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Tips To Save For Your Next Bucket List Destination

Keep a check on your expenses

Knowing what leaves your pocket every month is the first step towards finding ways to save it.
Saving for better is the most necessary but least possible step in most cases. If you are not taking into account where your money is going; then you will put yourself in trouble. Ideally, you should keep track of your daily to weekly expenditures and set a limit for yourself to be in the boundaries. These checks will ultimately help you to maintain a healthy cash flow system in your own life from paying a small membership fee to large amounts like lease or mortgage.

Maintain budgets without financial adviser

Luckily, we are living in the technology era; where everything is away from a click or accessible through your mobile device. Many applications provide you with saving options from booking a flight to finding a suitable hotel within your budget. Few applications and websites even provide the option of making price comparison which gives extra insight to choose the right option. In the meantime; don’t forget to take help from online money organizer apps to save something for your next trip.

Morning coffee alternates

Sometimes you don’t realize that forefather’s habits are not essentials as presented. One of them is the morning coffee. You might have never realized how much monthly budget is going in the bucket of staying caffeinated for a few hours. If you start taking notes coffee cup per day, per week and then per month; you will realize it sums up to a generous amount to treat yourself with something better. There are a lot of better alternates to wake-up yourself; one of them is a glass of water.

Good-bye to gym

We always hear that proper diet plan, 5 miles walk, 30 mints exercise guarantees your good health. But another important aspect is missing; which is traveling. There are more than expected ways to take extra steps while walking by the nearest bus stop or cycling to your next destination. It will not only save you paying gym membership fees but also nourishes your mind with fresh air and continuous blood circulation.

Public transport or get a cycle

For instance, when we look at increasing traffic; it increases the stress level in most individuals. It’s the human nature of being impatience. Why don’t you just skip using your car and instead take a public ride to get to your destination; it will reduce your travel costs, minimize stress level, and last but not least you will experience numerous events of real life. Another interesting aspect of taking public transit is spending travel time reading a nice piece or planning your day or evening.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is killing 100’s of people every year due to lungs problem and throat cancer. It slowly destructs your inner system and makes you pity at the moment no one can help anymore. You might have already seen numerous quit smoking campaigns or awareness programs with alarming health issues associated with this notorious addiction. But one not so common concern is your daily expense which is burning every day in the smoke of your cigarettes. A burning smoke doesn’t deserve your money of whole heartily done hard work. Stop smoking and save money to take your first trip and explore the world while gaining your health back.

Quit Alcohol

Another silent killer is alcohol which not only affects your mind and body for short but flushes out the inner sense of coordination and concentration. Our latest trend of happy hours, 1+1 free glass, unlimited drinks or champagne opening parties have destroyed our health and critical judgment ability to an alarming level. Besides causing health issues; it also destroys your financial situation. You may tend to burn money unwisely when drunk or spend too much just competing for your alcoholic appetite. If your drinking is already problematic or even it’s getting worse, you need a break and traveling is the best escape. You can start reducing your alcohol intake and save some extra buck for your next trip; it might lead you to stop drinking permanently. Save your health & money – travel the world.

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