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From adventures in North America to city hopping in Europe, we have organized 75+ small group tours till now. It’s great when like-minded Solo traveler looking for the same thing come together. Some of my lifelong friends have said that I’m from a trip. Here are the best reasons, in my opinion, for everyone to try at least once in their life. Here are 10 benefits of joining Small Group Tours :

1. Planned Itineraries

One of my favorite reasons to be a part of small group tours. I usually enjoy the planning phase of the trip. But when you trust someone or strive for inspiration, it can sometimes surprise you that it’s all planned for you. Let someone else find the best spots, tell you when to wake up, give you options for what to do, and let you pick the places that interest you the most. I love this aspect of group travel. 

snowshoeing group tour

2. Share your stories and listen theirs too

How difficult is it in everyday life? Especially for busy working people and single people. Bucket list Group Travel specifically aims to bring together like-minded solo travelers in their 30s and 40s from different part of the world. Intended for busy professionals who want to get more out of their precious holiday money. I always had a quick connection with the people on the small group tours. They shared travel stories, had similar interests, and most importantly, they made the same decision to see the planet…amazing.

campfire share stories

3. Everyone can join the group

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone, as a couple, or with friends. We traveled in groups with all of the above, even though they were of different age groups. Gather a small group of people with similar interests and they’ll just be a match. So don’t procrastinate. Especially if you are a solo traveler. When I first started backpacking, I was on a small group tour, and a few months after the tour ended, I traveled with the group.

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4. Find the best spots

An experienced tour company should always take you to the best places and should be a mix of must-see sights and local secrets. Often these are places you wouldn’t find on your own. or where you need insider tips to find them. Check your itinerary to make sure your hard-earned money trip goes where it suits you. Bucket List Group Travel offers curated itineraries designed to help you make the most of your time and find the best spots.

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5. Tour guide

Your group guide can make or break your trip. In my experience they always make it. They should be passionate and knowledgeable about the places they show you, and ideally local if not professional. They push you, they test you, they check you, but all in a good way!

tour guide

6. Cost effective

In a way, you are paying for tours and guides, but a good tour operator should make this a cost-effective way to travel. Small Group Tours can also benefit from group discounts, room sharing, and even camping. . Your guide will often offer dinner options, ranging from cheap local options to slightly more expensive ones. But the choice is yours. Tour guides generally know the cheapest places to eat and local hangouts.

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7. Friends for life

It turns out that the friends I make on small group tours are the best travel buddies from all over the world. That’s what happens when you bring like-minded people together. I still keep in touch with people around the world who I hiked with 10 years ago. Best of all, if I ever visit these people, I can catch up on places to stay and exciting stories. I went to Melbourne for 6 weeks as a house sitter for a couple I met on a group tour. Having friends all over the world is priceless.

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8. Leave your comfort zone & try new adventures

Being in a small group tour, others encourage you to try new things. Hot Air Balloon in Egypt or Kayak the Blue-Green Lakes. These experiences shaped us as people, and we all pushed each other, even when it was difficult. And painful experiences strengthen the bonds of the group. All of us might not have succeeded without a group like this. Being part of an adventurous group takes you out of your comfort zone and you won’t regret it.

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9. Safety for solo travelers

I’ll be the first to say that traveling alone isn’t as bad as people say. Of course, it varies from country to country, but in general. Wherever you go in the world as a Solo Traveler, you need to know the area and be safe. Traveling in a group has two advantages for him. First, you can travel with a large group of people instead of alone, especially at night. Second, your guide has been to the area many times and can tell you places to avoid valuables left behind, and money to spend. 


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