Top 5 destinations That Are Safe Haven for Solo Travelers

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Are you in love with distant and unchartered places?

Do you want to explore beyond the horizon?So, burst out that bubble you have created since high school and embark on an exotic solo trip to unveil a vast spectrum of solo travel destination while meeting like-minded souls!

Did you know women like to travel solo more than men? Any age does not confine solo traveling, so even if you are in your late 40s, 50s, or a travel enthusiast in their 70s, you can voyage on a solo trip.

Top 5 destinations That Are Safe Haven for Solo Travelers

Isn’t it exciting to know that nearly 30% of the traveling population prefers to take solo trips to get a chance to relax and unwind at their own pace? So if you are one of these, we have listed the top 5 best places to visit for solo travelers!

So what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags, gets your sports shoes, and embark on to the Best solo travel destinations!

Oh, before you go, let’s check out the places!

Belize – Rainforests Waterfalls Beaches & Blue Hole

Are you fond of adventure? Did you dream of exploring nature and its impeccable beauty?

If so, then we have found one of the best places to travel solo—Belize! Yes, we take you to explore the delights of this Caribbean beauty.

From waterfall hiking at Bocawina falls, taking wildlife tour at the Belize Zoo to exploring the scenic wonders of Hopkins Beach and Caye Caulker—Belize has everything to make you solo trip worth remembering.

Do you know what’s famous in Belize?

It’s not just the vibrant Belize City or the Bocawina Rainforest; it is The Great Blue Hole that has enticed travelers over the years! Take an aerial route and explore this nature’s wonder! 

Belize – Rainforests Waterfalls Beaches & Blue Hole

Egypt Jordan – Pyramids Nile Petra Dead Sea

Did you know that Egypt was the first fashion house to create a dress 5000 years ago?

Well, there are many unknown mysteries buried underneath this pyramid city.

Egypt is indeed one of the Best Destinations for Solo Travel. So while you are voyaging n the exotic cruise on the River Nile, admire the mesmerizing beauty of the Egyptian cities and Sphinx and Pyramids’ grandeur.

Travel to Petra’s architectural marvel, voyage to explore Jordan’s beauty, and float on the Dead Sea while witnessing the sun kissed climate!

Do you want some adventure in water?—go for snorkeling, swimming or scuba diving at the Red Sea.

Oh! Don’t forget to savor on the mouth-melting and delicious Jordanian and Egyptian cuisine!

Egypt Jordan – Pyramids Nile Petra Dead Sea

Peru – Amazon Machu Picchu withSkylodge

Do you want to explore the lifestyle and culture of the Amazonians?

Adventurous souls join us to unveil the Amazon rainforest, one of the best places to visit solo travelers!

Voyage on an exotic tour of the colonial Cusco City, witness the ancient ruins of the Inca Civilization, and take an extensive tour of Machu Picchu—Peru is a traveler’s paradise!

Take a hike at the Huayna Picchu or the Rainbow Mountain or witness the architectural marvel of the Sacred Valley of the Incas!

While you are in Peru, don’t miss out on the exciting opportunity of spending the night at the glass pod in Skylodge and explore the wonders of Amazon.

Peru – Amazon Machu Picchu withSkylodge

Iceland – Multi-Sport Summer Adventure

Are you up for some rocky expedition? Let’s go to Iceland—the land of ice and fire!

From thundering waterfalls, magnificent glaciers to the marvelous nighttime display of Northern Lights, Iceland is a heavenly abode and safe place to travel alone.

Embark on the scenic long-drives, take a bath at the hot spring, or go more adventures with river rafting, hiking to the rocky highland, and glacier tongues—Iceland is a trip worth traveling. Watch for the rare Icelandic horses and whales and explore the Black Sand Beach.

Oh, and if you are lucky, you may encounter the mystical Elves from the Viking Age!

Iceland – Multi-Sport Summer Adventure

USA– 5 Days Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Backpacking Adventure

Can you believe you are about to witness one of the seven natural wonders of the world? Did you feel your heart skip a beat?

Wait till you voyage on your Rim to Rim Hike and explore the wanderlust enigma of The Grand Canyon Rim!

One of the exotic and safest destinations for solo travelers, the Grand Canyon Rim journey, will begin from the North Kaibab Trail, heading to the Phantom Ranch’s desert landscape to climbing the Bright Angel Trail on the South Trail.

At the elevation change of 6000 ft, this destination is a paradise with a 360-view of the surrounding landscape. Camp amidst natural wonders and explore the tranquility under the open sky with twinkling glitter!

USA– 5 Days Grand Canyon Rim To Rim Backpacking Adventure

Adios Amigo!

So here are some of the best places for solo travelers to visit with Bucketlist!

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