Your Corona Travel Guide – Do’s and Don’ts and Backpacking Tips

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Every cloud has a silver lining!

That’s what we believe even when the world is grappling through the disparities of a global pandemic.

The time is tight, thousands of lives have already been claimed, and many more are still fighting to ward off this deadly disease. It has taken a toll on mental health, and several cases of depression are coming upfront.

So let’s unwind for once and live life to the fullest!

Are you wanderlust, an adventurer, an explorer? Do you like to fly high in the sky as a free bird? Do you know that the best view comes after you have climbed to the highest point?

Yes, the mountains are calling, and you must go!

But before your voyage, we bring forth some essential backpacker’s guide to help you on your adventurous trek!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Travel

  • Don’t overboard your travel bag

How many bags are you planning to take—a whole trolley?

Never mind! You will stay in the woods, so any fancy attire or luxurious grooming and makeup kit are useless. So pack only essential things to look out for when traveling, such as daily clothes, hiking shoes, everyday grooming accessories, medicines, face masks, gloves, and sanitizer. These are a must as the lurking fear of COVID persists!

The Do's and Don'ts of Travel
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary photographic gears

Yes, every one of us loves to capture the beautiful moments from our travel diary, but you have a smartphone, which has eased carrying hefty photographic tools.

Besides, there are portable cameras with amicable picture clarity that are among the best alternatives to the bulky DSLRs. They are lightweight and easily slide in your backpack.

  • Do due diligence about the weather and the place

As you gear up to hike to your destination, a set of cloud washes away all your dreams, and your day goes in waste!

Nobody wishes for such as hassle on their trip! Also, don’t forget to carry your raingear.

Besides, with the widespread effect of corona virus, several countries have levied international travel restrictions. So before you embark on your journey, learn about the Corona virus outbreak in that region and inquire if the specific country’s tourism industry has imposed specialized Corona virus travel advice.

  • Hiking shoes are a must

Did you pack your hiking gears?

Well, these are of the utmost importance when you are going on a backpacking trip.

We recommend that you don’t stuff your bag with fancy boots and shoes as we are confident that you don’t want to encounter painful blisters!

Hiking shoes are a must
  • Trekking poles are a lifesaver

Are you venturing on a long hike?

Yes, it can be strenuous and painful on the legs, it can wear you out, but it’s worth every hassle as the ultimate joy you gain is beyond imagination.

As your hiking equipment carries a pair of trekking poles, it can prevent accidental injuries and render balance and support.

Trekking poles are a lifesaver
  • Maintain a regular drinking water schedule

You don’t want to die of thirst while hiking, right?

So you must maintain a water drinking routine. Moreover, make sure the water is purified, so you are not prone to incurring any infection.

If you have freshwaters on your way, they are one of the safest drinking water. Refill your bottles to last you for the day!

Maintain a regular drinking water schedule
  • Have a healthy meal

You will need all the energy to hike on your backpacking trip. Hence, having a meal at the right time is a must!

You must have a healthy meal, clean all your fresh fruits before consumption, and sanitize the area before cooking. Carry a lot of tissues, paper soap strips, and use disposable cups and dishes.

It is a friendly gesture, but as you travel during the tough times of COVID, avoid sharing meals or using the same plates or cups.

healthy meal

Be a responsible traveler!

As a rule of thumb, you are your caretaker while embarking on a backpacking trip. It would be best if you hike at your pace without stressing your body with excessive exhaustion.

If you plan for a backpacking trip to the US, check out the US travel restriction imposed from March 2020 with the outbreak of COVID. Till then, stay safe, stay happy, travel the world with Bucketlist, and let loose the fears of a global pandemic!

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