Small Group Tour

Bucket List Group Travel brings together like-minded solo travelers from all over the world, who have a passion for travel, hiking, and adventure, to explore the world and share the most unforgettable experiences of a lifetime. We have created a bucket list of exciting, adventure-packed, guided group tours (in the U.S. and internationally), which will allow you to challenge yourself to reach new limits, climb to the highest mountain tops, experience new cultures, make friends, and discover many of the unique attractions this beautiful world has to offer. 

Note: Bucket List Group Travel is a travel agency, we work with local vendors and guides to give you the best travel experience based on their years of experience in the travel industry. Hiring local talent and expertise also encourages and supports local tourism. 

Group Tour Benefits

1. Group Size

Our teams make sure to keep the group size small enough to keep the essence of being solo and adventurous to have a social circle around at the same time. After decades of serving in this field; we have found an average between 10-12 people to keep everyone connected and independent at the same time. It also ensures that the group is not over-crowded to lose the face of excitement.

2. Adventures Without A Hitch

We have a team of experts, best accommodation, outstanding services, efficient planners and local operators to provide an above expectations experience. Our teams are living your lifestyle to give you real-life opportunities while exploring the world. You can travel solely without getting worried of any arrangement. You come with your excitement – the rest will be taken care of by us.

3. Perfect Harmony

Quality time, smaller group, adventurous activities, best spots, and endless exploring opportunities; that is how we blend all taste in our organizing style to make your whole trip consistent with your taste and travel style. We respect everyone’s interests and make sure that each solo traveler can experience in his way while living at a specified pace.

4. Quality In Quantity

You may check further that we do offer more than one traveling type which includes hiking to road trips or day-tours and different locations and regions. Each one of them is different and customize according to the destination and group of people joining. We have made sure that each one you can find something for oneself. Our trips are accompanied by local guide experts to bring the best out of your travel investment.

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