Travel Check List

Travel Check List


Trip details

Don’t forget to read the most familiar part of the details. It gives you more insight for the itinerary, time add-on and most importantly travel duration & expected luxuries. In case your questions are not answered in additional information part – grab the phone and ping in the tour group.


Flight booking

The arrangement of matching flight can be chaos for solo travelers, but our team is always available to find options at reasonable prices. If you have trouble finding then, get help for Bucket List Group member to have your flights in the pocket before the set-off day.



If you already have health insurance in your country; please check with them if it covers travel insurance. In case it doesn’t, then you need to arrange travel insurance for the entire period of the trip. It will not only cover medical expenses but also save you sudden liability.


One or more transfers

If you have one or more airport transfers; you are advised to share the details with your tour assistant for further arrangements.


Accommodation arrangements

Our virtual group helps you guide for all sorts of pre and post accommodation arrangements. Have you found one? or it is challenged to arrange a place – seek guidance from our tour assistant for timely reservations.


Contact details – In Emergency

The most important info is providing a contact name & phone number who is reachable for you in case of any sort of emergency. If you have forgotten to share with your tour assistant – do it before getting on board.


Vaccinate – Doctor’s advice

There is a list of countries that require certain types of vaccinations before entering into their land – we advise you to consult with your doctor to have that done and get a paper of proving.


Meet-point – Join the crew

Check in the additional notes of the tour – for all details about departure (if available) or scroll through your mailbox and tour chat group for all details. Most of the time your tour assistant shares such information in a group with all other travelers.


Passport Validity

The flag of your identity is the booklet of your passport which needs to be valid during your entire trip. So, make sure to have it renewed if required and use the same info everywhere for the trip; as mentioned on your passport.


Visa requirement

Have you found your dream tour? Next is to check the visa requirement; if your destination requires an extra visa stamp or you can get that on arrival. If you are lucky you might don’t need any visa.

But check it beforehand to have enough time for the visa process.


Travel Advisory


Find the links below for the  Government travel advisories who provide their own travel advice.