W Trek hike

Visiting the iconic W Trek

Located in a sparsely populated region shared by Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is a beautiful semiarid plateau at the end of South America. If you are a nature lover, you should travel solo to Patagonia. Bucketlist happens to organize one of the top 10 Patagonia tours for singles where you will get to pave your way through some of the most sought after spots.

top 10 Patagonia tours for singles

The W Trek Patagonia Chile happens to be one of the most iconic spots where you will get to make memories of a lifetime. The W Trek is walked from Refugee Las Torres in the east to the Refugee Paine Grande in the west. The W Trek east to west itinerary runs in three valleys with breathtaking views, forming the W shape, thus owing to its name.

Ascencio Valley This valley is located right in the east from where you will start and leads you to the base of the famous towers. It is an 800 m climb at the ascent of the station and consumes about six to eight hours of hiking out of your entire day.

French ValleyThis valley is located right in the middle of the W Trek and happens to be dominated by Frances, the hanging glacier. As you climb the rocky terrain, this glacier pushes you further into the heart of the valley.

Lago ValleyThis valley happens to be the final leg. This leads up to the herculean glacier, which stretched out towards the ice cap and happened to be flecked with cobalt blue ice floes.

W Trek hike

Length of the W Trek

The W Trek Patagonia covers 46 miles on gentle terrain and happens to be a moderately strenuous hike. The hike gets challenging during the days when it involves around 600-800 meters of climbing. It is imperative that you stay fit and in good shape while you are on this trip. You should be flexible and be fully prepared for multi-day hikes and extremely variable weather. The longest days also allow you to take multiple snack and photo breaks in between, and this trip will give you some of the best memories going forward.

Things to include in your itinerary apart from hiking

While most people go mainly for hiking, you may also include an array of extra activities in your W Trek Patagonia itineraryThere are various options for multi-sport trips, horseback treks, mountain bike trails, and Kayaking along the breathtaking icebergs of the everlasting Rio Serrano.

If you are a solo traveler searching for like-minded people to create memories with, you can consider opting for Bucketlist, who offers some of the best small group tours of Patagonia.

W Trek hike

Places to include in your W Trek Patagonia Itinerary

Punta Arenas – Puerto Natales

The proximity between Punta Arenas – Puerto Natales from the beautiful Torres del Paine National Park makes them a gateway to the adventure of a lifetime. These areas offer nature lovers an excellent spot and have plenty of opportunities for horseback riding, sailing, hiking, and exploring.

Mirador Las Torres

This is located at the base of Las Torres that allows you to have a great view of the mountains and the lakes. ‘Mirador’ and ‘Las Torres’ are Spanish terms that mean lights and towers. It gives you a thrilling experience to witness a sliver of the sun peaking right behind from the mountains.

Los Cuernos

Walk by the base of the Almirante Nieto Mount surrounding the Paine Massif. Witness the local flora, the hanging glaciers, and the Nordenskjöld lake while approaching Los Cuernos. Take the best photographs and create memories at Los Cuernos while basking in its scenic pleasures.

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