuous excursion on my bike, played with elephants in the jungle, and hiked through an abandoned water park.

Make every travel dream come true and tick off everything on your bucket list. Take a tour, book an outdoor adventure, meet new people and explore off the beaten track.

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Tip #13 – Appreciate Every Moment When Traveling Alone

You’ll be surprised how quickly a solo trip can end. That’s why the key to traveling alone is to cherish every moment of your trip.

Don’t stress yourself out by making plans or worrying about being alone. Take it all in and let the rest be the forest.

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