Packing List

Packing List


Camping Tours

* Note: This is a camping trip, (Car camping: our car will be always parked next to the campsite)

If you have sign up with camping gear package, we will provide with:

Camping Gear (Tent – SHARED by 2 person same gender, Sleeping mat, Sleeping bag) 

If you have signed up for regular package,

You will need basic camping gear:

– Duffle bag or Backpack to fit all your camping gear

– Small Daypack (to carry snacks / water while you are hiking / exploring)

– Hiking boots

– Sleeping Bag

– Tent (waterproof)

– Air mattress or Sleeping Pad

– Headlamps

– Bugs spray

– Small pouch (toiletries)

– Dry food pack (Mountain house – If you prefer cooking at campsite)

– Camping stove (only if you going to cook at campsite. We will be close to the town so there are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores)

– Rain Gear (Jacket, Pants or Poncho)

*** Nights can be little cold in the mountains, so layering is essential.

– Fleece jacket

– Fleece Pant

– Gloves

– Socks

– Jacket


The average daytime temperature during June is around 19°C (65°F) whereas the average minimum temperature during the night is around 5°C (42°F). June is the best period to visit if you like outdoor activities. Experiences around 12 to 15 hours of daylight and 7 hours of direct sunshine during this month.

Spring/Fall/Winter (Mid October to April):

  • Warm hat & gloves
  • Lightweight down jacket or additional fleece
  • 1 long sleeve synthetic or wool shirt – baselayer insulation (midweight)
  • 1 pair of midweight long underwear – wool or synthetic
  • Waterproof pants/trousers

Spring, fall and winter temperatures vary greatly from day to night and from sun to shade.  The day time temperatures can be warm, reaching into the 70’s or even the 80’s, with the night temperatures dropping near or below freezing. It’s best to be prepared for both mild days and cool nights.  Dressing in layers is the key to warmth and comfort.

*** All campground has shower and flush toilets!


Travel Advisory


Find the links below for the  Government travel advisories who provide their own travel advice.