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Kilimanjaro—Unveiling the Snowcapped Volcanic Mountain

Trekking can become a real adventure when traversed solo, and with this concept, BLGT has organized an exotic tour to the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro.  Crowned with an eternal snow-covered cap, Mount Kilimanjaro has three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira, all of which are resting in a dormant stage. The pathway to reach the summit has various directions, but BLGT will follow the Machame route. Also known as the whiskey route, Machame is famous for its mesmerizing scenic beauty. Solo adventure seekers often find this as a golden opportunity to explore the experience of hiking, backpacking, and thrill of climbing higher altitude.

Kilimanjaro snow peak skyline

When the perfect group and guides teams up!

Several people think that climbing a mountain and reaching its summit will make history, but upon arriving at the peak and visualizing the beautiful landscape, trekkers experience the thrill of exploring how the world looks from atop. The team of guides is the key to success and to conquer the peak.

Porters also play an important role by their hard work of taking the loads on their back and in making the dream turn in to a reality for the group by reaching to the summit.

The adventurous trek route to Kilimanjaro

Machame trek route is one of the most popular ways to climb the summit of Kilimanjaro. The course is filled with adventure and is blissful for solo travelers. It consists of adventurous walking, low sleep, challenging climatic changes with five diverse climatic zones, and awestruck scenic beauty. The route starts from the southwest of Kilimanjaro summit, which rewards the travelers with the beauty of the Shira Plateau. There is also a Lava Tower, and trekkers can even climb up the Barranco Wall and then traverse under the Kilimanjaro southern ice field. The seven days Machame route demands physical strength and endurance to climb up the pinnacle. But it’s achievable! Want to know the secret? Its “Pole Pole.”

Pole Pole – pronounced Polay Polay – means slowly, slowly in Swahili.

As a solo traveler on the BLGT group, an individual gets to know several new like-minded souls who start their journey as strangers and return as friends.  However, there are certain aspects an individual must remember.

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro is not technically challenging, and it is attainable for travelers aged 12-70 years.
  • Frequent climatic changes are a challenge; thus travelers must be well prepared for facing a cold and wet atmosphere. Carrying a raincoat is, therefore, a must.
  • While climbing the steep slopes to reach Kilimanjaro, it is imperative to have the right gear. Also bringing a headland with additional batteries is a must as the roads ahead can be difficult with low lights
  • Carry additional materials for setting up tents and clothes to keep the body warm.
  • Altitude sickness can pose a problem; thus it is advisable to take slow steps and have a lot of fluid to keep the body hydrated.

Bucket List Group at the Uhuru peak Tanzania

BLGT—creating memories

BLGT is a group of like-minded single souls who yearn to explore every destination in the world.  On the trip to Kilimanjaro which can be extended to Safari game drive and amazing white sandy beaches of Zanzibar Island, The tour led by the professional guides who will assist on every little steps, and the company takes care of every requirement of the travelers. Solo travelers can find solace while meeting new people.

Bucket list Group at Barafu Camp Kilimanjaro

Tips on packing for the unforgetful adventure.
  • Carrying the passport is a must as Mount Kilimanjaro falls under Tanzania. One must as well take a protective case for the documents and mobile.
  • Power backup for the phone is necessary as most days of the trip will be in the tents.
  • From woolen clothes to summer hat, scarfs, rain jackets, ski gloves, ski pants for summit night are a must.
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